Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3768 【3768】protective isolation

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  It's not uncommon but the scene is very scary. It immediately reminds people of the familiar **** scenes in movies and TV shows.

  When the horror scene became real, it made everyone uncomfortable, and everyone felt like vomiting.

   What's more, when Dr. Pan's flashlight shined on the injured person's facial features, he recognized the person's face clearly as an acquaintance's face.

   is an acquaintance. Lin Hao and Pan Shihua wailed in their hearts.

  Doctors don't like to see accidents with people they know, no matter whether the person is their friend or not, saving a familiar face will make them more nervous.

   "She is—" Seeing the expressions of the seniors, Mi Wenlin and the others questioned.

  After graduating, Shen Xifei, who went to Beidu San as a gynecologist, and the person who often gets together with the school belle Zhang Xiaohui.

  Hearing that it was the senior sister of his alma mater, several followers turned pale.

  Is Shen Xifei seriously injured? It must be serious.

   Definitely hemorrhage plus possible impending shock.

   Some surgeons know that the tissues and organs that are usually hidden deep in the human body should not be exposed outside the human body. Once exposed outside the human body, it will cause infection.

  Infection can also cause death.

   "Did you hit 120?" Lin Hao wiped off his sweat first.

  This situation makes it unnecessary for the surgeon to think too much. It is urgent to send the injured to the hospital for surgery, and to check and repair the human organs as quickly as possible so that they can return to the human body.

   "Someone should have hit him." Dr. Pan didn't bother to answer him in detail, and lowered his head to search for things in his schoolbag.

   Mi Wenlin was puzzled when he heard the moan of the wounded: "Shouldn't she have passed out?"

  Running out with his stomach cut through his intestines, this person can actually make a sound? Shouldn't the blood pressure drop to the end and need to do cardiac massage?

   "You're stupid." Mi Siran turned around and cursed at his cousin.

  It is true that they have not been lucky enough to see such an injured person until now, but they should know some facts.

   Do you remember what was said in the previous gynecological operation that Dr. Du opened the stomach to perform surgery on the patient, manipulated the intestines, uterus and other organs, the anesthesia was not strong enough, and the patient babbled on the bed.

   What really makes patients reach hemorrhagic shock as quickly as possible is the rupture of large blood vessels, rather than simply opening the abdomen. If the patient is simply put into hemorrhagic shock, abdominal surgery is unnecessary.

   "Can't you find it?" Dr. Lin Hao asked Dr. Pan.

   A voice came from the next door: "I have it here."

   is the voice of classmate Xie.

   As expected of Dr. Xie, he kept his eyes on the four sides while saving the other wounded, and was able to support them. Thinking of this, Dr. Lin Hao and Dr. Pan felt ashamed.

  Mi Siran was the first to react in his spirit, ran towards the schoolbag on the ground that Senior Sister Xie was pointing at, picked up Senior Sister Xie's schoolbag and turned back quickly.

  The others looked at her running figure, as if seeing Fan Yunyun second.

  Sister Xie’s super fan behavior is almost a pattern.

  Zhang Shuping squatted down, and together with Mi Siran, he opened the pocket of the schoolbag. What they were looking for was:

   Gauze, saline.

  For example, during abdominal surgery, the intestines that leave the human body need to be covered with gauze soaked in saline to prevent infection. The reason for the wet compress is self-evident, to avoid rubbing the dry surface of the gauze and damaging the fragile intestine. The use of normal saline is of course because its osmotic pressure is basically equal to that of human plasma, and it will not change the osmotic pressure of human body fluids and blood and will not change the internal environment of the human body.

  In addition to isolation and protection measures, the exposed intestinal tube is easy to slide, so it is best to use a bowl to buckle it upside down and then use a triangular towel to fix it during the process of escorting the patient to the hospital.

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