Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 11 Boy, upgrade

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Several roars rang out from Qin Yi's body, which was shocking!

The remaining three channels were opened up in a blink of an eye, the eight channels penetrated through six, and only the second channel of Ren Du was not opened.

outside world.

Qin Yi's aura also advanced from the fifth layer of the acquired day, the sixth layer of the acquired day, the seventh layer of the acquired day... until the nineth layer of the acquired day, this stopped!

That pure energy also faded.

"Is this power? Is this the power of the system?"

Qin Yi opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes gleaming, and his eyes were full of fire!

Suddenly, break through the four heavens!

Qin Yi only needs to penetrate the second line of the governor and build a bridge between heaven and earth to be promoted to the innate warrior!

This is the real power of the system!

The ability that allows him to quickly become a peerless powerhouse!

He only needs to kill all the enemies and conquer everything, and he can get everything!

Hold the sword in your hand, cut through the thorns and thorns, and swallow all obstacles in front of me to the top of the ten thousand worlds!

At this moment, Qin Yi had a clear mind and broke free of shackles!

Although Qin Yi is still very weak, he has not yet been promoted to the Innate Martial Artist, and only Bai Zai is a strong one.

But the system gave him hope and gave him a chance to dominate the rest of life!

Since he chose to be unyielding and war, then he has no regrets.

He already has an advantage far beyond ordinary people, what else needs to be hesitated.

If you live forever, when you are splendid and wanton, why be afraid of the first and the last!

What's more, there is also the prince who is staring at him and may give him a fatal blow at any time, he can't take it lightly!

"Congratulations to the young master for making great progress!"

Feeling Qin Yi's soaring momentum, Bai Zai lowered his noble head to show his surrender.

"Hahaha, my strength is not enough in your eyes!"

Qin Yi returned to his senses and laughed loudly.

Before Byakuya fought with Baihua Langjun, his strength was undoubtedly revealed.

Defeating the innate triple martial artist with one move, this represents Byakuya's strength, I am afraid it is still above the innate quadruple.

This is because Byakuya has been suppressed to the bottom in all aspects, he still has such a strong strength.

Qin Yi's heart was fierce, and he increasingly looked forward to Bai Zai's strength after his peak was restored.

It just so happened that he had just obtained the killing points, which could be used to restore Byakuya's strength.

"System, how many killing points do you need to restore Bai Zai's peak strength?"

"Ding! To restore Kuchiki Byakuya's deputy captain's spiritual pressure, fifty killing points are needed;

To restore Kuchuki Byakuya's Captain-Level Reinforcement, two hundred killing points are required;

It takes three hundred killing points to wake up the sleeping Senbonzakura. "


The systematic words made Qin Yi smile helplessly.

He thought he had enough kill points for thirty-two points.

Unexpectedly, it is not enough to restore Byakuya's deputy captain-level spiritual pressure, let alone restore Byaku to his peak state.

Qin Yi had no choice but to give up this idea.

"Okay, let me see what good things are on this Baihua Langjun."

At this time, Qin Yi focused on the dead Baihua Langjun.

Baihua Langjun is an innate triple warrior, and he must have some valuable treasures.

"Master, let me come."

As soon as Qin Yi made a move, Bai Zai stopped him.


Qin Yi smiled, and Byakuya was present, so naturally he didn't need to do such rough work.

Bai Hua Langjun is dead, Byakuya easily tore off his disguise.

The true face of the Baihua Langjun was also revealed in front of Qin Yi. He was a handsome young man with a slight feminine air.

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