Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 298 - Coach Xiong: I Have Something…

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Chapter 298: Coach Xiong: I Have Something…

In a familiar street and a familiar neighborhood in An City.

It had been a long time since Su Hao returned home. Fortunately, he had informed his parents in advance. That was why Father Su and Mother Su didn’t disappear again and go on a holiday.

Along with the other three sprites, Su Hao ate and slept comfortably at home.

After only staying for a few days, Su Hao felt like he was growing fat.

“Dad, Mom, do you want to raise a sprite?”

At the dining table, Su Hao asked, and then blabbered on about the benefits of contracting a sprite.

Su Hao boasted how his back and legs no longer hurt and how he could even climb eight flights of stairs without losing his breath.

As expected, Father Su and Mother Su were a little tempted.

But there was still some hesitation.

“It costs a lot to raise a sprite, right? And at our age, we also take a long time to learn…”

“Just raise them as pets. Don’t worry about anything else.”

The reason Su Hao suggested this was firstly because he considered the benefits of the contract, which could effectively improve Father Su and Mother Su’s physique.

Secondly, entry-level barriers were a very effective protective method.

Even if the neighborhood was well-guarded, an additional layer of protection was still good in the end.

Getting a sprite to elite level was nothing hard to do. At most, Su Hao just needed a bit of time.

“Since my son is so thoughtful, then…”

Mom Su thought about it. “I want a sprite as cute and sensible as Butterfly.”

Father Su also added, “I want a sprite that’s powerful and domineering, able to fly into the sky and dive into the sea.”

Su Hao was speechless.

I can’t fulfill your requests.

Father Su and Mother Su were obviously joking, but under Su Hao’s suggestion, they contracted two pretty good sprites.

One could fly, the other could swim.

When put together, it pretty much met his father’s requirement.

Su Hao took out a few boxes of resources from Ah Yan’s shadow space and put them down. He instructed, “Mon, Wed, Fri, feed from the first box. Tues, Thurs, Sat, feed from the second box. Feed as much as you want with the other boxes.”

The two of them didn’t understand sprite training, but it didn’t matter. They just needed to be able to afford it.

There was nothing that couldn’t be done with money. If there was, Su Hao could just cheat a little.

It was only a matter of time when it came to cultivation to elite level.

The entry level could be reached in a few months.

Since Su Hao had returned to An City, he also had to make a trip to his alma mater.

Old Chen had already urged him several times. As the most outstanding alumni in the history of An City First High, Su Hao had to show his face and pass some of his wisdom to his juniors who were brimming with youth.

Early in the morning.

Su Hao… rode an unfamiliar shared bicycle to the entrance of the Sprite campus of First High.

He stopped the creaking bicycle, which was really of poor quality, and took a look. The pedals seemed to have tilted again.

After many days of traveling without his mount, Su Hao had started to miss it.

“There are no shortcuts to success. You need to work hard and work harder.”

“You can set a small goal for yourself, such as becoming the provincial champion.”

“Even a weak Silkworm Baby can evolve into a powerful Reverie Butterfly. This shows that the wheel of fortune turns. So don’t you dare bully weak sprites.”

“How does one nurture sprites? Firstly, pay attention. Secondly, help each other out. Of course, you’ll also need a bit of… money.”

Actually, the teachers had also fed the students a lot of the same wisdom in the past.

But it had always been useless. Until today…

Old Chen looked down at the excited students. She couldn’t help but be impressed. “With Su Hao as an example, things are indeed different.”

“Yeah, if even Su Hao from an ordinary family can become the provincial champion step by step. It probably means that it’s also possible for the others…”

Coach Xiong continued. In the end, even he himself didn’t quite believe it.

European King, cheat code, money… He was clearly just an ordinary student, but for some reason, no matter how one looked at it, he was more successful than those students with backgrounds.

After sharing his wisdom, Su Hao, as an honorary alumnus, naturally had to show some interest in teaching his juniors some small tricks of sprite training.

Su Hao decided to share some tips about the learning methods of unique skills.

Simple but useful training methods.

Su Hao’s explanation was so in-depth that Coach Xiong couldn’t help but be impressed. “As expected of my student.”

As he sighed, a student opened his big eyes and asked, “Coach, among you and Senior Su Hao, who’s stronger and who’s weaker?”

Coach Xiong froze.

He didn’t know how to answer.

In the eyes of these pure newbies, their coach was indeed very strong.

The principal respected him very much. Among all the Sprite Trainers in An City, he could probably be ranked in the top five… excluding those who weren’t stationed in the city.

But Coach Xiong was aware that Su Hao was already not much weaker than him during the College Entrance Examination.


Even with Tyrant Bear’s brain, he knew that he was inferior to Su Hao.

Besides, he paid special attention to the High School League. Su Hao had already advanced to Master-level in August.

The difference was a hundred million points.

But was he just going to admit it? He wasn’t! Especially not under the admiring gazes of the students.

Coach Xiong could only cough dryly and change the topic.

At this moment, a boy shouted, “I know, Senior Su Hao’s strength is already about the same as Coach Xiong!”

“Coach, please have a battle with Senior Su Hao. Show us what a high-end battle is like.”

“Come on!”

“Come on!”

The group of students cheered.

Coach Xiong’s face became even darker. He could only look at Su Hao and signal with his eyes.

Go easy on me, go easy on me.

He received a verbal reply.

No problem, I’ll use my latest sprite.

Coach Xiong heaved a sigh of relief.

Little Su was indeed a good student.

At the school battle hall, on the main battlefield.

Tyrant Bear strode forward, its three to four-meter tall body filled with pressure, making the group of newbies cry out in surprise.

Su Hao, who was opposite him, stomped his feet.

The shadow trembled, and a wisp of black smoke floated out, turning into a…

Wearing a black robe and a crown, the moment it appeared, a cold wind blew.

The sky seemed to have darkened, and black figures kept spreading in his vision.

Coach Xiong fell into deep thought.

He wanted to curse, but…

He didn’t dare to say anything.

The young man who used to cry with a punch from him was now a sly grown-up!!

Of course, Su Hao made Ah Yan go easy on him, and started an “evenly matched” battle with that Tyrant Bear.

It was very fake.

But for those newbie Sprite Trainers, unless they came from Sprite Trainer families, they couldn’t tell either.

It didn’t matter how they fought, as long as they both looked good.

After busying himself with the laboratory and An City’s matters, Su Hao didn’t forget that he was still a second-year student. However, he still hadn’t applied for school this semester.

Half a day later, at the Lakeview Estate in Whale Island University.

“Butterfly, it’s for you.”

“Gurgle ~” Butterfly’s face was filled with disdain, but it still used Psychic power to sweep up the dust on the table, sofa, and other items, turning them into a dust ball before throwing it into the trash can.

Instantly, the whole living room looked brand new.

“Do the other rooms too. Good luck.”

“Gurgle! (╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○”

But what else could Butterfly do? Of course, it could only helplessly… transform into Cleaner Butterfly.

Suddenly, Liu Ren’s loud voice came from afar.

“Old Su, you actually came back? Shocking, shocking, shocking!”

“By the way, quickly come with me. There’s a fight at the Battle Arena No. 1. There’s a foreign team challenging our school’s instructors! For some reason, batches of crooked countrymen have come in the past two months.”

Su Hao, who hadn’t sat down to rest yet, was pulled away by Fatty Ren.

Fatty Ren might not understand the reason for the battle, but Su Hao understood the moment he heard it.

On the eve of the Supernova Cup, everyone was probably accumulating experience and gathering information!

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