Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4729 different cognition

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In the eyes of ordinary creatures from the five realms, the five realms are suffering the greatest predicament ever recorded, and the endless underworld and the abyss are constantly invading the five realms.

Wars break out every day, and there is no shortage of virtual fairyland beings fighting each other, causing unimaginable and terrifying fluctuations.

Every moment, the creatures of the five realms fell, and even some worlds in the five realms fell into the abyss or the endless underworld.

Even if they did not fall into the God Dynasty and joined forces with the many forces that did not fall into the God Dynasty, they could only barely maintain the stability of the five realms.


In the eyes of a discerning person, although the five realms are in chaos on the surface, this turmoil has not exceeded the control of the Godless Dynasty.

Even the fallen powerhouses in the five realms were mostly powerhouses who were unwilling to submit to the Godless Dynasty, and none of the powerhouses who really belonged to the Godless Dynasty had fallen.

Because many powerhouses who were unwilling to surrender to the Godless Dynasty fell, the speed at which the Godless Dynasty controlled the five realms accelerated again, and the forces in the five realms chose to surrender to the Godless Dynasty.

The surrender this time is not just a superficial surrender, but a real surrender to the Godless Dynasty.


Although the powerhouses of the Endless Netherland and the Nine Nether Abyss continue to invade the five realms, most of the powerhouses who enter the five realms are creatures under the Heavenly Venerate.

Since the Mother of Wudang broke through the real fairyland, the creatures above the endless underworld and the nine secluded abyss have not dared to easily set foot in the five realms.

Or send a self-identity avatar to come to the five realms.

Even if there are endless underworld and nine secluded abyss, the immortal gods have to come to the five realms, and they are all existences under the half-step true fairyland.

Therefore, the level of the war is also limited to the half-step true fairyland.

In this chaotic and orderly state, time is constantly passing.

Hundred years passed by in a flash.

In this hundred years, there have been earth-shaking changes in the five realms.

Because Qin Yi let go of the restrictions of the Dao of the Heavens, the Dao of the Heavens no longer restricts the creatures in the five realms, allowing the power above the real fairyland in the five realms.

Many half-step true immortals in the five realms have chosen to retreat in order to break through to the true fairyland.

Since the Virgin of Wudang broke through the real fairyland, the Antarctic fairy has broken through the real fairyland for the second time.

In other words, the Antarctic fairy will break through the real fairyland one step later than the Wudang Virgin.

It is said.

After the Antarctic Fairy broke through the real fairyland, the Wudang Virgin went directly to the door and laughed at the Antarctic Fairy, but the Antarctic Fairy didn't care much.

It doesn't make much difference to Antarctic Immortal Weng who breaks through the real fairyland first.

After all, he did not have such a deep obsession with suppressing the sect, like the Virgin of Wudang, but instead he sat and talked with the Virgin of Wudang, and exchanged his insights on the Dao.

Seeing this, the Virgin of Wudang could not help but be a little silent, and had a feeling in her heart.

Then this opportunity, the Virgin of Wudang cut out the obsessive corpse of her own body with the Qiankun Pa in her sleeve, breaking through the early stage of quasi-sage, which is the early stage of true fairyland.

In the Immortal Dao cultivation system, as long as you have enough cultivation, have suitable innate spiritual treasures, and have some insight in your heart, you can kill the three corpses in your own body.

And the immortal way cut three corpses, good corpse, evil corpse, obsessive corpse, there is no fixed order of cutting out the three corpses, and the order of cutting out the three corpses varies from person to person.

It is not surprising that Our Lady of Wudang cut out the obsession corpse first.

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