Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4728 shock

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The news of the Virgin of Wudang's proving to the true fairyland, with the end of the battle in the Taihuang Demon Realm, spread across the five realms, shaking countless creatures and powerhouses.

Without the fluctuations when the Virgin Mary preached the Tao, although the creatures and powerhouses in the five realms felt it, the creatures under the virtual fairyland could not perceive the specific situation, let alone who was proving the real fairyland.

Only when the news came out, the creatures of the five realms knew who was proving the true fairyland.

At the beginning, a group of creatures from the five realms had some guesses about who was proving the true fairyland.

For example, the powerhouses of the gods and beasts in the heavens guessed that the ancestors of Xuanwu were proving the real fairyland. After all, before the rise of the Godless Dynasty, the ancestors of Xuanwu were the first powerhouses in the five realms, the closest to the real fairyland, and the most powerful. There is hope to break through the existence of the real wonderland.

But in the same way, the powerhouses of Western Heaven Buddhism also believe that this is the real fairyland of Da Wuji Buddha's enlightenment.

The powerhouses of the Taoist Holy Land believe that Dao Zun Dao is the real fairyland of Taoism.

After all, once a true fairyland powerhouse is born in one's own power, not to mention being out of the control of the Godless Dynasty, at least it can maintain a certain degree of autonomy in the Godless Dynasty.

There is a real fairyland powerhouse in charge, even if he does not fall into the gods, he will not arbitrarily humiliate the power he is in.

It's just that what the powerhouses of the five realms did not expect was that the existence of the true fairyland of the Dao was actually a virgin virgin who did not fall into the divine dynasty.

With Qin Yi in charge of the Dao of All Heavens, the Buluoshen Dynasty became the overlord of the five realms, and the rest of the forces in the five realms had to submit to the Buluoshen Dynasty and surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty.

However, among the many forces in the five realms, such as the Da Wuji Buddhist Sect, the Great Yi Holy Land, the Xuanwu Clan, the Southern Ming Alliance, etc., how many other forces really want to surrender to the Unfallen Dynasty?

If it weren't for the existence of Qin Yi, many forces would have united long ago to take action against the Buluoshen Dynasty, and the Buluoshen Dynasty would be destroyed.

In fact, when the Sect Master of Ming He and others were not recruited by Qin Yi before, all the forces in the five realms such as Western Heaven and Buddhism, if they joined forces, would not necessarily be able to subvert the Godless Dynasty.

You must know that before, the powerhouses of the Western Heavenly Buddhism, the Taoist Holy Land, and the gods and beasts of the heavens joined forces, and they were able to compete with the powerhouses who did not fall into the gods. At that time, the powerhouses of the Nanming League and the Western Desert League had not yet shot.

If all the powerhouses of the Southern Ming Alliance and the Western Desolate Alliance were to take action, plus the Western Heaven Buddhist Sect and other forces, it might not have the possibility of suppressing the Godly Dynasty.


Not only does Qin Yi, the lord of the gods in the gods sit in charge, but also, as time goes by, there are more and more powerful people in the gods.

After the many powerhouses of the Immortal Burial Realm entered the five realms, they made the Godless Dynasty as stable as Mount Tai.

Among the powerhouses in the Immortal Burial Realm, there are still several reincarnations of the True Immortal Realm, such as Taiyi Demon Venerable, Yangming True Immortal and others.

These few real fairyland reincarnations are not good-looking existences, they are all half-step real fairyland existences, and their cultivation speed is even more amazing, far exceeding ordinary practitioners.

Coupled with Yangming Zhenxian and others, the cultivation base before reincarnation is far from being as simple as the initial stage of the real fairyland.

If it weren't for the existence of the pinnacle of the real fairyland, Yangming Zhenxian and others would not be able to capture the avenue of jade butterflies.

The bodies and souls of several people who have fallen, and the Void All-Heaven Avenue that has been merged into it is impossible to compete with the All-Heaven Avenue, dividing the Immortal Burial Realm, a great world that is isolated from the five realms.

Even before the true immortals of the Five Realms fell, they could not do anything about the Void All Heavens Avenue, let alone bring the Immortal Burial Domain under control. This is because the power of the Void All Heavens Avenue is tyrannical enough.

After all, this is the power left behind by several peak powerhouses in the imaginary fairyland, and the things fused together are not the power that can be deciphered by the real immortals of the five realms with only a wisp of remnant soul left.

At least, things that can be shaken before the real immortals of the Five Realms regain their physical bodies.

Therefore, regarding the Great Way of the Void, the True Immortals of the Five Realms can only let them be, and allow them to exist temporarily.

Qin Yi is also facing such a situation. With his current strength, he is still unable to manipulate the Dao of the Heavens and absorb the Dao of the Heavens in the Void. After all, his cultivation is still too low to even break through to the real fairyland.

As long as Qin Yi can break through the real fairyland, reach the middle stage of the real fairyland, and let the avenues of the heavens exert the power comparable to the quasi-immortal king, he can control the avenues of the heavens and devour the avenues of the heavens in the void.

At that time, the background of the Great Dao of All Heavens will greatly increase, and it will be able to take another big step on the road of transforming into the Immortal King Artifact.

Even, it is not impossible for the Dao of the Heavens to directly transform into the Immortal King Artifact.

Of course, this is based on the fact that Qin Yi has broken through the middle stage of the real fairyland. Qin Yi has not yet broken through the real fairyland, so it is too early to say these.

The topic returned to Yangming Zhenxian and others. Before Yangming Zhenxian and others were reincarnated, their cultivation was strong enough. After they were reincarnated, their cultivation speed was naturally astonishingly fast. To a half-step real wonderland.

Moreover, within a few months, Yangming Zhenxian and others have condensed the supreme immortal soul and the supreme immortal body under the blessing of the time and space cultivation pavilion.

As long as the flesh and the soul are in harmony, they can re-enter the real fairyland and once again become the real immortals of the Nine Heavens.

With the cultivation speed of Yangming Zhenxian and others, it won't take long for them to break through the real fairyland, and the speed of breakthrough may be much faster than others imagine.

Just like the ancestors of Xuanwu thought that Da Wuji Buddha or Dao Zun Dao might be able to prove the Nine Heavens True Immortal before him, but it is very likely that Yangming True Immortal and others would rush ahead and prove the Nine Heavens True Immortal first. fairy.


Of course, there may also be an Antarctic fairy who has been in retreat for a long time.

But no matter what, if you don't fall into the gods, there are real immortals of Yangming and other powerhouses in the Immortal Burial Domain, and they are already as stable as Mount Tai.

At this moment, the Virgin of Wudang has broken through the real fairyland again, and the position of the Wudang Dynasty in the five realms will be more stable.

Moreover, there are gossip rumors circulating in the five realms. In addition to the Holy Mother of Wudang, there are other nine-day true immortals sitting in the palace.

Although this news is not known to be true or not, even if it is false, the strength of the Godless Dynasty has far exceeded the sum of the other forces in the five realms.

Therefore, after the news of the Virgin of Wudang's realization of the true fairyland came out, countless forces and powerhouses in the five realms, just as Qin Yi thought, dispelled the idea of ​​​​following the yin and yin, and did not want to be with the undead. Right.

The speed at which Buluo Shenchao controlled the five realms increased by a few chips.

In this way, the five realms fell into a period of extremely peaceful development.

On the surface, the invasion of the Endless Netherland and the Nine Nether Abyss is still going on, but because of the existence of Qin Yi and Our Lady of Wudang, there is not much trouble.

Instead of falling into the gods, it is secretly, gradually controlling the entire five realms.

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