Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4698 Confused elixir and Huang Zhong

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In a sense, the result of these ten divine power summoning opportunities is not too bad, it is just a samadhi divine wind, even if it is a good gain.

After all, if the samadhi **** wind can continue to practice, it is enough for practitioners to practice to the real fairyland, that is to say, its potential can at least reach the level of ordinary real fairyland.

A magical power with the potential to reach the true immortal level, even if it is tasteless to Qin Yi, it still does not change its value.

In short, the results of these ten magical power summoning opportunities were not bad when the samadhi kamikaze was drawn.

Of course, this didn't prevent Qin Yi from being in a bad mood, because neither the weapon summoning opportunity nor the magical power summoning opportunity had anything useful to him.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for recruiting the Tempering Fire Spirit Pill, the Military Food Pill, the Birth Protection Pill, the Dingfeng Pill, the Yin-Yang Pregnant Soul Pill, the Jiuzhuan Golden Pill, the True Dragon Bloodline Pill, the Resurrection Pill, the Enchanting Immortal Pill, the Blood Transforming Pill, and the Three Pills. Turning the elixir, refining the soul elixir."

This is the result of twelve elixir summons.

Seeing the result of the elixir summoning, Qin Yi's mouth twitched, but the result was also not ideal.

As a result of the twelve elixir summons, he saw several familiar faces, the useless military ration pills, the single-purpose fetal protection pills, the resurrection pills, and the nine-turn golden pill refined by Taishang Laojun himself. , Three-turn panacea and so on.

Qin Yi didn't pay too much attention to several other medicinal herbs.

Body quenching fire elixir, a low-level imperial elixir for body refining; yin and yang soul-pregnancy elixir, a high-level imperial elixir that purifies the soul; soul refining elixir, also a high-level elixir that enhances the power of the soul Divine Pill.

As for the True Dragon Bloodline Pill, it is a spiritual pill that enhances the bloodline concentration of the True Dragon family, a mid-level Emperor Grade Pill.

The only elixir that attracted Qin Yi's attention was the elixir of confusion.

"Pill: Confusion Immortal Pill;

Rank: middle-level immortal-level elixir;

Description: This elixir can be combined with the closing immortal formula, the five-color flag, the Hunyuan Jindou, etc., to set up the nine-curved Yellow River array, the **** of lost immortals, the soul of immortals, the shape of immortals trapped, the energy of immortals lost, and the spirit of immortals lost. The original of the gods, donate the limbs of the gods. "

Confused Immortal Pill, in terms of rank, it is only a middle-rank immortal rank, which is not too high, but it is a part of the arrangement of the nine-curved Yellow River Great Array.

The Nine-Bend Yellow River Great Array, this is a great ferocious array in the world of Fengshen mythology.

According to Qin Yi's speculation, it can at least reach the level of the top true immortal-level formation, second only to a few large formations such as the Twelve Capitals Heavenly Gods Formation and the Zhou Tianxingdou Big Formation.

You must know that in the original work of Fengshen Myth, Yun Xiao, Qiong Xiao, and Bi Xiao set up the nine-curved Yellow River Great Array, but they directly cut off all the three golden flowers on the heads of the twelve golden immortals. fear.

The twelve golden immortals who explained the teachings are not the existences that are friendly to each other. When they were conferred gods, each of them had a cultivation base above the golden immortals of the Great Luo, and even many of the golden immortals of the Great Luo were consummated, that is, the existence of the half-step true fairyland.

Although the three Yunxiao sisters are also Daluo Jinxian, but after all, the three of them are weak and weak, but they can rely on the nine-curved Yellow River array to defeat the Twelve Jinxian of Chanjiao with less.

One can imagine how tyrannical the power of the Nine-Bend Yellow River Array is.

Even, in the end, in order to break the Nine-Bend Yellow River Great Array, Lao Tzu and Yuanshi Tianzun, the two sages, also took action, and just broke the Nine-Bend Yellow River Great Array.

From this, it can also be seen that the nine-bend Yellow River Great Array is extraordinary. After all, not all formations are qualified, which attracted the sage to break it in person.

