Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4748 vulnerable

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Every true fairyland peak powerhouse is the top existence in the heavens and the world, second only to many quasi-immortal king powerhouses, and has an extremely respected status.

Even the three immortal masters of Jingtai could not forcibly subdue a real fairyland peak powerhouse.

Moreover, it is not an easy task for the three immortal masters of Jingtai to cultivate a true fairyland peak powerhouse. It takes countless effort, energy, and many cultivation resources.

Even, in the end, it may fall short.

The three immortal masters of Jingtai did not understand how the ‘Five Realms True Immortal’ cultivated a peak powerhouse in the real fairyland in the five realms.

You must know that the five realms have just opened up, and there is not enough time to breed high-grade treasures of heaven and earth to supply the spiritual practice of the five realms.

Not to mention, the True Immortals of the Five Realms have been suppressing the beings in the five realms with the Dao of the Heavens, and they are not allowed to exist above the real fairyland in the five realms.

Even the power above the real fairyland is not allowed to appear.

In this case, there is no soil in the five realms to nurture the real fairyland powerhouse, let alone the existence above the peak of the real fairyland.

Moreover, a true fairyland peak powerhouse, logically speaking, is no longer afraid of the "five world true immortals", and can escape from the "five world true immortals" no matter how bad it is.

You must know that even if the 'True Immortals of the Five Realms' use the power of the All-Heavenly Dao, their combat power is only just reaching the level of a quasi-immortal king.

If you want to kill the 'True Immortals of the Five Realms', it is naturally extremely difficult. Even the three Jingtai Immortal Lords who are also in the Immortal King Realm are not fully sure.

After all, for the existence of the same quasi-immortal king realm and wanting to kill the 'Five Realms True Immortal', the three Jingtai Immortal Masters are only one or two better than the 'Five Realms True Immortal'.

Perhaps it is very simple to defeat the 'Five Realms True Immortal', but to kill the 'Five Realms True Immortal', it is impossible for the three Jingtai Immortal Masters to do it without paying a price.

Even if the three of Jingtai Immortal Master join forces, it is the same.

Even if they wanted to kill the 'Five Realms True Immortals', one or two of the three Immortal Master Jingtai would have to be seriously injured, and it was not impossible for one person to fall.

Therefore, the three Jingtai Immortal Masters have always been so afraid of the "Five Realms True Immortals", and dare not shoot at the "Five Realms True Immortals" at will.

But if it is replaced by defeating the 'Five Realms True Immortal', any one of the three Jingtai Immortal Lords can easily do it.

The same principle applies to Maitreya Buddha. With Maitreya Buddha's cultivation at the peak of the real fairyland, although he is not the opponent of the 'Five Realm Real Immortal' in the five realms, but if he wants to escape from the 'Five Realm Real Immortal', it is fundamentally difficult for him to escape. There is no problem.

Under such circumstances, why did Maitreya Buddha submit to the 'Five Realms True Immortal'?

Furthermore, when entering the Immortal Burial Realm at this moment, the blessings that the 'Five Realms True Immortals' can get is not very strong, and their current combat power is at most comparable to the mid-stage powerhouses of the ordinary True Immortal Realm.

With the power of Maitreya Buddha, he can completely kill the 'True Immortals of the Five Realms' and then replace them!

But Maitreya Buddha still obeyed the orders of the "Five Realms True Immortals", how could this not surprise the three Jingtai Immortal Masters.

"This fellow Daoist..."

The immortal master Jingtai moved in his heart, deliberately provoking the relationship between Maitreya Buddha and Qin Yi.


However, before his words were spoken, Maitreya had already shot directly.

The six arms waved six Buddha treasures and smashed them towards the Jingtai Immortal Lord and the three, and the mighty Buddha light moved with it, carrying the terrifying power of destroying everything, and annihilating everything in front of him.

Maitreya Buddha's blow did not hold back at all, revealing all the power of his true fairyland peak.


The faces of the three Immortal Master Jingtai changed in unison, and they did not dare to neglect, and immediately shot.

If their deity were here, they would naturally not be afraid of Maitreya Buddha's blow, but now they are just a clone of spiritual sense, and their combat power is far less than Maitreya Buddha.

Even the most powerful being among them, Immortal Master Jingtai's Spiritual Mind clone, compared to Maitreya Buddha, is a level weaker in combat power, and the three Immortal Master Jingtai did not dare to take it lightly.


The three Immortal Master Jingtai took action one after another, using their most tyrannical means.

The light of the sword is like the sea, the light of the Buddha is like a dragon, and the energy of the emperor is like a mountain!

Three terrifying powers pierced through the sun and the moon in an instant, and met the blow of Maitreya Buddha.

Although this is just the avatars of the three immortal masters of Jingtai, even if they fall, they will not have any effect on the three immortal masters of Jingtai.

But the avatars of the divine sense represent the faces of the three Immortal Master Jingtai. If they were killed by Maitreya Buddha, it would also mean that the faces of the three of them were stepped on by Maitreya Buddha.

Therefore, the three Jingtai Immortal Lords did not have any intention to keep their hands.

It's a pity that even if the three of Jingtai Immortal Lord did not keep their hands, the gap between the three of them and Maitreya Buddha would not be so easy to bridge.

In the final analysis, the three Jingtai Immortal Lords are just avatars of divine sense. Even the strongest Jingtai Immortal Lord, this divine sense avatar has just reached the level of the late stage of True Wonderland.

However, Maitreya Buddha is firmly standing at the pinnacle of the true fairyland, or even a stronger level.

"This kind of power has reached the threshold of the quasi-immortal king realm!"

But when the power of the two collided, the faces of the three Jingtai Immortal Lords changed again.

At this time, they just realized that they were still underestimating Maitreya Buddha. Maitreya Buddha's power seems to have stood at the top level of the real fairyland peak, that is, the level that is only the last layer of film away from the quasi-immortal king realm!

In other words, Maitreya Buddha may break through the quasi-immortal king realm at any time!

With this level of existence, even if the three of Jingtai Immortal Lords descended, it would take a lot of effort to defeat them.

But now, they only have three spiritual sense clones here.


Just as the thoughts of the Jingtai Immortal Lord three turned, the aftermath of the collision erupted.

The violent power swept out in all directions, shaking the avenues of the heavens, shattering countless laws, the divine chain of order, and the void dimension.

A ray of aftermath will directly destroy countless layers of void dimensions, annihilate everything in it, and directly turn this chaotic void into a place of return to ruins.

That is, before Maitreya Buddha made his move, he set up a larger and more powerful formation.

Otherwise, the aftermath would have spread out long ago, setting off an endless frenzy in the Immortal Burial Domain.

After all, this is the aftermath of the collision that existed above the middle stage of the Four True Wonderland!

And this collision was quickly decided. Maitreya Buddha's power instantly overwhelmed the three Jingtai Immortal Lords. Even if the Jingtai Immortal Lords and the three fought hard, it would not change the fact that they were defeated.


The terrifying forces are constantly colliding, and in one breath in a billion, the forces of the two sides have collided thousands of times.

In an instant, the power of Maitreya Buddha directly overwhelmed the power of the three immortal masters of Jingtai, penetrated the sword light, destroyed the Buddha's light, and penetrated the emperor's aura, and then rushed towards the three immortal masters of Jingtai.

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