Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 3 Boy, don’t be afraid, you deserve to have the killing point

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When the system light curtain appeared for the first time that day, he thought he had hallucinations.

It was not until the appearance of Byakuza that he believed all this.

After Qin Yi called out the system operation interface, he looked at the operation interface in a familiar way.

"Host: Qin Yi

Cultivation: acquired five layers

Experience: 0/100

Martial Arts:

1. Qing Ling Gong (high-level character, beginner)

2. Chongxiao Swordsmanship (Intermediate Swordsmanship, Beginner)

Secret Method: None

Supernatural powers: none

Treasures: None

Killing point: None

Tasks: 1. Behead the Prince of the Fallen Dynasty: difficult task;

Explanation: Both belong to the royal family, and the prince of the dynasty of Fuluo has framed the host repeatedly, and the host should kill the scorpion, with a righteous reputation;

Reward: Wangjun Dragon Sword.

2. Destroy the Black Wind Pirates: Simple task;

Explanation: The black wind thief has long infringed on the peace and tranquility of the host’s subordinates, and the host should step down and destroy these vicious and evil people, and still settle down the people under his command;

Reward: Summon a chance. "

The supreme conquest system!

This is the name of Qin Yi's system. As the name suggests, the purpose of the system is to assist Qin Yi in conquering the enemy, conquering everything, and conquering the world!

The biggest function of the supreme conquest system is to summon various characters to become his help in conquering everything.

These characters may come from animations that Qin Yi has seen in previous lives, or even novels read in previous lives.

Qin Yi had already seen the mystery of the supreme conquest system, and Bai Zai was summoned through the supreme conquest system.

"Character: Kuchiki Byakuya;

Identity: Captain of the sixth division of the 12th division of the world of death god;

Realm: Captain class (weak state)

Weapon: Senbon Sakura (sleep state)

Skills: shallow fight, instant step, ghost way;

Talent: AA. "

Qin Yi's eyes swept across Bai Zai's attribute interface, confirming his state.

"Weak state, unable to begin to solve, is this the suppression of the heavenly law that the system said?" Qin Yi pondered the words before the system.

When Summoning Byakuza, the system once said that because Byzai's original world was contrary to the way of cultivation in this world, it was suppressed by heaven.

However, because of the ability of the system, the suppression was eliminated, but Bai Zai's strength was greatly reduced, and he needed to practice again.

Qin Yi didn't care much about this. With Bai Zai's talent, coupled with the fact that he had cultivated to the captain level, it would be much easier to restore the captain level.

What he cared more about was Senbon Sakura's state.

Qianben Sakura is Byakuya's Zanpaku Sword, and his strength depends on Qianben Sakura a lot.

Whether he can use Senbonzakura's power, Byakuya's strength varies greatly.

If Baiya can use Senbonzakura, it would be no problem to split the peak and break the river.

And Byakuya, who cannot use Senbon Sakura, although strong, does not have the kind of terrifying power that overwhelms the river.

"How can the system help Bai Zai recover his full strength?" Qin Yi asked in his heart.

"Host, there are many methods, one of the killing points can not only improve the host's cultivation realm, martial arts realm, secret magic realm, etc.

Similarly, it can also help Byakuya recover his strength. "

The cold voice of the system machinery sounded in Qin Yi's mind.

"Killing point, you always say killing point, how can this killing point be obtained?" Qin Yi asked with a frown.

"Naturally it is obtained through killing. The host only needs to kill the elite life to obtain the killing points." The system replied.

Hearing this, Qin Yi pondered quietly, and from the system's words, it could be judged that this killing point had a huge effect.

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