As a part of the nine-curved Yellow River formation, the Confusion Immortal Pill naturally attracted Qin Yi's attention, but it was only for attention.

After all, the Immortal Confusion Pill is only a part of the nine-curve Yellow River formation, and it can't even be counted as the main formation. It is not the most important part of the nine-curve Yellow River array.

The core of the Nine-Bend Yellow River Array is the Hunyuan Jindou. Without the Hunyuan Gold Ground, even if Qin Yi mastered the formation method of the Nine-Bend Yellow River array, he could not set up the Nine-Bend Yellow River array.

But if Qin Yi gets the Hunyuan Gold Dou, even if he doesn't have the magic pill, he can arrange the nine-curved Yellow River array.

After all, the core of the Nine-Bend Yellow River Great Array Avenue lies only in the Golden Battle of the Primordial Primordial, not in the Confusion Immortal Pill.

As long as the Hunyuan Jindou is there, Qin Yi can completely replace the elixir of confusion with other treasures. If there is no Hunyuan Jindou, even if Qin Yi has the elixir of confusion, the formation method of the nine-curved Yellow River array, etc. Unable to lay out the nine-curved Yellow River Great Array.

Therefore, Qin Yi just observed the elixir of confusion and put away many elixir.

"Next, is the main event."

Qin Yi took a deep breath, the first thirty system summons, whether it was a chance to summon a medicinal pill, a chance to summon a magical power, or a chance to summon a weapon.

He wouldn't care too much about the result.

After all, whether it is medicinal pills, magical powers, or weapons, Qin Yi can exchange them for killing points through the system store, the difference is only in the price.

But the squires are different, Qin Yi has no way to buy squires directly from the system store.

"The results of the elixir summoning, the magical power summoning, and the weapon summoning are not good. They should be sacrificed for the squire summoning. Don't let me down with the next squire summoning."

Qin Yi's eyes were burning, staring at the space channel formed by the system disk.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for recruiting Huang Zhong, Taishi Ci, Qi Jiguang, Yu Qian, Weihe River God, Huangshan Mountain God, Dianmu, Pan Taoyuan Earth God, one Heavenly General, and one Fire Department's righteous god."

This is the result of the first ten squire summons.


Hearing this, Qin Yi's eyes suddenly lit up, and a smile appeared on his face.

The results of the first four summons gave him a lot of surprises.

Huang Zhong, Taishi Ci, Qi Jiguang, Yu Qian, these four are all famous generals of the Three Kingdoms or the Ming Dynasty.


Huang Zhong is a sturdy old man with white hair and white eyebrows, wearing a golden chain armor, carrying a yellow divine bow on his back, with his hands and feet, with an unimaginable sense of oppression, it seems that an infinite edge bursts out.

"Character: Huang Zhong;

Identity: One of the Five Tiger Generals in the Three Kingdoms Mythology World Shuhan Shen Dynasty Guannei;

Realm: the pinnacle of virtual fairyland;

Weapons: Sun-shooting Bow, Sunset Arrow, Canglong Golden Mail, Dragon Treading Boots, etc.;

Martial arts: shooting the sun and arrows, killing the army, refining the gods and returning to the origin, etc.;

Talent: SS. "

"The cultivation base of the peak of the virtual fairyland."

When he saw Huang Zhong's cultivation, the smile on Qin Yi's face became even stronger.

As a representative of the Three Kingdoms mythology, Huang Zhong is becoming more and more demonic. Perhaps at the beginning, Huang Zhong's cultivation was not as good as that of Lu Bu and Zhao Yun, and he was inferior to a few others.

But later, Huang Zhong slowly caught up with Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and others, not inferior to Dian Wei and others.

Therefore, Huang Zhong has the peak of imaginary fairyland and is close to the cultivation level of half-step true immortal, which is also reasonable.

Moreover, for Qin Yi, the stronger Huang Zhong's cultivation, also means the greater the enhancement of the background of the Buluoshen Dynasty.

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