Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4741 reject

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For quasi-immortal kings such as the stars and Buddha in the world, it is not an easy task to conquer a real fairyland peak powerhouse.

After all, the real fairyland peak powerhouse is the top existence in the heavens and the world, second only to the quasi-immortal kings such as the stars and Buddha in the world, how respectable the status is.

Every existence that can break through the peak of the real fairyland must be arrogant, unwilling to surrender to others, and only think that he can break through the quasi-immortal king.

Just like the existence of Dainian Zhenxian, they fell to break through the quasi-immortal king realm.

In the same way, the existences such as the real immortals of the day did not surrender to the quasi-immortal kings such as the stars and Buddhas in the world, but opened up their own forces.

There is no other way for the quasi-immortal kings such as the stars and Buddha in the world, and it is impossible to force the peak powerhouses of the real fairyland into their own hands.

This has also led to the fact that there are only two of the real fairyland peak powerhouses under the command of the world's star Buddha, and they are all strong people who have spent countless efforts and cultivated.

For countless years, the stars and Buddhas in the world have never recruited a strong person who can break through the peak of the true fairyland by self-cultivation, and the same is true of Jingtai Xianzhu and others.

Even, when Jingtai Immortal Master failed to recruit a real fairyland peak powerhouse, he became angry and directly attacked this real fairyland peak powerhouse.

This real fairyland peak powerhouse made a bold move, at the cost of his own self-destruction, causing Jingtai Immortal Lord to be seriously injured, and it took countless years to recover.

A true fairyland peak powerhouse, if forcibly self-destructed, even the quasi-immortal king may not be able to withstand it, and even if it is a little careless, the quasi-immortal king may also leave a fatal injury.

Moreover, as long as a real fairyland peak powerhouse does not fall into the calculations of the quasi-immortal king, it is not impossible for him to escape from the quasi-immortal king.

In this case, the existence of the stars, Buddhas, etc. in the world will also give corresponding respect when facing the real fairyland peak powerhouse, and will not force too much.

After all, it would not be a good thing to force a real fairyland peak powerhouse too much into the arms of other quasi-immortal kings.

There are three quasi-immortal kings in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. In addition to the stars and Buddhas in the world, there are two quasi-immortal kings, Taoist Taibai and Immortal Master Jingtai.

The three are three-legged, which also gave other real fairyland peak powerhouses a chance to breathe, which led to the current situation.

But the true demon of Taiyin is different. Before the reincarnation of the true demon of Taiyin, it was a peak powerhouse in the real fairyland, but now it is just an existence that has just entered the real fairyland.

The stars and Buddhas in the world naturally don't need to treat the real demons in the same way as the real real fairyland peak powerhouses.

Moreover, for the Taiyin True Demon, joining Xitian Xingchen Lingshan has great benefits. With the resource support of Xitian Xingchen Lingshan, it is extremely easy for the Taiyin True Demon to recover to the peak of the True Wonderland.

How can the cultivation conditions in Xingchen Lingshan in the Western Sky be comparable to those of the five realms without falling into the divine dynasty?

It is precisely because of this that the Buddhas of the Stars in the world have great confidence in inviting the True Demon of Taiyin to join the Western Heavenly Star Spirit Mountain.

However, the world's stars and Buddha are miscalculated.

"Fellow Daoist, it's really atmospheric."

Hearing this, the real demon of Taiyin also lit up, but in the end he sighed: "However, if a fellow Daoist approached me a thousand years ago and offered this condition, I would simply submit to Dao without saying a word. friend."

This sentence made the stars and Buddha in the world a little unclear, but he was somewhat enlightened about the meaning.

The True Demon of Taiyin rejected him!

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