Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4749 it's up

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Under the control of the six Buddha treasures, the vast and dazzling Buddha light shattered everything in front of it with an irresistible force, and fell straight towards the area where the three Jingtai Immortal Lords were.

The Jingtai Immortal Lord and the three were furious, and they used many magical powers and backhands, but they were unable to block the blow.

The next moment, under the annoyed gazes of the three Immortal Master Jingtai, Maitreya Buddha annihilated the three of them's spiritual thoughts with one blow.

Don't look at Maitreya Buddha and Jingtai Immortal Master, the process of fighting took less than one breath, but in the process, the number of collisions between the two sides exceeded hundreds of millions of times.

One in a billion breathing time is enough for the real fairyland powerhouse to decide the winner.

Not to mention, the time close to one breath is enough for a true fairyland powerhouse to live and die.

Maitreya Buddha used his own mighty power to forcefully wipe out all the avatars of the three immortal masters of Jingtai.


Seeing this scene, the Taiyin True Demon who watched the whole process of the battle, his mind swayed.

These are the three quasi-immortal kings!

Even if it is not their deity coming, it is terrifying enough, with unimaginable terrifying power.

As for the three immortal masters of Jingtai, he has dealt with them before, and each of them stands on the top of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, or the existence of the top of the heavens and the world.

Their Spiritual Mind clones also possess a powerful strength that is unmatched by ordinary real fairyland powerhouses. At least, he is definitely not an opponent today.

But Maitreya Buddha so easily wiped out the three immortal masters of Jingtai, which made him feel shocked by the power of Maitreya Buddha.

True Demon Taiyin estimated that even if he was still at his peak, he would not be able to kill the three immortal master Jingtai with a light weight like Maitreya Buddha.

In other words, Maitreya Buddha's combat power is far more tyrannical than his peak period.


Maitreya Buddha folded his hands together and recited the Buddha's name.

While speaking, the great formation that enveloped this chaotic void, radiated a lot of light, suppressing all the fluctuations in this void, and then disappeared as the light dimmed.

"Your Majesty, Wei Chen is fortunately not humiliated."

After doing this, Maitreya Buddha just looked at Qin Yi and bowed slightly.


Qin Yi nodded and smiled, and there was no surprise that Maitreya Buddha killed the spiritual sense clones of the three Jingtai Immortal Lords.

Still that sentence, the three of Jingtai Immortal Lords are just the avatars of the spiritual sense, how can they be the opponents of Maitreya Buddha?

You must know that Maitreya Buddha is the future Buddha of Journey to the West. His strength is second only to a few people in Western Buddhism, and his cultivation base is about to break through the quasi-immortal king realm.

It is also reasonable to kill the spiritual sense clones of the three immortal masters of Jingtai.

"Jingtai Immortal Master and others have found that the five realms are out of their control. I am afraid that in the next days, the five realms will not be stable."

Qin Yi glanced at the place where Jingtai Xianzhu three disappeared, and his eyes flickered.

In the eyes of the three immortal masters of Jingtai, the five realms have been out of their control, and there is no possibility for the Buluoshenchao to continue to develop steadily.

The three Immortal Master Jingtai will never take action directly, and they will not fall to the ground.

After all, in the eyes of the three immortal masters of Jingtai, Qin Yi has been taken over by the real immortals of the five realms at this moment, and Buluo Shen Dynasty has become a force under the command of the "real immortals of the five realms".

Naturally, the three immortal masters of Jingtai will not continue to let the Buluoshen Dynasty develop. At least, it will not be the same as it is now. For the Buluoshen Dynasty to develop so easily, there must be tougher means.

However, Qin Yi didn't care too much about it. Facing the targets of the three immortal master Jingtai, it was nothing more than soldiers coming to block and water coming to earth.

Moreover, with the current strength of the Godless Dynasty, within the five realms, they may not be afraid of the three Jingtai Immortal Lords.

The three immortal masters of Jingtai are afraid of the existence of the Dao of the Heavens. In the eyes of the three of them, the 'True Immortal of the Five Realms' holding the Dao of the Heavens also has the combat power of the quasi-immortal king.

If they want to kill the 'Five Realms True Immortals', they need to be fully prepared, otherwise, they are likely to pay a very heavy price.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible for the three of Jingtai Immortal Lord to start a life-and-death battle with Qin Yi at will, and it is even more impossible for them to take action in person.

As long as Immortal Master Jingtai and other quasi-immortal kings do not take action, no matter what means the Immortal Master Jingtai uses, it is impossible for them to have too much influence on Buluoshen Dynasty.

You must know that the Buluoshen Dynasty has the quasi-immortal king, the leader of the Styx River, and the Maitreya Buddha, the real fairyland peak powerhouse.

Even if the three real bodies of the Jingtai Immortal Lords descend, they may not be able to do anything.

Of course, this does not mean that Qin Yi can take it lightly. Once the development momentum of the Godless Dynasty is curbed, it will have a great impact on Qin Yi and many powerhouses in the Godless Dynasty.

The reason why many powerhouses in the Buluoshen Dynasty were able to break through quickly was because of the blessing of luck in the Buluoshen Dynasty.

If the luck of the Godless Dynasty falls, it is likely to cause a series of chain reactions, making it impossible for the Godless Dynasty to continue to develop as rapidly as it is now.

Moreover, the three immortal masters of Jingtai are all quasi-immortal kings, and their minds are deep. If they make a move, they will definitely point to the key points, and they have full confidence in killing Qin Yi.

Just like this time, the plans of the three immortal masters of Jingtai were direct and swift, and they came with the determination to kill Qin Yi.

According to common sense, whether it is Qin Yi or the real immortals of the Five Realms, in the calculation of the three immortal masters of Jingtai, there is only one possibility of falling.

After all, in the Immortal Burial Domain, without the blessings of the Great Dao of the Heavens, Qin Yi now only has half-step cultivation in the True Wonderland. How can he be the opponent of the Jingtai Immortal Lord and the three?

Even if Qin Yi controls part of the Void All-Heaven Avenue in advance, he can get certain blessings from the All-Heaven Avenue, and the battle power reaches the middle stage of True Wonderland.

There are three people on the side of the Jingtai Immortal Lord, and each of them has a combat power above the middle stage of the True Fairyland.

If it weren't for the existence of Maitreya Buddha, let alone the avatars of the spiritual sense that killed the three Jingtai Immortal Lords, even if they escaped from the siege of the Jingtai Immortal Lords, they might not be able to do it.

This time it is still the case, the next time the Jingtai Immortal Lord and the three make a move, it must be a sure-fire situation.

However, Qin Yi was not too worried about this, just as he was not worried that the three of Jingtai Immortal Lords would deal with them.

In fact, the best way to deal with the calculations of the three immortal masters of Jingtai is to strengthen one's own body and not fall into a state of power. As long as the strength is strong enough, why should they care about the three immortal masters of Jingtai?

If Qin Yi has the cultivation level of a quasi-immortal king, coupled with the avenues of the heavens, why should he be afraid of the three immortal masters of Jingtai?

At that time, Jingtai Immortal Lord three people dare to target Qin Yi?

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