Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4725 A real wonderland

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After the Virgin of Wudang spit out a Taoist sound, an unprecedented sense of satisfaction filled her heart instantly!

The final transformation begins with the mind, and only a strong mind can dominate a powerful force.


When the Virgin Mary's eyes opened and closed, a mysterious azure light burst out from the depths of her eyes.

The body and the soul gradually merged.

"not good!"

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the three Shadow Demon Gods changed greatly, and the offensive in their hands became more and more fierce, wrapping with infinite power, attacking the Holy Mother of Wudang from three directions.

The Black Dragon Demon God is like an ancient mountain, smashing into the chaotic void where the Virgin of Wudang is located.

Yunsha Demon God smashed through the sky with a halberd, piercing the universe.

The Shadow Demon stepped out of the void dimension, holding a black dagger, exuding a terrifying Demon God's wailing sound, and directly took the brow of the Virgin.

As for the Demon God of Charm, after the Virgin of Wudang uttered the sound of the Dao, and destroyed its charm, the Demon God of Charm suffered a very serious backlash, lost his combat effectiveness, and could no longer take action.

Although there is a half-step true immortal-level combat power missing, the power of the three black dragon demons is equally terrifying, and the vast power is enough to shatter thousands of squares and thousands of worlds.


And in such a critical situation, Madam Wudang's mind was extremely clear, and she methodically carried out the last step, combining the fairy soul with the fairy body.

When Mother Wudang spit out another sound, her immortal soul and immortal body finally completed the final unity.

next moment.


The immeasurable power instantly burst out with the Virgin of Wudang as the center, shaking the avenues of the heavens.

The central realm, the eastern realm... and many other realms were all shaken by the momentum bursting out of the Virgin of Wudang.

The mighty momentum swept across the boundless, swept across billions of worlds, and even the long river of years set off a monstrous wave.


Then, avenues manifested, making a thunderous roar.

One after another visions emerged, and the sound of the conch reverberated in the chaotic void, as if thousands of gods and demons used the avenue as the strings to play a song of the avenue, as if they were praising the virgin virgin.

In the void, there was an echoing sound that sounded like a cheer, a low groan like a joy.

If you don't listen carefully, you may simply ignore these sounds.

But all the existences who heard this low murmur were all delighted, lowered their minds, and listened to this voice carefully.

Because this voice is the sound of the Dao Tianyin, you can only gain insight from it, then your future practice will be much smoother.

"Thousands of roars, the avenues of heaven vibrate!"

"This is the birth of a nine-day true immortal!"

"In the five realms, nine Heavenly Immortals were born!"

The powerhouses in the five realms all turned their attention to the Taihuang Demon Realm.

Even the nine secluded abyss behind the Taiyuan Realm, and even the endless underworld, have strong eyes, and their hearts are shaken.

"Is there someone who is a true immortal of the Nine Heavens? Who is it? Is this the Virgin of Nothingness?"

In the depths of the Xuanwu family, the ancestor of Xuanwu raised his eyes and looked at the Taihuang Demon Realm.

After seeing who was proving the Dao, the ancestor of Xuanwu couldn't help but change his face slightly, revealing a look of disappointment.

In order to break through the real fairyland, the Xuanwu ancestor paid an unknown price, and was willing to succumb to the five realms and be controlled by the avenues of the heavens.

But even so, He is still locked in the half-step true fairyland for thousands of epochs and cannot be stored.

Although there is a reason for his delusional desire to break through the real fairyland under the suppression of the avenues of the heavens, and then control the avenues of the heavens.

But even without the suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens, it is not an easy task for Xuanwu ancestors to break through to the real fairyland.

Before entering the five realms, the ancestors of Xuanwu had been trapped for dozens of epochs in the half-step true fairyland.

Of course, after so many years in the five realms, the Xuanwu ancestors did not have nothing to gain. His retreat and practice this time is looking for opportunities for breakthroughs. With his accumulation, if not for the suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens, the Xuanwu ancestors would have broken through the real world long ago. wonderland.

Under the leadership of Qin Yi, the suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens has disappeared, and the Xuanwu ancestor broke through the real fairyland, which is also a matter of course.

After all, not every half-step true immortal has such a powerful and terrifying accumulation of Xuanwu ancestors.

The accumulation of thousands of epochs, how terrifying this is!

Xuanwu Patriarch Tian's capital is not bad. The accumulation of thousands of epochs has given him a strong foundation far beyond the same realm. Normally, this situation does not occur.

It is because of the suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens that this situation occurs.

Today's Xuanwu ancestors are only one layer of thin film away from the real fairyland, and this layer of thin film can be said to be broken by the Xuanwu ancestors.


Ancestor Xuanwu sighed softly.

With this background, He originally thought that he was not the first person to break through the real fairyland in the Unfallen Dynasty, but as a result, he never thought that he would let the Mother of Wudang take the lead, and he missed winning and became the first nine-day immortal of the Unfallen Dynasty. Opportunity.

The number one Nine Heavens True Immortal in the Buluoshen Dynasty is not a title. If you can win this position, you can get the favor of Buluoshenchao's luck and get more blessings.

In this way, the practice in the future can also be much easier, but unfortunately, it is still one step ahead of the Holy Mother of Wudang.

"Continue to retreat and practice."

Xuanwu ancestor's eyes were condensed, he cut off the distracting thoughts in his heart, and continued to retreat and practice.

With his accumulation, it will take a few months to break through. He doesn't want to lose the position of the second Nine Heavens True Immortal.

Ancestor Xuanwu knows that Da Wuji Buddha and other half-step true immortals are also practicing in retreat, hoping to break through to the real fairyland. If he takes another step forward, let Da Wuji Buddha and others take the lead, and if he loses, he will not fall into the first place. The position of the two Nine Heavens True Immortals would be worth the loss.


The ancestor of Xuanwu closed his eyes again, and his breath went silent, only waiting for the next outbreak.

His eyes returned to the Immaculate Virgin.


The aura of the Virgin of Wudang is still skyrocketing, and the mysterious azure radiance lingers around her, turning into a divine beast in an instant, emitting a roaring roar, suppressing the eternity.

A vision of gods and demons surrounds him, making the sound of the avenue, as if to praise him.

Thousands of avenues roared, and it was also a congratulatory gift for the Virgin of Wudang!


Under the protection of the power of the Great Dao of the Heavens, the attack of the Shadow Demon God and others was like a mud cow entering the sea, without causing any waves, nor did it pose too much threat to the Holy Mother of Wudang.


Then, one after another, the golden flowers of the avenue with infinite meanings floated and fell beside the Virgin of Wudang, and instantly merged into the body of the Virgin of Wudang, helping the Virgin of Wudang to stabilize her realm.

The fluctuating aura of the Virgin of Wudang also stabilized.

The next moment, Madonna Wudang opened her eyes, and an amazing divine brilliance burst out from the depths of her eyes. After a long while, she calmed down.

It's a fairyland, it's done!

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