Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 1 Boy, don’t be afraid of crossing, you have a system

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These two words are often mentioned in the 21st century.

However, most of them only appear in fantasy and have nothing to do with reality.

At least, Qin Yi would never have thought that such a fantastic thing would come to him!

Moreover, he also passed through and became the nine princes of the imperial dynasty!

Born to the royal family, born noble, the glory belongs to oneself!

I have to say that this is a kind of luck.

A college student who graduated is equal to unemployment and became a prince of a dynasty. Qin Yi earned it no matter what!

Even the identity of this nine prince was not seen at all.

But it can also make Qin Yi have a prosperous, wealthy, happy ending.

Don't be unwelcome, don't be unwelcome!

Qin Yi didn't care much about it, wouldn't it be better to be a happy prince.

However, Qin Yi intended to be at ease, but others didn't think so, and tried every means to deal with him.

Qin Yi has just traveled to this world in less than a month.

The highest imperial order from the Buluo Dynasty directly demoted Qin Yi to Yuanjiang City.

After that, he issued an edict again to demote Qin Yi to the border!

"The imperial imperial edict: I heard that the degraded prince Qin Yi was not good at government affairs and ruled Yuanjiang City. The thieves became a disaster, so that the people under his command complained.

Gu was very angry, and I hereby issue this edict, so that the nine sons of Gu, Qin Yi, will go to the border of the dynasty within half a month, and work for three years in order to serve you! "


"This prince is too impatient, I just arrived in Yuanjiang City not long ago, so I want to drive me away!

The blatant abuse of Wang Zhao is really a blind man in the Manchu dynasty. "

In the simple and elegant study room, a young man dressed in a white robe, Qin Yi, was playing with a paper edict in his hand and said with a smile.

Looking carefully, Qin Yi's eyes were full of unwillingness and anger, as well as that biting killing intent!

"People in the royal capital say that the Nine Princes are not learning and skillless, but who knows that he is involuntary!

No power and no influence, and the mother family has no background. If you don't become the dwarf prince, you can only be the dead prince! "

Qin Yi sighed lightly, and randomly discarded the edict in his hand on the desk chopping board, faking his eyes.

For a while, the study fell into silence.

The breeze blew across the vermillion window, making the leaves of the vermilion window rustle.

The evening breeze is getting colder, but the colder is the heart!

"Grand prince, prince, can't you tolerate me as a waste prince like this?"

After a long while, Qin Yi opened his half-closed eyes and murmured in his mouth.

"Master, these people dare to insult you like this, and when I return to the capital, I will kill them one by one!"

Huo Ran, a firm and powerful voice sounded beside Qin Yi.

It turned out that beside Qin Yi there was a cold man with a face like a knife.

A black long-sleeved robe makes it blend into the night perfectly, making it impossible to notice.

If it weren't for this person to speak, ordinary people wouldn't be able to spot this person at all, just like the incarnation of the night.

Qin Yi raised his head and looked at this person, with a smile on his lips.

Although he has no power and power, Qin Yi has a system.

There are powerful subordinates summoned by the system for him!

Countless powerful subordinates from previous fantasy worlds are Qin Yi's confidence!

It's that he lives freely and has a wonderful confidence!

This cruel man is the strong man summoned by the system.

Kuchiki Byakuya from the world of death!

Drifting, like a cherry blossom sky!

This is Kuchuki Byakuya, the former captain of the 13th Division of the Guardian, the captain of Qin Yi's greatest confidence now!

The old dead wood Byakuza lived for the decadent noble system, now he lives for Qin Yi!

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