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  Chapter 3277 Thoughts

  After confirming that the dragon scale that Angel took out indeed belonged to Mr. De, Sipolov felt a little complicated.

  Since he handed over his favor to Mr. De, he has imagined countless times the scene where outsiders ask him to exchange favors. He fantasized about his close acquaintances asking him to exchange favors, and he also thought about how he would deal with being given dragon scales by his enemies; he even thought about how he would deal with other races that had nothing to do with him get dragon scales.

   As far as his own perception is concerned, the first two may be the highest, and the last one may be the lowest.

  Because, he once asked someone secretly, and if he wanted to exchange his favor, he had to satisfy Mr. De. And Lord De's status in Bailong Divine Kingdom is transcendent, and the exchange of favors he proposed cannot be offered by just one person.

  So when he thought about it, how could a strange race be willing to pay such a high price for his mere pawn?

  The biggest possibility is that you are familiar with your background, and friends or enemies who have plans for you will exchange favors.

  Sipolov has always felt that this conjecture is correct, because he has heard that many people have gone to the Bailong God Kingdom to consult his favor, and these people are all his acquaintances without exception.

  But even if they were acquaintances, whether they were friends or enemies, they didn't get favors in the end...because they couldn't afford the price offered by Mr. De.

  Sipolov thought that his favor might not be willing to pay a high price until he made contributions and became a real big shot without relying on backers.

  But what he didn't expect was that someone would exchange for dragon scales so soon.

  The most important thing is that the one who exchanged for the dragon scale is the stranger who he thinks has the least probability of appearing.

   "I don't know what to call Mr.?" Although Sipolov was upset in his heart, he remained calm and respectful on the surface.

  He once signed a contract, no matter who holds the dragon scale, seeing the dragon scale is like seeing the Lord of Virtue. Even if it is a newborn child, he needs to remain in awe.

  However, while asking respectfully, Sipolov was also thinking about many issues.

  Is the other party a pure stranger? Or is it slightly related to an acquaintance?

   Is it you who the other party is asking for? Or the forces behind him?

   The above questions and how to deal with them, in fact, he has rehearsed in his mind, but when it comes to reality, it still needs to be treated carefully.

  Besides that, he also needs to know an answer: Did the other party find him through the dog deacon?

  If this matter is still related to Inu Deacon, he feels that the other party may be asking for a lot... After all, he paid a high price for favors from Mr. De, and even specially asked Inu Deacon to find him. This all shows that the opponent's plan is very big, and even a little urgent?

   While Sipolov was making various speculations, Angel was also looking at Sipolov.

  Sipolov is very similar to the Yingji people in his impression.

  Wearing a black military uniform with a slightly tight fit, it sets off his imposing figure. Whether it is clothes, trousers or military boots, they are all plain. The only bright colors on his body are the silver ornaments and gold belt on his chest, and the ice lion pattern on the buttons.

  The reason why I want to talk about the animal pattern on the button is because his black eyepatch also has the same style of silver animal pattern.

  Perhaps, this animal pattern is his family's crest?

  Aside from his attire, his face is also quite handsome, matching his regular black hair and greasy head, he has an outstanding temperament.

   It's no wonder that Ksenia fell in love with Sipolov.

   Such a face, even in the human world, can attract countless girls.

   Of course, the premise is that they don't know that there is a blank space under Sipolov's blindfold.

  When Angel observes a person, he often starts with the eyes, because the eyes are the label of a person's soul. But Sipolov has no eyes, or rather, his eyes are black flames floating around him.

  It was difficult for Angel to see through Sipolov's mind from the black fire.

  So, Angor can't give out his opinion on Sipolov just now. Just judging from some detailed behaviors, he should be a very thoughtful person.

   "Angel." Angel repeated: "You can call me Angel."

   Angel... Sipolov's mind went blank, this was the first time he had heard of this name. Perhaps, he is really a pure stranger?

  Sipolov: "Mr. Angel, did you wait for me here on purpose?"

  Sipolov used the honorific title, but the tentative meaning in his words was very strong.

   Angel also heard his temptation, but he didn't care about it. Think about it differently, a stranger suddenly shows up with your favor and asks you to do this or that, Angel would also want to try it.

