Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1455 synthetic list

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"Synthetic list, how is this used?"

Su Mu quickly browsed the list, looking for the materials he had, ready to do an experiment.

"Huh?" Su Mu suddenly saw a material formula that he owns.

"Just try this."

Su Mu took out a handful of nails and a baseball bat from under the short skirt.

[Find the object to be synthesized, whether to synthesize it? 】

【yes! 】

A white light envelops two things.

A moment later, a spiked mace appeared in Su Mu's hand.

Su Mu took a look at the mace. The whole body was made of metal and formed in one piece, without any trace of secondary forging.

The sharp thorns are sharp, shining with blue light.

"And the blue-roasting process?"

Su Mu waved the baseball bat, and it was vigorous.


Su Mu's baseball bat hit the vending machine on the street.

The vending machine was smashed into a big hole.

Su Mu took a can of coffee from it, looked at the people around her in horror, and left the corner in a hurry.

Stay here, I'm afraid the police are coming.

After leaving the street corner, Su Mu thought about where to go next.

According to the mission prompt, the end will be three days later.

At that time, a large amount of garbage will fall into this world, destroying most of the world's infrastructure, and production and life will come to a standstill.

Moreover, there is radiation and pollution in those garbage.

In this case, a lot of food and water became a necessity.

Protective clothing or something is also necessary.

Because she didn't know how long the mission would last, she had to prepare at least enough supplies for her to use for a few years.

Coupled with the possibility of building shelters in the later stage, more materials will be needed.

With so many materials, if all of them are purchased, the money needed is definitely astronomical.

It is impossible to buy.

When Su Mu came to this world, he didn't have an identity, and even his household registration was a black household, and it was impossible for him to have money in this world.

Therefore, Su Mu plans to find some methods that don't cost money.

For example: 0 yuan purchase.

Su Mu is going to find a few big shopping malls, big hardware stores, and scan the goods.

When she passed by a small alley, she suddenly heard the sound of being beaten from inside.

Su Mu took a quick glance and found that some unscrupulous boys were besieging a bad girl.

These villains are all dyed with Shamat's head shape, and they are wearing leather jackets with jingling chains on them.

Several unscrupulous teenagers were holding baseball bats or iron chains in their hands, and swung them vigorously.

Surrounded by them was a delinquent girl whose hair was dyed yellow, her face looked immature, she held a fire ax in both hands, and kept waving it around, so that those delinquents would not dare to approach her.

Su Mu didn't want to care about these bad things at first.

She's too busy with her own affairs.

However, as a girl, she didn't want to see the end of being caught after the opponent's physical strength was exhausted.


Su Mu sighed and took out the mace.

Quickly walked towards those bad ones.

"Another one delivered to your door?" A bad guy saw Su Mu's eyes lit up, and rushed towards Su Mu with an iron chain.

"This way I don't have any psychological burden."

Su Mu picked up the mace and threw it at the bad guy.


The mace made intimate contact with that bad head.

Bad smashed brains splatter.

The body was lying on the road.

Seeing the rest of the problems, they were all stunned.

Although they usually fight and fight, it is not uncommon for them to get caught up in the situation.

But the strikes are very measured, and the final injury is nothing more than a broken bone, and it is almost impossible to kill anyone.

But the woman in front of her, although she looked like a good girl, was extremely ruthless in her attacks, killing a person directly with one move.

This move was the first to catch people's attention, directly suppressing those bad things.

The delinquents felt a sense of fear in their hearts.

I can no longer hold the baseball bat and iron chain in my hand.

Su Mu smiled and walked towards the delinquents, dragging the mace in his hand on the ground, drawing sparks on the concrete floor.

"We're part of the will-o'-the-wisp gang, and our boss is Koji-kun from the Kamiyama-gumi." A villain said tremblingly.

"I don't care who your boss is?"

Su Mu sneered and waved the mace again.


The mace made intimate contact with that bad head.

Obviously, the hardness of the Tianling Gai is far inferior to that of a Mace.

Bad consequences can be imagined.

Seeing Su Mu killing two people in a row like a **** of killing, the rest of the bad team immediately dropped the baseball bat in their hands and turned around and ran away.

Su Mu didn't bother to chase after him.

After seeing the group of people running away, he snorted coldly, walked up to the bad girl, and helped her fasten the torn shirt.

"go home."

After speaking, Su Mu turned and left.

She is not a discipline teacher responsible for poor education, she is just a player trying to survive in a dungeon.

It is her greatest kindness to help out.

Seeing Su Mu's disappearing figure, the bad girl hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and chased after him.

As soon as the bad girl followed, Su Mu knew about it, but she didn't bother to take care of it.

There are still three days before the end, and she still has to take the opportunity to stockpile supplies, how can she have time to save the lost girl.

"When I got tired, I left by myself."

Su Mu thought so.

She walked along the road, making three turns and two turns, and came to the commercial street.

Su Mu saw a supermarket, and the door was already closed.

It was dark inside.

"Take this supermarket as a practice."

Su Mu took out a section of steel wire from the bottom of the skirt, inserted it into the lock, twisted it twice, and the door lock was directly pried open.


Su Mu opened the rolling door and walked in.

Seeing Su Mu enter the supermarket, the bad girl stood at the door and hesitated.

It was dark inside the supermarket, and she was instinctively a little scared.

However, she didn't want to leave the other party, so she hesitated for a while, and followed in after gritting her teeth.

Su Mu came to the bagged food and canned food area first.

These are the best to keep and have the longest shelf life.

Su Mu put all these away unceremoniously.

Next came various bottled waters.

Various cup noodles.

Various small hot pots.

Pickles in bags and bottles. UU reading

After scavenging the food that can be preserved for a long time, Su Mu came to the camping area.

After the apocalypse, there is no guarantee that you can find a suitable place to live every day, so tents and sleeping bags become necessary items.

Su Mu selected several suitable sets.

There are also several sets of mountaineering clothing suitable for various seasons.

Who knows what temperature will be after the end, it is always good to be prepared.

If you find a suitable camp, maybe you will start a fire and cook, and you will also take a set of camping cooking utensils.

The gas tank even emptied the inventory directly.

In addition to cooking, this thing is also a good weapon, it all depends on how the user uses it.

Su Mu picked and picked all the way, picking up all the things that he thought could be used.

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