Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4759 decisive refusal

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"Of course, we are not inviting fellow Daoists to take action in vain. As long as fellow Daoists agree to take action and make an oath, this seat will offer a Hunyuan Yin-Yang elixir."

Gan Yizhen saw that Maitreya Buddha was silent, as if thinking about his words, and immediately struck while the iron was hot.

"Hun Yuan Yin Yang elixir?"

Maitreya Buddha's expression changed, and he had heard of the name of the Hunyuan Yin-Yang elixir.

In his understanding, the Hunyuan Yin-Yang elixir is the dream of the real fairyland peak powerhouse, and it has unimaginable blessings for breaking through the quasi-immortal king realm.

But the temptation to Maitreya Buddha is not great.

Because Maitreya Buddha practiced the system of immortal Taoism, mainly to cut three corpses, if he wanted to break through the quasi-immortal king realm, what he needed was to cut out the third corpse of his own body.

And the Hunyuan Yin-Yang elixir did not help to cut out the three corpses, and Maitreya Buddha would naturally not be tempted.

If Gan Yizheng can come up with a top-quality congenital spiritual treasure, that is, a top-level true fairy weapon, or a quasi-immortal king weapon, Maitreya Buddha may still be tempted.

Do you really want to take out an Immortal King Artifact and give it to Maitreya Buddha?

This is naturally impossible.

Moreover, even if Qiankun Yizheng took out a quasi-immortal king weapon, Maitreya Buddha could not betray Qin Yi because of a quasi-immortal king weapon.

"I don't know friends, what do you think?"

Gan Yizhen showed a smile on his face and looked at Maitreya Buddha confidently.

"This seat refuses."

However, Maitreya Buddha refused without any hesitation.

"Fellow Daoist, you have to think clearly, if you refuse this seat, you will be our enemy!"

Gan Yizheng frowned slightly, and threatened in a cold voice.

"so what?"

Maitreya Buddha's expression was calm, and he didn't care about the threat of a real devil.

"It's just a group of humble ants, what's there to fear in this seat?"

Maitreya Buddha's eyes hang high, and the light in his eyes is extremely cold.


The next moment, Maitreya Buddha shot directly, and the infinite Buddha light erupted in an instant, instantly erasing the real demon.

"Maitreya Buddha, you wait, when the deity's true body arrives, you will be completely wiped out!"

Under the shroud of the Buddha's light, Gan Yizhen Demon had no resistance, and only had time to leave an angry roar, and it completely turned into nothingness.

If a true demon is here, he may be able to compete with Maitreya Buddha, but at this moment, only one of his clones is here, Maitreya Buddha can naturally be killed easily.

Even if you are unwilling to do a real devil, you can only obediently turn into nothingness.


Maitreya Buddha folded his hands together and recited the Buddha's name, with a hint of worry in his eyes.

Destroying the avatar of Ganyi True Demon does not mean that the matter is over, but the beginning of trouble.

Qian Yizheng, on behalf of Immortal Master Jingtai and others, came to recruit him. Now that he was rejected by him, he was bound to become angry, and it was bound to set off a war that might affect the entire five realms.

However, Maitreya Buddha is not too worried. Others don't know the background of not falling into the gods. Does he still not know?

A Styx leader is enough to make the Godless Dynasty invincible.

The Sect Master Styx is a quasi-sage great perfectionist, that is, a quasi-immortal king, but his combat power is far beyond that of ordinary quasi-immortal kings.

After all, Styx Sect Master is practicing the Immortal Dao cultivation system, and one person is equivalent to four quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses.

Each of the three corpses cut out by the Stygian Sect Master has the same level of combat power, and is by no means inferior to ordinary quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses.

You must know that the Sect Master Styx cut off his own body and three corpses, all of which were the best innate spiritual treasures.

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