Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4708 These treasures belong to Daoists.

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Tiandu Shenlou.

Top loft.

Many treasures bloomed with the powerful divine brilliance of their own bodies, shaking the minds of everyone present.

Lu Buwei and Venerable Jubao looked at these treasures, their eyes flickered, and they couldn't help but feel a little greedy in their hearts. As long as they were not blind, they should be able to see the value of these treasures.

If they can get one of them, not to mention the True Immortal Realm, at least they can break through the Immortal Immortal Realm, and even become the powerhouse in the Immortal Immortal Heavenly Venerate.

Even if both of them are cultivating the Great Way of Money, and they don't pay much attention to their cultivation, they are still in turmoil at this time.

However, fortunately, Lu Buwei and the two knew the occasion and quickly hid their embarrassment, so there was no joke.

"Here are "The Method of Promoting the Celestial Dynasty" from Jingtai Xian Dynasty, "Sacred Sword of Primordial Destruction of the World", Xuansha Divine Sword, Hunyuan Star Relic Golden Pill from Xingchen Lingshan Mountain in the West.

These things are enough for Daoist friends to break through the real fairyland and be equipped with the combat power of the real real fairyland powerhouse. "

Gan Yizhen didn't even look at Lu Buwei, but said to Qin Yi with a smile.

Qin Yi's eyes stared straight at the many treasures, his eyes beating endlessly, as if he was trying his best to conceal his greed.

"I want to wait for these treasures, what do I need to pay?"

After a long while, Qin Yi took his eyes back and looked at Gan Yizhen.

"You don't need to pay any price, you just need to promise to deal with the real immortals of the Five Realms. All these treasures are yours."

Qian Yizhen's expression remained unchanged, and said lightly.

"This is natural, I will deal with the real immortals of the Five Realms."

Qin Yi nodded.

"These treasures are all Taoist friends."

Gan Yizheng smiled slightly, waved his hand, and many treasures fell into Qin Yi's hands.


Gan Yizheng handed over the golden pill of Hunyuan Xingchen relics to Qin Yi, never letting Qin Yi swear an oath, and never concluding a contract with Qin Yi.

The so-called Dao oath and Dao deed are similar to the Dao oath and Dao contract.

However, when practitioners make a Dao oath and Dao deed, what motivates them is not the Dao of the Heavens, but the real 'Dao'.

The real Tao covers the entire heavens and myriad worlds, even the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, the Endless Netherland, and the Nine Nether Abyss are all covered by the Tao, even the will of the Endless Netherland and the Nine Nether Abyss are also under the Tao.

The spiritual practice of the heavens and the world is essentially the practice of the true way.

Even the creatures of the five realms are no exception.

After all, the Dao of All Heavens is the treasure made by the real immortals of the Five Realms who intercepted the real Dao and refined it.

Dao oath, Dao deed, even if it is aimed at the Immortal King, it is binding.

Although the quasi-immortal king pays a certain price, he can also resist the backlash caused by violating the Dao oath and Dao deed lock. Of course, this price is not too low.

If it wasn't for unavoidable circumstances, the quasi-immortal king would not violate the Dao oath and Dao deed.

This is still the case with the quasi-immortal king, not to mention that there are many existences under the quasi-immortal king, once a Dao oath or Dao deed is made, it is basically impossible to violate it.

However, Gan Yizheng didn't mean to make Qin Yi make an oath, Qin Yi's eyes flashed, and he understood Gan Yizheng's thoughts.

no need.

Qian Yizheng thinks that there is no need for Qin Yi to make an oath, because Qin Yi's position is naturally opposed to the real immortals of the Five Realms, and even has an endless relationship.

Even without the constraints of the oath, Qin Yi will inevitably face the real immortals of the Five Realms.

If the real immortals of the five realms want to return to the heavens and the world, they must seize a new body, that is, occupy Qin Yi's body, and Qin Yi will naturally not allow it.

In this case, Qin Yi can only fight against the real immortals of the Five Realms.

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