Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4713 Zhenmoyuan change

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For today's Qin Yi, the biggest role of killing experience is only one, which is to open the space-time training pavilion.

As early as a long time ago, Qin Yi deliberately did not use the killing experience to improve his own cultivation.

Why practice?

Mind-nature experience is practice, state improvement is practice, and physical training is practice.

Everything in the world can be regarded as a practice, and the most important thing in practice is not other things, but cannot be left to others, only one's own body to practice.

Only the power gained through self-cultivation belongs to oneself.

With slaughter experience, that is, the power of the system, to improve one's self-cultivation, of course, can make one's self-cultivation advance by leaps and bounds, and quickly reach a very high level.

For example, if Qin Yi thinks, as long as he uses his killing experience to improve his own cultivation, he will be able to break through the real fairyland long ago, and even reach the early stage of the real fairyland, the middle stage of the real fairyland, the late stage of the real fairyland... and even the quasi-immortal king realm, it is not impossible .

But the power obtained in this way did not come from self-cultivation. Just like a castle in the sky, there is no foundation, and when the breeze blows, it may collapse directly.

Moreover, Qin Yi has an intuition. If he uses his killing experience to improve his own cultivation, I am afraid that in the future, he will face a huge barrier that is difficult to overcome.

Under such circumstances, Qin Yi naturally did not use his killing experience to improve his cultivation.

Even, in order to quickly break through the cultivation realm, he used the killing experience to improve many realms, such as the acquired realm, the innate realm, and the real yuan realm, he has spent a lot of energy to rebuild these realms, to consolidate the foundation of his body. , make up for all the loopholes in yourself.

Because of this, Qin Yi's many killing experiences have also been preserved as the key to opening the space-time cultivation pavilion.


The streamer of Qin Yi's spiritual sense identity passed through the barrier outside the space-time cultivation pavilion, entered the space-time cultivation pavilion, and disappeared into his deity.


Qin Yi's breath fluctuated for a while, but soon returned to silence.

In just a split second, Qin Yi had already received a lot of information brought by the avatar of the divine sense, but because he was at a critical time of cultivation, he did not wake up, but continued to practice.

Then, Qin Yi's whole person seemed to be in a deep sleep, and his eyes were tightly closed.

Only the aura emanating from his body became more and more terrifying.

Like a sleeping supreme **** king, when he wakes up again, it will shake the heavens and the world!

And just when Qin Yi was in retreat and practice, within the five realms, some things related to the five realms were also happening quietly.


A forbidden area at the junction of the eastern border and the central border is rumored to be opened up by the Seven Hells Heavenly Venerate, suppressing the nine quasi-celestial lords who came from the Jiuyou abyss.

Under the continuous influence of the demonic energy emanating from the quasi-tianzun of the nine demons, the chaotic void in the radius of hundreds of millions of miles was transformed into a demonic realm by the vast demonic energy.

The creatures under the fourth realm of ordinary emperors would not dare to set foot in Zhenmoyuan at all.

Only the existence of the fourth realm of the emperor has the confidence to enter the Zhenmoyuan and find the many treasures that he needs.

Of course, under the interference of countless demonic qi and many demonic creatures, even ordinary giants of the seventh realm should be careful when entering Zhenmoyuan.


On this day, a powerful wave suddenly erupted in Zhenmoyuan.

Infinite demonic energy surged wildly, and the yin evil energy was like silver and mercury, flowing in the void, corroding countless dimensions of the void.

The turbulent demonic energy was extremely dense, turning into a sea of ​​demonic energy, rolling up a wave of demonic energy in the sky, sweeping away in all directions, devouring everything.

An emperor of the lower three realms, the emperor of the middle three realms could not dodge in time, and was surrounded by the wave of demonic energy. The next moment, he directly sank and turned into a member of the demonic creatures.


The Jiufang Daqian World in the center of Zhenmoyuan trembled, and nine ghosts with a height of more than 100 million zhang suddenly appeared, as if they were about to break free from the shackles and descend on the five realms.

These phantoms are huge, with hideous faces, or three heads and six arms, or nine heads and twelve faces, or hideous and terrifying faces... There are so many of them, like a demon **** from the barbaric era.


With the appearance of many ghosts, the ocean of magic energy boiled, and a large number of terrifying bubbles appeared like boiling water.

One after another demonic energy spewed out and directly merged into the ocean of demonic energy, rapidly expanding the ocean of demonic energy.


At the same time, a demon creature stepped out from Zhenmoyuan, with red eyes, roaring and roaring, and shot at many five realm powerhouses near Zhenmoyuan.

The eight-armed mad demon clan, the ancient demon dragon clan, the bloodthirsty demon ape clan, etc., all the major demon clan creatures rushed out like a tide.

"Do not!"

Some emperors of the five realms had just escaped the invasion of Zhenmoyuan's demonic energy, and before they had time to breathe, they were surrounded by demonic creatures and had to fight hard.

In just a few breaths, many strong men fell.

Some emperors are powerful, but in the end, their fists are invincible to four hands. Facing the siege of countless demon creatures, these powerhouses will inevitably fall.


At this moment, at the entrance of Zhenmoyuan, one after another array pattern lit up, quickly turning into a huge array, and the chaotic void in the radius of hundreds of millions of miles was directly sealed.

The erosion of demonic energy gradually slowed down.


Then, the powerhouses of the Godless Dynasty who were guarding here, and the powerhouses who were under the jurisdiction of the Godless Dynasty, also shot to suppress the demon creatures.

Zhenmoyuan is the bridgehead for the Nine Serenity Abyss to invade the five realms. After Buluo Shen Dynasty took over this place, it naturally sent strong people to suppress it here.

Not only to develop many unique treasures in Zhenmoyuan, but also to prevent accidents in Zhenmoyuan.

After all, there can be a space crack leading to Jiuyou Abyss behind Zhenmoyuan.

If there is a problem with this space crack, the powerhouses of Jiuyou Abyss can enter the five realms, the five realms of cholera, and cause great damage to the surrounding areas.


A strong man who did not fall into the gods made a bold move, bursting out with astonishing combat power, directly blocking many demon creatures.

In order to prevent accidents in Zhenmoyuan, Buluo Shen Dynasty stationed a legion here, 30 million soldiers, including a virtual immortal and several quasi-celestial powerhouses.

And the name of this legion is called Baima Yicong.


A strong man of righteous obedience on a white horse shot out brazenly, plus some strong men who did not fall into the subordinate forces of the God Dynasty, cooperated with the large formation at the entrance of Zhenmoyuan, and blocked a group of demon powerhouses forcibly. Let the powerful demons break through the siege and enter the five realms.

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