Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 5 Enchanting concubine, fake, all fake

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The young girl blinked her big watery eyes and looked at Qin Yi suspiciously.

"Let's say, who are you, why do you pretend to be Yiyi?"

Qin Yi's eyes were deep, and his jet-black eyes looked at the young girl without any emotion.

"Husband, what are you talking about, I am your little concubine Liu Yiyi, don't you know me?"

The young girl's big eyes were suddenly covered with a layer of mist, and she looked like weeping, which made people feel distressed.

However, Qin Yi remained unmoved, the light in his eyes became colder and colder.

The appearance of this person in front of him, although the same as his concubine Liu Yiyi, can even be said to be exactly the same.

However, she is not Liu Yiyi.

"Yiyi doesn't know much medical skills. The news that Yiyi is good at medical skills is spread in Yuanjiang City, but it's just the name she got through the hands of Xueer." Qin Yi said lightly.

When this person first came in, he noticed that something was wrong, and then he tentatively spoke to make sure that this person was not Liu Yiyi.

"It turns out that it's because of this reason, people see through the identity."

Qin Yi saw through the identity of this person, not the slightest nervousness, but looked at Qin Yi with interest.

"Everyone in the world says that the nine princes of the royal clan are dudes, who are unlearned and skillful, and insult the royal family.

However, this insight alone still has courage, in my opinion, it is much stronger than the prince who is self-sufficient. "

This person also admired Qin Yi very much, and looked at Qin Yi and praised him.

"Then I would like to thank Baihua Langjun for his compliment!" Qin Yi's eyes were calm and he looked straight at this person.

"Oh? I didn't expect the nine princes to know my identity?"

This person is also Baihua Langjun, and he raised his brows and was surprised.

"It's ever-changing. No one knows the name of Baihua Langjun.

In the Buluo dynasty, it has long been rumored that Baihua Langjun was especially good at disguising as a woman, not a woman is better than a woman. "Qin Yi said quietly.

"Thank you for the compliment of the nine princes!"

Baihua Langjun smiled and agreed to the Tao, as if he did not hear the ridicule in Qin Yi's words.

"I didn't expect that in order to deal with such a waste of me, the prince would actually invite Baihua Langjun."

Qin Yi's tone was still unhurried, but the anger in his eyes was almost gushing out.

Great Prince, Great Prince!

Having passed the imperial edict of the imperial dynasty, delegating him to the border for military service, now he is sent to rob him.

Isn't he afraid of being spotted by others and not letting the king go to court?

The cold light flashed in Qin Yi's eyes, his fists squeezed tightly, and the blue veins on his wrists burst.

"Out of caution, but the prince's caution is not unreasonable.

There was a subordinate who stepped into the innate realm beside the nine princes, which was really unexpected. "

Baihua Langjun looked at Qin Yi with curiosity on his face.

Before stepping into the study, he had met with Byakuza who had just left the study, and he naturally noticed the strength of Byakuza.

The Ninth Prince, who has always been showing people as a fawn, has no background, and there is also an innate warrior hidden by his side.

This is unexpected.

This also made Baihua Langjun sigh, Qin Yi's scheming.

There is strength, but it is hidden, either with deep intentions or huge plans.

Qin Yi had just left the king less than a few months before he had an innate warrior.

If Qin Yi was given more time to win the support of some aristocratic families and sects, he said that he might not really be able to wrestle with the prince and fight for the position of the king!

It is a pity that since the prince has asked him to take action, he will not do anything to smash his signature.

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