Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 10 Youth murder upgrades, do you still like it?

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In the study.

Qin Yi was panting.

Look at the Baihua Langjun on the ground, his face is swollen like a ball, his anger is like gossamer, his head is shed, and his mouth keeps coughing up blood.

No matter how weak Qin Yi is, he is also an acquired five-strength warrior. Baihua Langjun is bound by his continuous palm, and he is already staring at Venus.

"Hahaha, but with this person's strength, you can show off in front of me.

With his own power, it is impossible to help you resist the prince.

The power of the prince is not something you can resist, I am just one step ahead on Huangquan Road! "

Baihua Langjun struggled to recover his sanity, looked at Qin Yi with fire-breathing eyes, and roared in his mouth.

Baihua Langjun did not beg for mercy anymore. By now, he already knew that Qin Yi would never let him go anymore, and he was already ready to die.

It was a pity that he couldn't see Qin Yi's death.

"That's right. Soon, I will send the prince to be a company with you on Huangquan Road.

Until then, use your life as my stepping stone! "

After finishing speaking, Qin Yi held his saber in his hand and stabbed him suddenly. The sharp blade fell below Baihua Langjun's chest and took his life.


Baihua Langjun widened his eyes and looked at Qin Yi in shock. He didn't expect Qin Yi to do it.

The red blood slowly overflowed along the sword wound on his chest, taking away the vitality of Baihua Langjun.

In a daze, his eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and he is shocked by a scene before him.

The aura on Qin Yi's body suddenly rose!

Acquired fivefold, acquired sixfold, acquired sevenfold...

Is it an illusion?

So unwilling!

Such a thought flashed through Baihua Langjun's mind, and he finally lost consciousness.



The saber in his hand pierced Baihua Langjun's chest, and a canopy of blood sprayed out.


Regardless of the previous life or the present, Qin Yi still murdered for the first time.

However, Qin Yi didn't feel the slightest panic in his heart, but became calmer.

Perhaps it is because he has always advocated violence in his body!

Even more because this is a world of great controversy!

Here is the clash of all dynasties, only the powerful warriors can shine their dazzling light here.

Weak and small will only end in a dead end!

Only with strong strength and influence can you live freely in this troubled world!

Therefore, Qin Yi chose to fight!

Fight with people!

Fight with the ground!

Fight against the sky!

Fight him in the dark!

Fight out his dawn future!

Baihua Langjun is his stepping stone into this world of controversy, how can he disturb his mind!

"The prince, it will be your turn soon!"

Qin Yi looked like a torch, looking in the direction of the royal capital, quietly said.

At this moment, Qin Yi's mind again sounded a system prompt.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for beheading the elite life, the current elite life cultivation is triple congenital.

Higher than the host's seven realms, draw experience points and draw killing points. "

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for gaining 500 experience points and 60** killing points."

A trace of ecstasy flashed across Qin Yi's face, and at the same time, a stream of pure energy gushed from his body, swiftly flowing over his limbs!

Suddenly, with the instillation of this pure energy, Qin Yi's body was filled with qi, violently rising!

In just a moment, there were only a few dozen strands of true energy, but it skyrocketed to hundreds, or even thousands!

Like smoke and fog, Qin Yi's entire dantian was flooded.

Then he launched a charge towards the unopened seven meridians and eight meridians!

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