Supremacy Games - Chapter 1191 Finally Improving His Trash Talents!

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Chapter 1191 Finally Improving His Trash Talents!

Felix was left to his own devices for the next couple of hours as no one came to bother him. Chieftess Moana might seem kind, but she was a respected figure in the marine world and those Elementals wouldn't dare annoy her guest without her permission.

Felix didn't do much in those six hours as he kept meditating in the open until sunset, knowing that he needed to be fully geared physically and mentally for the next hellish grind of his water manipulation!

"It's time to visit the village below." Felix said as walked out of his hut wearing nothing but shorts and having his breathtaking blue hair freed from its braid.

Felix might not admit it, but his current mesmerizing appearance truly resembled a merman.

Fortunately for him, no one here cared about his appearance in the slightest, making him feel free to do as he pleased.

Without delay, Felix sprinted towards the beach and jumped on a self-created wave. He surfed on it with an easy-going expression as it took him away from the island.

'Are you heading to the under village? Do you need a guide?' Chieftess Moana inquired in his mind after popping next to him abruptly from the same wave.

'Much appreciated.'

Not rejecting free help, Felix allowed her control over his wave...Honestly, she could easily take it from him without needing his permission as her elemental control was on par with primogenitors.


After putting some distance from the island, Chieftess Moana controlled the wave to turn into a water bubble around Felix and took him underseas.

Just as Felix wanted to tell her about his ability to breath underwater by using his gills, the words refused to leave his mouth after his eyes were completely mesmerized by the most magnificent sight he had seen underwater so far!

'So pretty...'

Even Asna and Candace loved it as the underwater village was illuminated with multiple colorful lights coming from neon marine plants of all types and sizes!

The Elemental houses were situated under those giant neon colorful plants...They were considered as part of the island underwater's body as they were simple caves with nice entrances.

While the village was packed to the brim with underwater Elementals, there were many peaceful oceanic creatures swimming by without an ounce of fear.

This created beautiful and lively scenery even in the supposedly horrific depth of the ocean, which truly caught Felix by surprise.

Just like what happened on the upper surface, Felix's presence had brought out a frenzied response by those Elementals as everyone knew that he was a spewing food machine!

Although Felix knew that his popularity was related to food and that those Elementals wouldn't have cared about him without it, he still smiled kindly as he waved his hand at them in greeting.

'If any of those brats tried to ask you for food, just ignore them.' Chieftess Moana said as she gave a stern stare at the gathered villagers.

'It's fine, I don't mind that much.'

Felix still tried his best to keep a good image before Chieftess Moana, knowing that her help in his training wasn't really secured yet.

His response did its magic as it had pleased Chieftess Moana to no end.

In her eyes, anyone willing to part with precious food in this galaxy was a generous person worth befriending.

Unbeknownst to her, all the food that Felix had given or traded so far didn't even touch 1% of his total stock!

He came fully stacked to bribe the entire galaxy if it would help him improve his strength!


In a short while, Felix was taken further down into the depth of the ocean at his own request. Chieftess Moana obliged after knowing that he had no troubles with being under the water.

'Is this good enough?' She asked after she reached the darkest place in the ocean, where even sunlight was unable to reach.

'It's perfect.'

Felix nodded in approval as he looked around him and saw a couple of empty caves and an empty seabed.

It was completely isolated from the village and even most marine creatures wouldn't dare get this deep.

'If you are planning to make this place your permanent training ground, I will ban everyone from coming here to bother you.' Chieftess Moana shared.

'That would be great.' Felix replied with a grateful tone as he crossed his legs and sat at the seabed.

Without much delay, Felix got himself into the zone and began sensing the water particles around him.

Because of his experience and divine water environment, this process took less than a second!

'This is what I am talking about.' Felix smiled widely as he sensed the water particles completely dominating other particles!

Before he could get too excited, Chieftess Moana offered with good intentions, 'Since I am already here, do you need any assistance?'<.com>

'Is it possible to channel condensed water energy through me?'

Felix didn't hesitate to voice his request as he was waiting for an entire century to experience this unique and almost heavenly process!

God knows how much he envied Selphie and Olivia every time he saw them going through it with Chief Cloveris' help.

It was finally his turn!

Seeing how eager and elated Felix was made Chieftess Moana chuckle in her mind.

'I hope I won't disappoint your expectation.' She said as she started condensing the water particles in front of Felix's own eyes.

Felix would be dumb to miss on it as he had planned on finding a way to mimic it in the future.

'The hell is she doing...'

Alas, regardless of how much he tried to make sense of the process, he just couldn't figure out how it was possible to condense elemental particles.

It was happening too fast and too smoothly for him to analyze it.

When he tried to compare it with his abilities condensation technique, he realized that it was like comparing a horse and a seahorse!

In another sense, the only thing they shared was the name!

'Elder Kraken, do you know how is this happening?' Felix asked the water master in his camp.

'Not a single clue.' Elder Kraken replied with a serious tone, 'Such techniques related to elemental particles can't be learned by sight or even by another one.'

'Don't tell me this is one of the techniques locked within the inscriptions like the conversion technique?'


Upon hearing his confirmation, Felix completely dropped the notion of learning this technique!

He knew that if it was related to the inscriptions, then he would need to utter the activation sentence to learn it.

It was impossible to do that when the inscriptions weren't deciphered yet!

This applied to all primogenitors as they had all of the manual elemental particles control locked in their bodies and they had no way to access it besides deciphering the inscriptions.

Only Creation Primogenitors seemed to be making heads on this subject.


Before Felix's thoughts strayed too far, Chieftess Moana sent a visible thick blue misty aura in his chest, penetrating it instantly.

The moment it emerged on the other side, Felix felt shivers coursing down his entire skin from absolute euphoria!

'This is the good stuff!' He uttered with a blissful expression.

Although the sensation was clearly not as great as the girls' due to his previous experience with it, Felix still enjoyed the process immensely.

'I have made the process automatic.' Chieftess Moana shared, 'It will finish on its own after your body starts rejecting it.'

'Ammm.' Felix answered her with an acknowledgment noise, making her go away with a faint chuckle.

After she departed, Felix started to realize that his sensation of water particles began to get somewhat clearer.

This made him focus on it more instead of the euphoria.

'It's really increasing! Fast as hell as well!' Felix got excited the more his senses got better as he knew that his trash elemental talents were finally being enhanced!!!

This was a dream come true for Felix since he was always struggling to increase his manipulation range because of his crappy talents!

Felix's hard work always made it seem like he was more talented than his peers, but in reality, it took him too much effort to reach the same results as them or surpass them.

The fact that Felix's enemies were primogenitors didn't make it any better to feel good about his talents.

But not anymore!

Felix was certain that if he went through this process on a daily process for the next centuries or millennials for all of his elements, there would come a day when his elemental manipulations might not surpass primogenitors, but at least touch their ankles!

At this point, that was more than he could ever wish for!

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