Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go - Chapter 1899 The sublimated 3 teaching origin, the strength skyrocketed, pretending to be a pig to eat...

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"I, I am..."

Li Wushuang was in a state of sluggishness.

The amount of information in his mind seemed to burst his brain!

And in Li Wushuang's eyes, the expression is also changing.

Sometimes shocked, sometimes angry, sometimes arrogant, sometimes vicissitudes.

It was as if countless emotions emerged from his eyes.

I don't know how long.

Only then did Li Wushuang completely calm down.

His face also became calm.


Li Wushuang muttered to himself.

Do not…

At this moment, Li Wushuang is no longer just Li Wushuang.

There are countless memories surging in his mind.

He is the madman who once fought against the sky!

That peerless fierce man who once disturbed the wind and rain of the three religions!

Doutian Battle Emperor!

"Who am I, Li Wushuang? Doutian Battle Emperor?"

"No, none of this matters anymore."

"Since I got all this, then I am both Li Wushuang and Doutian Battle Emperor!"

Li Wushuang's mood at the moment is very special.

He retained the will of Li Wushuang as the eighth son of the Li family.

It also awakened the will that belonged to the Doutian War Emperor.

It can also be said that Li Wushuang is the Doutian War Emperor, and the Doutian War Emperor is Li Wushuang.

"However, I didn't expect that the backhand I arranged really worked."

Feeling the power of the origin of the three religions in his body, Li Wushuang showed a smile on the corner of his mouth.

The world only knows that when he was born, his tendons were blocked, and he was still a petrified body.

But as everyone knows, this is deliberately done by Doutian War Emperor.

The first thing he laid down was to pass on the Battle Emperor Xuan Gong he created.

Waiting for future generations, if someone can really integrate the origin of the three religions, it will become his wedding dress.

All the essence of his cultivation will be deprived.

And Li Wushuang, because he has been petrified since he was a child, I don't know how many cultivation resources have been injected into it.

These cultivation resources are not completely useless.

Instead, it was hidden in Li Wushuang's body.

As long as one day, his backhand can succeed.

The origin of the three religions can return and merge with him.

Then the energy hidden in his body will be pulled out immediately.

You must know that the energy hidden in his body is extremely terrifying.

After all, it has been accumulated over the years.

In addition, his father Li Zhengxuan is the patriarch of the Li family.

Secretly opened the back door for him, and I don't know how many rare cultivation resources have been instilled.

And these energies deposited in Li Wushuang's body.

After the origin of the Three Religions returned, almost all of them were inspired.

Just like a large pile of gunpowder, as long as a little spark, it can be completely detonated!

And the return of the origin of the three religions is that little spark!

And if this move is successful, then Li Wushuang's cultivation realm can skyrocket almost instantly, becoming the pinnacle of Jiehai's younger generation!

It can be seen from this that the Doutian War Emperor, although arrogant in character, is known as a madman.

But his means are also not weak.

Otherwise, it is impossible to be alone and disturb the wind and rain of the three religions.

At this moment, Li Wushuang's breath is rising almost all the time.

Even a single breath can raise a small realm.

This belongs to the accumulation of thin hair.

Plus Doutian Battle Emperor's own enchanting talent.

As for the so-called petrified body, it's just a means of accumulating money.

At this moment, Li Wushuang sat cross-legged, after regaining his memory.

He sorted it out a little.

His eyes gradually became cold.

"Dao Emperor..."

A voice with deep hatred came from Li Wushuang's mouth.

Everyone knows that in the end it was Emperor Dao who took action, fought against Emperor Doutian and killed him.

But the world doesn't know, what exactly happened in that war?

Because of that level of war, few people can witness it with their own eyes.

But the world can also guess that it must be an extremely fierce and huge battle.

It is even enough to be recorded in the annals of the battle between the powerhouses in the world.

But in fact, only the Battle Emperor himself knows.

The so-called battle was not fierce at all.

Because the Dao Emperor, simple and neat, killed him with one palm.

If it wasn't for the Battle Emperor Doutian who had been careful before, he had left behind some backers.

He is not even qualified to be reincarnated.

Dao Emperor, enough to break his reincarnation with one palm!

"What kind of person is that Dao Emperor!"

Li Wushuang's expression was cold, with a deep meaning of hatred.

Doutian Battle Emperor, with a arrogant personality and a heart higher than the sky, is a peerless fierce man.

How did you endure such a humiliating defeat?

"Although I haven't fought against saints and Confucians, the strength of the founders of the three religions should be similar."

"It's clear that the Emperor's Xuan Gong created by himself can restrain the martial arts of the three religions, but it has no effect on that Emperor."

"Is he already on the road to detachment?" Li Wushuang murmured to himself.

What filled him most with hatred was.

He didn't even see the true face of the Dao Emperor, and was killed by his palm.

For him, this is the greatest shame.

"My Battle Emperor Xuan Gong has not yet reached its peak. The origin of the Three Religions is not the peak of existence." Li Wushuang was thinking.

Although he laid down the backhand, he directly obtained the source of the three religions.

But even so, it's just a repetition of the previous experience.

He knew that the Dao Emperor had basically never appeared in the world now.

But he still lives on.

Therefore, even in this life, Li Wushuang cultivated again to become the peak Doutian Battle Emperor, he would still not be the opponent of the Dao Emperor.

"I know what I lack. The origin of the three religions has not been completely sublimated." Li Wushuang said.

The source of the three religions that he merged is the lofty heart, the immaculate Buddha's womb, and the source of all ways.

But really, only the origin that the creators of the three sects possess is the vast holy heart, the unblemished Buddha's womb, the true source of all paths.

Just like Jun Xiaoyao, what he holds in his body is the sacred heart that only the sage Confucianism once possessed.

"The three sects that are being merged at the moment are still very strong, but they are far from the limit."

"If I can get the source of the three religions after the real sublimation of the extreme realm, perhaps, I will embark on an unprecedented path!"

In Li Wu's eyes, UU reading revealed ambition.

"But in this life, I can't repeat the mistakes I made before."

Li Wushuang took a deep breath.

In his previous life, it was because he was too arrogant and too confident that he challenged the Dao Emperor without being completely sure.

Although there were some backhands left, the result was a fiasco.

And in this life, he will never repeat the mistakes of the past!

To accumulate wealth and forbearance!

If Chu Xiao were here, he would definitely call him good brother.

This is simply to understand the essence of the way of forbearance.

After some breath regulation, Li Wushuang's realm stayed at the level of the God of Fortune.

"My current state, in the new generation of Jihai, is the number one, and no one should be able to say the second."

Li Wushuang smiled.

This is really a blockbuster.

In Jiehai, how many arrogances are there, who can reach the realm of creation gods?

However, in terms of Doutian War Emperor's enchanting aptitude, it's normal, not outrageous.

"But right now, I can't reveal my cultivation realm, otherwise, it would be too suspicious." Li Wushuang said cautiously.

A mediocre person who was born with blocked tendons and a petrified body.

How could it be possible to achieve the realm of good fortune gods at one time?

A fool knows that something is wrong.

Therefore, Li Wushuang still had to temporarily conceal his true cultivation.

In other words, I have to walk and pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.

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