"Well, my friend and the dog deacon are old acquaintances. It just so happened that I sensed that you are in the Wanshiwu through the dragon scales, so I asked the dog deacon to help you find you." Angel did not hide anything, and told the real situation out.

  Sipolov murmured in a low voice: "So, the ghost deacon asked me to come, didn't he follow the procedure?"

   Deacon Dog coughed: "No. It's true to follow the process."

   Is it true to follow the process? So, is it a coincidence that two things come together?

  Although Sipolov thought it was a bit too coincidental, as far as he knew, entrusting a deacon in the Master House would indeed come to Deacon Dog to sign the contract.

   Forget it, let’s just treat it as a coincidence.

   "Stop standing, let's sit down and talk." The dog deacon motioned Sipolov to take a seat.

  Sipolov nodded, and sat in the tail seat from a good manner, facing Angor obliquely.

   After Sipolov was seated, Deacon Dog looked at Sipolov: "Will you talk first, or should I sign a contract with Sipolov first?"

   Angel said it doesn't matter.

  Sipolov was silent for a moment: "If I talk to Mr. Angel first, will I neglect the deacon?"

  The dog deacon waved his paw: "Don't worry about me, I'm just a middleman."

   Luigi whispered, "No, you're the middle dog."

   Inu Deacon: "..."

  Sipolov also noticed the existence of Luigi and Laplace, but he had never seen these two, so he ignored them for the time being. But judging from Luigi's daring to joke about Dog Deacon, what Angel said before that Dog Deacon is an old acquaintance of his friend should be true.

  Sipolov: "Then let me talk to Mr. Angel first?"

Sipolov actually wanted to go through the process with Deacon Dog first to complete his commission, but according to the contract signed at the beginning, seeing the dragon scales is like seeing Mr. De. At this time, he can't simply treat Angel as a stranger. Considering the status of Mr. De.

  One side is Inu Deacon, and the other is "Toku-sama"; one side is a commission that can be temporarily delayed, and the other is communication with "Toku-sama".

   It seems that there is a choice between the two, but in fact there is no choice.

   Angel: "Yes."

  Sipolov continued to ask: "Do you need to talk alone?"

  Angel shook his head: "No, they are all my friends, and they were there when I exchanged favors from the Bailong Divine Kingdom station before."

  The implication is that they know what Angel is going to do, and there is no need to deliberately avoid it.

  After hearing this answer, Sipolov relaxed a little.

  Because, the other party is willing to speak openly, and even does not shy away from dog deacons, which means that what the other party is asking for may be more upright, rather than just a dog?

  Although Sipolov relaxed a little, he was still very cautious about Angel's possible request: "Mr. Angel, when I handed over the favor to Mr. De, I made two requests..."

  Angel nodded knowingly; "I know, I will abide by it."

First, if the requested matter is related to Sipolov, as long as it is not a situation where there is no death, he can agree; second, if it is related to Sipolov's family, he cannot make a decision and needs to let The family looked over.

   To put it simply, Sipolov is not afraid of death, but he will not do something that must die. Also, Sipolov's favor can only represent himself, and he cannot make decisions on behalf of others, even if this person is his family.

  These two requirements are not too much in Angel's view.

   "Since Mr. already knows, I won't say more." Seeing that Angel gave an affirmative answer without any excuses, Sipolov felt relieved.

  He was afraid that Angel would make more demands.

  Since the other party didn't mean it, maybe his request was really "above and aboveboard".

  Angel: "I really want to exchange your favor this time. You may have discovered that I am a wizard. In fact, besides being a wizard, I am also an alchemist..."

   Soon, Sipolov listened to Angel's request.

  After listening to Angor's request, Sipolov's expression was a little stiff... He had imagined all kinds of requests made by Angor, but he didn't expect that the other party's fancy was actually anger? !

   This is indeed "fair and aboveboard", but it is too "big"!

   "This matter... I am sorry that I can't help. I, I am just an insignificant knight. I may have a voice in the army, but the Heart Fire Palace and the army are two completely different systems."

  The Heart Fire Palace has a very high status in the Yingji people, and it can even be said to be a holy place high above.

  The Yingji people are famous for fighting and militarized management.

   Therefore, the military system of the Yingji people is very rigorous, from top to bottom, there is no room for a grain of sand.

