Space Speed Xing Hen - ~ end

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It was three planets surrounded by black breath. In the center of the three planets, it is a small star, only slightly larger than the three stars, emitting dazzling light, three black planets rotate around it, and countless black spots appear. The most striking of them, the official pair of red wings, one by her side, holding a short stick shining in the dark red light, is the demon sword that did not release the blade, but mastered it People are the dark speaker. A figure of blue and purple appeared later, and a low and majestic voice sounded. "This is our world. The dark world."

"Yes! This is the world that belongs to our dark people." Roga, wearing a blue robe, smiled.

The dark speaker smiled and looked at the scepter in his hand. "The magic sword that I imitated is very similar to the previous one. Unfortunately, it does not have such a powerful attack power."

The floating child next to him smiled and said: "Why, why should you imitate?"

The dark speaker smiled and said: "Of course I have to imitate it. With it, let others know that I am the master of the devil!"

The red wings converge, and Melis reveals her pretty face that has been transformed from temptation to holiness. "The grandfather, it took a lot of work for us to move this time. The bring has brought."

At the end of the world, he smiled and said: "The people who call me my grandfather are finally getting more. You are a few gimmicks, one is sweeter than one. The sky marks are really looking for a good wife!"

"Who made me your grandson?" The golden figure appeared, followed by him, blue, white and red.

Luo Jia smiled and said: "Hey God, you are so slow! How come."

Tianzi smiled slightly and said: "I just went to help the material forces in the back to allocate resources. We have a lot of people here, I think it is better to spread the three dark forces on the three planets. Now, I feel more and more that life is so beautiful. Grandpa, I really want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be born again."

The end of the world is not good-hearted: "You should not scare the grandfather again in the future."

On that day, at the same time as the black hole was born, the sky mark was about to be swallowed up by the black hole. At the moment of the crisis, a small black hole appeared beside him, forcing him to smother. It was a pseudo-black hole created by all the judges of the end of the world. At the beginning, he blackmailed the Galaxy Alliance in the pseudo-black hole situation. This secret was not revealed until the moment of saving the sky mark. Although the sky mark almost lost all the energy, when the real black hole appeared, the devil was lost, but he still survived with strong vitality. At the same time that the pseudo black hole appeared, the body was exhausted. The last energy sent him in, but he, instead of the sky mark, turned into a streamer and was swallowed up by the real black hole.

Therefore, the sky mark is still alive, and it is really alive. Although he has lost all the items of the demon, he is still a demon.

"Grandfather, let's enter the atmosphere of the planet." The sky mark smiled.

The mood of all people is relaxed at this time, the demons are destroyed, the dark people have their own paradise, here, it will be their paradise.

Suddenly, a white light flew out of the black planet in the middle, and the speed was so fast that even the sky marks could not help but be surprised. However, when he saw the figure, the surprise in his heart reached its apex.

"Lily, how are you here?" It was Lily, indeed a lily that was good at water.

"Why can't I be here again?" Lily looked at the sky marks some naughty.

The day marks a dull road: "But, you should not know the location here! Even if we follow our spiritual connection, it is impossible to walk in front of me."

The smile on the face of Lily is even stronger. "Why don't I know? You can absorb my energy. Can't I absorb some of your memories?"

The sky marks the hand of Lily. He is not willing to think more about it at this time. "Are you still going?"

Lily shook his head gently, "unless you chase me."

"What about your ideal?"

"Ideal? Not important, I only want to belong to my harbor."


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