Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3769 【3769】Who to send away

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  A few small followers ran to nearby residents’ homes to ask for bowls.

  On-site first aid work is in full swing.

  The ambulance siren sounds from far to near.

  Usually the police car arrives faster than the ambulance. Unexpectedly, the police car and ambulance arrived together this time.

   "That's our hospital's ambulance?" Mi Wenlin called out in surprise when he turned around and saw that the vermilion hospital name on the body of the ambulance that came to the scene was the two big characters of Guozhi.

  Is there anyone in Guozhi who has a clever plan? Did you know that an ambulance did not follow them to the scene of the murder to save people?

   Zhang Shuping next to him saw this and added information: "When I was about to arrive, Doctor Zuo and the others asked me where I was going. They seemed to be going to the airport in an ambulance to get something."

  When Lin Hao and Pan Shihua heard this, they realized what Dr. Yao was calling Dr. Xie before. They probably wanted to invite Dr. Xie to the airport to see things together.

   It can be seen from this that Dr. Zuo and Yao Tiancai, who have just returned to China, are obviously very fond of the female student bully in their class and want to take it for themselves and become their own people.

  Lin Hao snorted coldly in his nostrils: I don't think these people can win over successfully, because even Song Mao failed.

  The police who arrived at the scene rushed to maintain order and protect the scene of the crime.

  I saw that the surrounding residents finally noticed the abnormality. Many people ran downstairs to check the situation. The screams kept coming and going in the night, and the voices of the crowd were in a state of chaos.

   "Is someone dead?"

   "How many people died?"

   "Is she dying?"

   These people stop shouting. The doctors worried.

  There are injured people who are awake at the scene. Hearing these nonsense words makes him feel very bad, and it will directly affect his body.

  The breath in Shen Xifei's nostrils increased, and she could vaguely hear other people's voices. She couldn't speak clearly in her mind, but only knew that she was afraid, and she was terribly afraid.

  The feeling in her body told her that she might die at any time, and the feeling of dying made her feel like she was standing on the edge of a cliff.

   Then I heard the doctor who was obviously an ambulance rushing to the scene and asking about the situation.

  Zuo Jinmao asked: "Have you checked it out? Which one should be sent to the ambulance first?"

  There is currently only one ambulance, so you can only choose one to send to the hospital first. It's hard to say when the other ambulances will arrive.

  Shen Xifei's mouth immediately opened wide, intending to make a sound: She wants, she wants to be the first to get into the ambulance.

  Everyone wants to live.

  The problem is that she has changed from a doctor to an injured person, and this is not something she can decide.

   "Her injury is not the most serious." Dr. Yao Zhiyuan looked at the row of wounded lying on the ground and analyzed.

  In medicine, it has always been the most serious injury which should be rescued first.

   "Send her away first." Xie Wanying must have heard their discussion and Dr. Zuo's question, she turned her head and said.

   Shen Xifei heard her words, and heard every word she read very clearly. As a result, her mind suddenly got rid of the fear of death that enveloped her body.

   "Zhang, where's Zhang Xiaohui?"

   Seeing the wounded man's mouth moving, Mi Siran leaned over and heard the sound made by the wounded man's mouth.

   Other people around heard it.

   A group of doctors became very quiet at this time. Obviously, no one was ready to answer Shen Xifei's question.

  Tears fell from Shen Xifei's eyes.

  This Xie Wanying, although they don't like her very much, they know her skills.

  Since I said it, the other people were more seriously injured than her, but Xie Wanying asked her to go to the hospital first, so I can only say that the other people may not be saved.

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