Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4735 use the backhand

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The real immortals of the Five Realms were persecuted by the three people in the world, the stars and Buddha, and had to burn their body and soul, leaving only a remnant of their soul to hide in the avenues of the heavens.

Such a great revenge, it is impossible for the real immortals of the five realms not to retaliate.

If the true immortals of the five realms return to the heavens and the world, they will definitely avenge the three of them.

Moreover, if the real immortals of the five realms are allowed to retrieve the Dao Fruit, it is possible to directly break through the realm of the king of immortals. At that time, even if the real immortals of the five realms do not kill them, they will have to subdue to the real immortals of the five realms.

This is definitely not what the three people in the world want to see, they must take action, deal with the real immortals of the five realms, and cannot let the real immortals of the five realms rise.

Therefore, dealing with the true immortals now is the first task of the three of them.

"You two, at this time, don't hide it anymore. It's time to be honest and open, and talk about the arrangement of your body in the five realms."

The World Star Buddha looked towards the two of Jingtai Immortal Lord and said in a deep voice.

"This seat is located in the Western Heaven Realm of the Five Realms, and there is a Spiritual Mind clone left. If it recovers, it can be turned into a Spiritual Mind clone with mid-stage combat power in the True Wonderland."

Without waiting for the two people to answer Jingtai, the world's stars and Buddha said first.

As soon as these words came out, the Jingtai Immortal Lord and the two were shocked, but they did not expect that the stars and Buddhas in the world still have such backhands in the five realms.

This spiritual avatar of the world's stars and Buddha, I am afraid that thousands of epochs ago, when the five realms were not disconnected from the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, they had already been left.

Moreover, when the True Immortals of the Five Realms set up the barrier of the Immortal Realm to isolate the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm from the Five Realms, they used the All-Heaven Avenue to scan the entire five realms, sweeping away all the forces above the True Immortal Realm within the five realms.

It must have paid a lot of price for this spiritual mind clone of the world's stars and Buddha to stay.

"Forget it, since the Buddha is so majestic, I will not hide it, I have left many flags in the world of the five realms.

Relying on these formation flags, with a large thousand worlds as the core, a true immortal-level formation can be set up to lead one of my clones to the lower realm. "

Immortal Master Jingtai sighed and said so.

Hearing this, the two people in the world, Stars and Buddhas, just blinked, not too surprised.

Things like array flags are not like the clones of divine sense. Although their essence can be regarded as a true immortal-level thing, as long as they do not form a large array and separate them, they can easily hide from the true immortals of the Five Realms.

"The deity has left a Taibai immortal sword in the five realms. If necessary, the deity can wake it up and turn it into a clone of the deity."

Daoist Taibai smiled.

Daoist Taibai stayed behind in the five realms, and was somewhat similar to the followers of the stars and Buddha in the world.

That is to say, if the Taibai Daoist three people's backhands are all activated, it is enough to make up the three clones of true fairyland mid-term combat power.

Moreover, these three clones are all clones that exist at the first level of the quasi-immortal king, mastering many means, and their combat power is far stronger than that of ordinary middle-stage powerhouses in the real fairyland.

"In this way, I invite the clones of the two daoists to make a move together, set up a large formation, lead the clone of the deity to the lower realm, and then join forces to kill the real immortals of the five realms, how about it?"

Jingtai Xianzhu said.


The two people in the world, the stars and Buddha, nodded slightly, agreeing to the request of the immortal master Jingtai.

In other words, it was only possible for the three of them to join forces to defeat the True Immortals of the Five Realms.

A single shot, even if his clone is tyrannical, within the five realms, it is impossible to be an opponent of the five realms.

Only by joining forces can it be possible to kill the true immortals of the Five Realms.

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