Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1395 Have a system?

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"Half a million? Is it true?"

Su Mu's eyes showed suspicion.

It's not that she doesn't believe it, but the main reason is that this note is too hasty.

Just when she was about to study it seriously, a mass of white light enveloped her, and by the time the white light dissipated, she had already returned to the bathroom.

Just then, her cell phone rang.

Su Mu picked up the phone and found that it was a reminder text message.

"Your bank card, end number 5200, deposit 500,000 yuan, transfer notes, share dividends."

"Is it really in the account?"

Su Mu looked at the phone in surprise.

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her hand, looked down, and found that the note in her hand had spontaneously ignited without wind, and was burned to ashes.

Su Mu looked at the phone in his hand in a daze.

After staying in the bathroom for a while, she decided to go to the bank to check.

"Is this transfer okay?"

Above the clouds, Zhang Tuohai asked.

"Of course no problem. I registered an offshore company on purpose. Everything follows the formal process and there will be no trouble."

Lilith had an expression that you were relieved when I was doing something.

"What about the money, where did it come from?" Zhang Tuohai asked.

"It's all withdrawn from those dead accounts. Anyway, no one will use it if it's thrown into the account. It's better to use it for us. It can be used at will without causing market chaos."

Lilith said.

"That's good."

Zhang Tuohai nodded: "By the way, did you get the things?"

"It's already here."

Lilith spread out her hand, and there was something in the shape of a ruby ​​inside.

"This is the core of that world fragment?"

Zhang Tuohai asked.

"This thing is a bit different from the core of the world."

Zhang Tuohai also saw the core of the world in Survival World.

"These are remodeled by the Gate of Truth. Of course, the appearance will be different, but the functions are similar. With this, that world fragment can be used by us."

As Lilith said, she integrated this broken core of the world into her main core.

The bubble representing the world of the yellow sand road also floated over and merged into the cloud where they were sitting.

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"That is to say, I want to create a road survival world, and pull other people into this world to take risks, is it feasible?"

Zhang Tuohai asked.

"It can be done, but you have to pay for the reward yourself."

Lilith said.

"Forget it, let's seriously explore those worlds that have not yet been mastered."

Zhang Tuohai began to choose a suitable world among the bubbles below.

Su Mu checked around the bank, and finally confirmed that the 500,000 yuan was not a joke, nor was it a wrong remittance, but really belonged to her.

Declining the teller's promotion of wealth management products, Su Mu walked out of the bank.

She took out her mobile phone and called her sister: "What are you doing, make an appointment for a hot pot tonight?"

"Hey, how do you know that I want to eat hot pot? Little Sheep will start at night. But, this time you don't have to treat me, I will treat you instead."

Su Qi said.

"Why did you change your gender today? Did you get paid? No, if you get paid, you should pay back the money first. How could you still have money to treat me to dinner? Say, did you go to sea?"

Su Mu's expression became ugly.

"What's going on in the sea? It's so ugly to say, isn't it just a meme? I don't show up, but they really pay a lot of money."

Su Qi said.

"However, this time I didn't use this money to make money. It's hard to talk about it on the phone. Let's chat in person." Su Qi hung up the phone immediately after finishing speaking.

"This stinky girl is getting more and more courageous. She dared to hang up on my phone. You are the one to look at."

Su Mu looked a little annoyed at the hung up call.

Su Mu thought about it, and went to the company to ask for leave.

She didn't know if the system and the special opportunities were one-time or long-term.

If it is long-term, I don't know if there will be omens before.

It would be bad if he crossed over without any characteristics in the company.

She was going to study it at home for a while, and wait until she figured it out.

The person in charge is her senior sister, and the leave slip was approved immediately.

The senior sister also kindly asked her if she wanted to extend her vacation. If she felt that it was not enough, she could combine her annual leave.

After everything was settled, Su Mu went straight to his sister's house.

After opening the door, Su Mu found that his sister was squatting at home playing "Monster Violence".

The tea table in front of him was full of opened potato chips, half a bottle of Coke and a cold family barrel.

"If you don't go to work during the day, you will be fired again?"

"The curtains are still drawn during the day."

"I don't know how to ventilate the room. If I don't come, you will die at home someday, and no one will collect the body."

While counting, Su Mu opened the curtains.

"Ah!" Su Qi screamed, covered her eyes, and rolled on the ground.

"Damn the demon hunter, you actually opened the seal of the holy light, but I was already prepared, the eternal shelter of darkness, come!"

While talking, Su Qi got into the bed and rolled herself into a caterpillar.

"Are you learning from maggots again?"

"Get up, or don't blame me for being rude. Also, talk to me well. Otherwise, be careful of your **** blooming."

Su Mu said that he did not know where to pull out a drying rack, looking eagerly.

"Damn, I obviously threw away all the drying racks in the house, how did you find them?"

Facing the suppression of blood, Su Qi had no choice but to get out from under the quilt.

"Hmph, as long as you can fold a stack of clothes, you can find the drying rack I hid in the pile of clothes. Well, I'll talk about this later, and talk about what happened when you were at home in broad daylight."

Su Mu weighed the hanger and said.

"Sister, let me tell you, I'm developed." Su Qi looked at the doors and windows, made sure they were all locked, and then said in a low voice.

"Win the lottery?"

Su Mu couldn't understand her younger sister very well. Apart from being a bit talented in drawing meat, she was cowardly and lazy, but she could eat a lot, and it would be **** if she developed herself.

After much deliberation, the only way to buy a lottery ticket is more suitable for my sister.

"In your mind, am I that unbearable?" Su Qi looked resentful. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

"Hurry up." Su Mu tapped the hanger in his hand.

"That's what happened. Although I didn't buy a lottery ticket, this time it's almost the same as buying a lottery ticket. I've awakened the system!"

Su Qi said mysteriously.

"System? Tell me in detail!"

If it was normal, Su Mu would have to give her a beating first to wake her up when she heard Su Qi say that.

But when she thought of what happened to her today, she believed it three-pointed.

Seeing that her sister didn't hit her, Su Qi regained her spirits.

She put her legs together: "Let me tell you, this morning, when I got up together, I felt that I was different from before. At that time, the three flowers gathered on the top, the five qi were in full swing, and the purple qi between the eyebrows was filled. The wind, faintly has the realm of ascension to immortality..."

"Speak well!" Su Mu knocked Su Qi on the head with a clothes hanger.

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