  Except for the Heart Fire Hall, only the Heart Fire Hall has an independent military system in the entire Yingji tribe. The soldiers in the Heart Fire Palace are not even controlled by other superiors at all. The only person who can have an influence on the Heart Fire Palace is the general.

   But how many generals are there in the Yingji tribe?

   And Sipolov is not even a lieutenant. It is even more distant from the general, and it is absolutely impossible for him to intervene in the Heart Fire Hall.

Angel had already learned about the situation of the Yingji tribe from Gleipnir and the Pika sage before, so he naturally knew that from Sipolov's standpoint, it would be difficult for him to have a direct relationship with the Heartfire Palace. put one's oar in.

  So, he was not surprised when Sipolov refused.

  He himself never thought that Sipolov could accomplish this.

"I understand your position, and I don't expect success." Angel: "My request is that I hope you introduce me to generals who can participate in this matter, and if you can, help me mediate from it. Can."

   "It doesn't matter if it succeeds in the end."

   Angle paused: "It's really not possible, you can find someone casually, and let me study for a while to get angry."

  Sipolov roughly understood what Angel meant.

  Speaking to Dali, Angel hopes to get a heart fire, so if you want to make this happen, you must agree with the general. If he takes this path, Angor hopes that Sipolov will mediate and introduce him to an admiral who can determine the ownership of his heart.

  Speaking to Xiaoli, if Angel can’t get Heart Fire, then it’s okay to arrange a person from the Yingji tribe to study Heart Fire.

   These two points, Sipolov can actually do it.

  His grandfather once won the title of Honorary Commander, and is also the teacher of the current Supreme Commander of the Ice Country.

  The current supreme commander of the Yingji tribe is currently the only three-star general of the Yingji tribe. Through this relationship, he can introduce Angel to the supreme commander.

   As for Angel's desire to study heart fire, it's also very simple.

   It is no problem to ask the subordinates to hand over their anger to Angor for research.

   He even said that Sipolov could hand over his heart fire to Angel to study.

  Although Sipolov's heart fire is very special, special does not mean excellent. His heart fire is completely different from the heart fire of the Yingji people. If Angel can really study something from the heart fire, it would be better to study his heart fire, so as to prevent Angel from prying into the mystery of the public heart fire.

  In short, neither of these is difficult for Sipolov.

   Of course, the premise is that Angel really only intends to do this step.

  If Angel hides something, it seems to be out of anger, but the intention is in other places; or if he changes his mind halfway, and even plans to use him to threaten grandpa, then it will be difficult to say what will happen next.

  However, Sipolov also knows that it is not the time to suspect these unnecessary things. Just take the possibility into account, there is no need to dwell on it now.

   Now, what Angor said now shall prevail. After all, the favor is still in his hands.

   "Yes." Sipolov nodded: "If sir agrees, I can contact General Oleg later."

Perhaps seeing Angor's doubts, Sipolov added: "Admiral Oleg is a one-star general of the Ice Country. He is also the leader who led the Yingji people to participate in the gathering this time. Currently in Crystal City, The only person who has the right to refuse to allow outsiders to enter the Heart Fire Palace is General Oleg."

   Angel would naturally not refuse: "Yes."

   After a pause, Angel asked, "Then shall we make a contract now?"

  Sipolov hesitated for a moment, and said: "Let's talk about it after seeing General Oleg. If General Oleg disagrees, I can help you contact other people."

   It is definitely the most cost-effective to sign a contract now. If Oleg disagrees, it is not Sipolov's fault. At that time, you only need to find an Yingji and let Angel study it for a while.

   But Sipolov also has his own pride.

  The weapon that Master De made for him made him a famous knight, and he was able to sweep thousands of troops on the battlefield.

  Compared in terms of gains and losses, the things he did and the price he paid were not even enough for Mr. De.

   Human favors are weighed and cannot be equal.

  Even if he took advantage, Sipolov deserved it.

   What's more, Sipolov thinks a lot. Angel doesn't look like a fool, he must have spent a lot of money in exchange for favors from Mr. De, if he can prevaricate it so easily, there must be fraud behind it.

  He is a proud British and Kyrgyz soldier with his own principles, and he is not Piluxiu who loves to take advantage of him. There is no need to bring things to this point.

  (end of this chapter)

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