Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 6 Young birthday, dying

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"Ming Yen Jiangcheng, there will be news that the nine princes hanged themselves for fear of military service at the border!"

Following Baihua Langjun's words, the aura of killing filled the entire study in an instant, as if the temperature suddenly dropped several degrees.

"Great prince!"

Listening to Baihua Langjun's words, Qin Yi was even more angry.

He finally understood the plan of the prince, why he was sent to assassinate him after he was demoted to the border.

This is not only to kill his life, but also to destroy his name!

In the Buluo Dynasty, there are countless martial artists, and countless loves and hatreds are derived.

Because of the large number of warriors, this also resulted in an atmosphere in which fame was more important than life in the entire Buluo Dynasty.

If it were the original nine princes who were so insulted by the great prince, they would naturally not want to live and die!

Although Qin Yi was not the original Nine Prince, he was also angry at the moment!

However, the next moment Qin Yi's heart was full of bitterness.

At this moment, Bai Zai is not by his side, and his cultivation is no more than the five-layer acquired, how is this Baihua Langjun opponent.

It's not that he didn't think about running away, but that Baihua Langjun's aura has been firmly locked in him, he is not sure to escape.

Baihua Langjun is a congenital warrior who has been famous for many years, and he is not considered a weak one among the congenital warriors.

Facing such a master, he has no chance at all!

Could it be that today is the day when my Qin Yi died in Huangquan, I am not reconciled!


Without power and strength at hand, any traveler is a cloud!

Sitting on the system?

What about having a system? My own strength is too bad, and I can't wait for Bai Zai to rescue him.

If he is strong, he doesn't need to be strong, he just needs to be able to block the Baihua Langjun, and when Bai Zai notices it, he won't fall into such a dangerous situation.

Qin Yi was full of regret.

If it weren't for his rebirth too late, with his wisdom, coupled with the assistance of the system, how could he have fallen to this point.

Unfortunately, there is no if in life. Qin Yi was demoted to Yuanjiang City just after he was reborn.

With the help of the system, after working hard for several months, the power has improved slightly.

But who would think that the prince couldn't tolerate him at all, and even his ultimate move made him unable to recover.

Hateful, if there is enough time, this prince would have been trampled under his feet long ago!

The matter is over, and regret is useless.

That being the case, even if he died, he would stand and die!

Qin Yi's blood is not cold!

"It's not that easy to take my life.

Although I am weak, I am afraid of a battle! "

Qin Yi took a deep breath, suppressed the regret in his heart, and his expression became calm again.

He slowly stood up, stood proudly, and drew out the saber leaning on the chair.


The sound of the sword was sonorous, and the cold sword light reflected on Qin Yi's firm and calm face, appearing solemn and aloof.


Qin Yi drank in a deep voice, and pointed his sword at Baihua Langjun.

"Okay, Nine Princes, I appreciate you more!"

Baihua Langjun was taken aback, and then burst into laughter.

"Then I will send you on the road!"

Suddenly, the smile at the corner of Baihua Langjun's mouth became colder, and with a wave of his right hand, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth fluctuated, turning into a sword energy, and blasted towards Qin Yi.

To control the aura of heaven and earth, this is the might of the innate warrior!


The sword flowed around and swelled to a full length.

Qin Yi has not had time to move in the future, and this sword aura is already coming through the void like a streamer!

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