Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4719 The devil is coming

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The bronze halberd was in the sky, and waves of power fluctuations that seemed to crush the heavens spread out from above, filling the chaotic void that was hundreds of millions of miles around.

As long as you are here, the whole person only feels that he is carrying an immemorial mountain that weighs billions and billions of pounds, and it seems that he is going to be crushed into meat sauce.

Do not.

It doesn't seem that, without the blessing of the army formation and the support of many immortal gods, I am afraid that the powerhouses under the many gods who are present have already been crushed by this coercion to the point of annihilation.

Even so, all the Void Immortals from the five realms looked solemn and were under great pressure.

However, there is not much worry on the faces of the virtual immortals in the five realms. They may not be the opponents of this nine secluded demon gods, but there are not no half-step true immortals in the five realms.

Such a big fluctuation in the Taihuang Demon Realm will inevitably attract the attention of many half-step true immortals in the five realms.


Just as he was thinking, a black-blue streamer pierced through the chaos and suddenly descended into the Taihuang Demon Realm.

At the same time, an unimaginably terrifying coercion descended, directly suppressing the aura originating from the Great Wilderness Demon Domain, gaining the absolute upper hand.


The divine brilliance dissipated, revealing a glamorous woman dressed in a white palace dress, with frosty skin and an alluring face.

"My Lady of Indifference."

When the powerhouses from the five realms saw the woman, they immediately bowed and bowed.

This woman is the Virgin of Wudang. When she felt the breath of a half-step true fairyland demon from the Taiyuan Demon Realm, the Wudang Virgin quickly felt the Taiyuan Demon Realm.

"An ordinary half-step true immortal?"

Madonna Wudang's eyes fell on the bronze halberd and the existence behind the bronze halberd, her brows furrowed.

It is not fear, but dissatisfaction with the strength of the Nine Nether Demon God behind the bronze halberd.

too weak.

Although this Jiuyou Demon God is a half-step true fairyland existence, but it has just broken through half-step true immortal, and it is not too strong among half-step true immortals to cause too much pressure on her.

The reason why Our Lady of Wudang is looking for the Jiuyou Demon God in the Jiuyou Abyss is not just to find the powerful Jiuyou Demon God, and to use the hand of the Jiuyou Demon God to let her body complete the final transformation.

A Jiuyou Demon God who has just broken through the half-step true fairyland not long ago is not her opponent, not to mention that he is still under the suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens, how can it bring too much pressure to her?


The Demon God Yunsha in the depths of the Taihuang Demon Realm instantly understood the expression of Our Lady of Wudang, and suddenly became furious and shot out brazenly.


The Demon God Yunsha didn't care, and pushed his own strength to the extreme. The whole person wanted to get out of the depths of the Taihuang Demon Realm, and the bronze halberd erupted with powerful power.

One after another dazzling bronze divine brilliance, mixed with infinite demonic energy, turned into rolling waves, and slashed towards the Virgin of Wudang.

The bronze halberd is like a pillar that penetrates the sky, tearing apart the chaos and erupting with terrifying power that destroys the sky and destroys the earth.

"Tips for carving insects."

The Virgin of Wudang's eyes were indifferent, and she didn't care about this blow. She just raised her hand, and a huge cyan torrent poured out, like a nine-day galaxy rolling down.

In an instant, the cyan torrent directly overwhelmed the demonic energy and bronze divine brilliance entrained by the bronze halberd.


The power of the two collided, and the violent power shook the chaotic void.

next moment.

The bronze halberd in the hands of Demon God Yunsha was bent to the extreme, and then an unbearably terrifying force burst out directly, and the bronze halberd flew out together with Demon God Yunsha.

The bronze halberd and Yunsha Demon God's right hand were both shaken by the shock force and fell into the deepest part of the Taihuang Demon Realm.

Even, as if the whole person was smashed into the Nine Nether Abyss.

"This is impossible!"

An unbelievable roar sounded, and then, Demon God Yunsha rushed out from the deepest part of Taihuang Demon Territory again, and once again slashed at the Immaculate Mother.

As the Nine Serenity Demon God, the lord of a demon kingdom, in the Nine Serenity Abyss, his status is second only to that of many True Devil Heavenly Sovereigns. How revered his status is, and how has he experienced such humiliation?

In the fight against the same realm, he was easily repelled, and he was seriously injured in one blow!

Demon God Yunsha couldn't accept this fact, let alone being defeated by a powerhouse of the same realm.

"It was all in vain."

The Virgin of Wudang looked extremely indifferent, overlooking the Demon God Yunsha, and just stroked her sleeves and smashed the Demon God Yunsha into the void again.

Demon God Yunsha is in the hands of the Wudang Virgin, just like a doll, being played by the Wudang Virgin at will, without any resistance.


Madonna Wudang knocked Demon God Yunsha into the void again, and all the attacks of Demon God Yunsha were easily blocked by Madonna Wudang.

No matter what magical powers and secret methods Yunsha Demon God uses, they can't shake the Undang Virgin, and even the Wudang Virgin's figure has not moved half a point.

And every time it collided, Demon God Yunsha would also be injured by the force of the shock, and after the collisions accumulated, Demon God Yunsha would fall to the bottom of the valley.

At this time, Demon God Yunsha finally understood the gap between himself and the Immaculate Virgin. This is not a gap that can be bridged by blood and life-threatening methods.

"If you don't take action again, don't blame this **** for leaving."

Demon God Yunsha wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said coldly.

"Brother Yunsha, don't blame us for this, it's because you don't believe our words, you have to take the lead and try the quality of this unworthy Virgin.

Aren't we fulfilling you? "

As soon as the voice fell, a light laughter sounded.

"It's extremely, it's extremely, don't we all act according to your request, Brother Yunsha, why should Brother Yunsha be angry?"

A playful female voice also sounded.



In the deepest part of the Taihuang Demon Realm, several powerful power fluctuations came, and several figures also walked out of it.

There were three in total, two males and one female.

One of the two men had two black horns on their heads, and their bodies were sturdy, and their muscles were stacked like mountains.

One was pale, with no blood on his face, his body was withered, and he walked silently, making it impossible to find a trace.

That woman has a graceful figure, her clothes are revealing, and her every move has a terrifying power of charm. At a glance, countless powerhouses in the five realms have been attracted by her, showing an expression of **** and soul.

At this time, if the woman asked them to commit suicide, they would probably not refuse.

Moreover, the powerhouses in the five realms who fell into the charm of this woman were not only male powerhouses, but also many female powerhouses.

Both men and women kill!

"wake up!"

However, fortunately, Bai Qi, Lu Bu and other Xuxian Tianzun were determined in the end, and instantly woke up from the charm of the woman and shouted loudly.

A group of five realm powerhouses just woke up. A look of fear.

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