Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4742 Qin Yi arrives

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For the true demon of Taiyin, the conditions offered by the stars and Buddhas in the world are not unattractive.

As he said, if a thousand years ago, when he hadn't succumbed to the dynasty of the gods, and faced the condition of the stars and Buddha in the world, he would have agreed immediately.

After all, he has now been reincarnated.

As the saying goes, a fluffed phoenix is ​​not as good as a chicken.

No matter how strong his cultivation was before the reincarnation of the Taiyin True Demon, it was also before the reincarnation.

He wants to restore the cultivation base of the peak of the true fairyland, and he doesn't know how much time it will take and how much heaven and earth treasures it will take.

If there is the resource support of Xitian Xingchen Lingshan, he does not know how many times he will improve the speed of his recovery.

But that was before joining the Godless Dynasty, and after joining the Godless Dynasty, the True Demon of Taiyin had long given up the idea of ​​betraying the Godless Dynasty.

It is not only because the cultivation resources that the Unfallen Dynasty can provide are in no way inferior to those of the Western Heavenly Stars and Lingshan. As long as you make a certain contribution and get the corresponding contribution points, you can exchange the cultivation resources in the Unfallen Dynasty.

Even top-tier true immortal medicines, or quasi-immortal king-level medicines, can be exchanged. Although the contribution points required are extremely huge, there is at least hope of exchange.

This is the incomparable advantage of Xitian Xingchen Lingshan. Although Xitian Xingchen Lingshan is the overlord of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, there are many disciples, and the cultivation resources required are extremely huge.

Even if the true demon of Taiyin joins the Western Heavenly Star Spirit Mountain, it may not be able to obtain the top-level true immortal medicine, or the quasi-immortal king-level medicine.

After all, such treasures, even the stars and Buddhas themselves are extremely scarce in the world.

Comparing the two, the True Demon of Taiyin naturally knows how to choose.

Moreover, apart from this, the True Demon of Taiyin had already signed a system contract with Qin Yi, and he did not dare to betray or fall into the divine dynasty.

If he dares to betray the gods, as long as Qin Yi has a thought, maybe he will perish!

Under such circumstances, how could the true demon of Taiyin dare to betray and not fall into the kingdom of God?

The world's stars and Buddhas naturally don't know these things. In his opinion, no matter what the reason is, the true demon of Taiyin has rejected his good intentions and refuted his face.

"If you don't want to surrender, then you will die!"

The world's star Buddha snorted coldly, killing intent burning in his eyes.

Since the True Demon of Taiyin is unwilling to surrender, then he doesn't mind obliterating the True Demon of Taiyin.

Today's True Demon of Taiyin can't be called his opponent, even if it's just a clone of his Spiritual Mind, he is confident enough to kill the True Demon of Taiyin.


While speaking, the Buddha's body around the world's stars shone brightly, bursting with astonishing dazzling rays of light.

The next moment, the world's stars and Buddhas stretched out their palms, covering the chaotic void for hundreds of millions of miles, as if to squeeze all this void into a thin film.

The incomparably tyrannical power instantly penetrated everything in front of it, as if to penetrate the Immortal Burial Realm and fall into the five realms.

The fall of this palm is enough to wipe out the True Demon of Taiyin!


Seeing this scene, the Taoist Taibai on the side couldn't help shaking his head and sighing, as if feeling sorry for the Taiyin True Demon.

If he is in the situation of the real demon of Taiyin, he will not have any hesitation, and he will immediately surrender to the Buddha of the stars in the world. Whether it is the real fairy of the five realms or Qin Yi, he can't compare with the Buddha of the stars in the world.

There is absolutely no need for the Taiyin True Demon to fight against the stars and Buddhas in the world for these reasons, and even risk their lives for it. This is not worth it.

However, in the face of this blow from the stars and Buddhas in the world, there was no trace of fear on the face of True Demon Taiyin, and he didn't even do the struggle, as if he didn't care about the blow.

This scene made the world's stars and Buddha frown. Just when he was doubtful, a huge breath suddenly swept in from a distance.


It is also a big hand that covers the sky, protruding from the depths of chaos and spanning the entire Immortal Burial Domain.

This big hand seems to be hundreds of millions of miles long, and it hangs down countless chaotic fairy lights, as if it is going to evolve into a nine-day fairy world.

The vast and majestic power rushed in, and in an instant, the True Demon of the Taiyin was sheltered in it, allowing the True Demon of the Taiyin to have the ability to act.

Then, this big hand collided with the big hand of the world's stars and Buddha, and in an instant, a terrifying aftermath that was enough to destroy the sky and the earth broke out, and wiped out all the giant beasts in the world within this range.

If it weren't for the presence of the stars and Buddha in the world as early as the appearance of the world, many powerhouses in the Immortal Burial Domain would have already taken action and removed all the worlds near the Yuankong Great World.

Otherwise, the aftermath of this collision will probably destroy the surrounding world and cause unimaginable damage.

"Good, good!"

The world's stars and Buddhas failed to make a single blow, and did not shoot again, but stood on the spot, clasped his hands together, and looked at the place where the big hand was sticking out.


A clear footstep sounded, and a man was seen walking out of the depths of chaos.

Wearing a nine-chapter real dragon robe, a purple jade real dragon crown with hair tied, his eyes are indifferent like a god, overlooking the vast sky, and his hands and feet seem to have endless emperor qi rolling down.

Even the world's Star Buddha and Taibai Daoist couldn't help but stare when they saw this man.

The moment this man appeared, it seemed to occupy the center of the entire Immortal Burial Domain, attracting all the eyes of the people present, without exception.

"Wei Chen Taiyin, meet the Lord of God."

When he saw the man, the True Demon of Taiyin immediately bowed his body and bowed in a very respectful manner.

This scene made the world's Star Buddha and Taibai Daoist raise their brows.

It was Qin Yi who came.

"The world's stars and Buddha, Taibai Taoist?"

Qin Yi lowered his eyes and landed on the two people in the world, the stars and Buddha, with a calm expression.

This time, he did not come in avatar, but the deity came to Immortal Burial Realm in person.

Although the eternal avatar has always been in retreat and practice in the Immortal Burial Domain, it has only just broken through the half-step True Wonderland, and is still groping for the road to break through the True Wonderland as the master of the world.

Since the Lord of Tianyuan found a way to break through the true fairyland with the path of the Lord of the World, Qin Yi decided to let the eternal clone continue to practice the path of the Lord of the World, or in other words, to cultivate two paths.

But no matter what, the eternal avatar has just broken through the half-step True Wonderland not long ago, and this time is not suitable for shooting.

After all, the stars Buddha and Taibai Daoist in the world all exist in the quasi-immortal king realm. Even if it is just a spiritual avatar, its power is far beyond the ordinary real fairyland. The eternal avatar is definitely not an opponent, and the deity must come forward.

Although Qin Yi's deity has not yet broken through the real fairyland, but Qin Yi's deity has the blessing of the avenues of the heavens, as well as many treasures such as the immortal gourd, and the combat power is also far beyond the ordinary real fairyland powerhouse.

The fight with the world's stars and Buddha just now is enough to prove this point.

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