Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcore - Chapter 228 About Ke Shiqing (End)

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When he saw the girl for the first time, he developed an intolerable aversion.

Wearing a clean and tidy dress, her smile is pure as an angel, her eyes are as clear as a stream, like the darkness has never fallen into her eyes, like a flower held in the palm of her hand without any wind and rain. In fact, she is such a person, isn't she? Look, even his so-called "father" is so special to her, and even those mean so-called "aunts" and "brothers and sisters" are careful about her, and they are completely in front of him and his mother. All kinds.

An innocent and stupid young lady who doesn't know the suffering on earth.

This is the first time Ke Shiqing met Mu Rulan when she saw her.

Disgust and jealousy permeated the minds of teenagers who were still rebellious, even if the other person was a nephew who was several years younger and said to be called a "little sister". Oh, it's ridiculous, niece? Who is he? Ke Changhuang's son? Is there his name in the hukou book and his mother's name? Who are they? An unnamed little sister-in-law and the child she gave birth to, even the people dare to show their faces, even when he went out, he felt the eyes around him were full of ridicule and irony, as if everyone looked down on him.

He had a mother who did n’t know whether to say extreme cowardice or stubbornness. How much did he love a man in order to be willing to stay beside a man like this for so many years, even for him? Having children? What did the man give her, so she had this insistence that made him almost hate him?

From sensible to the present, Ke Shiqing feels that his life is a mess, a bad family, a bad family relationship, a bad psychology, a bad mother, a bad father ... It is such a terrible world. Why did he live in this kind of life? In a bad environment? Why should he endure the contempt of others, and why do he endure the command of those so-called fathers, aunts, aunts, brothers and sisters? In the daytime at school, he is a gentle school grass prince that girls are rushing to, and the madness and the beast in the night are roaring, wanting to break everything that restrains them, wanting to destroy the law of wantion and squandering freedom.

He wanted to leave the Ke family, wanted to live independently, go out to work and earn money, but was quickly taken back by the Ke family. If he wanted to work, he could go to the Ke family's company, what would it be for others? It's just throwing away Ke's face!

Therefore, you can't go outside to mess up with others, you can go to Ke's house. Hmm ... what can he do besides sneer? What he wanted to leave was the Ke family, but now someone told him so clearly that he wanted to be a messenger, and he could only mess with the Ke family. He didn't want to leave the Ke family ...

Sometimes he really felt incomprehensible to the so-called father. What was he trying to do? Since you do n’t love his mother, why ca n’t you let her go. If you just want a child, then he is enough to stay? Ajitsu Junko, a woman with no chicken power in hand, is getting worse and worse. Why should he keep people in Ke's house all the time? He believes that even if Ajitsu Junko is stubborn again, as long as Ke Changhuang opens her mouth to let her leave, she will always leave ...

In the Ko's empire in this suffocating population, he felt that even the air was unbearably bad. The only thing he still felt was a little comforting, probably Ke Changhuang, the so-called father The attitude towards his children, big and small, is the same. At least at this point, people feel a little balanced, but Mu Rulan's appearance completely broke this balance.

Obviously a child of a woman who was kicked out of the Ke family. It is logical that she should not be associated with the Ke family in this life. However, she was not only brought from the city of K to Hong Kong, but was even treated specially by Ke Changhuang. Once, they saw that the Emperor Ke, who was always serious and embarrassing, did not dare to pretend to be even a little bit. It was a kind smile, and it was the first time he saw that he put his hand on the child's On the head, pet indulge indulgently.

Ke Shiqing hated Mu Rulan, and hated Mu Lulan at the first sight, because he saw the difference between the world they lived in so clearly. He was an inferior, ridiculous, ironic dust hidden in a dark corner, She is a little angel loved and indulged in the sun. This is just a small child, and she is already a teenager, or her nominal concubine. He should not have such a dark mind, and he should not be jealous and hate his nominal niece. He knows this clearly, But it is impossible to control the spread of those emotions-because the contrast is too sharp. The existence of pure white was so clear that he could see his darkness and ugliness.

It's such a girl who doesn't like it so much.

If he can, he really wants to have no intersection with that girl forever, even if he smiles tenderly, but as long as everyone can clearly feel the emotions he wants to be felt, such as alienation, such as disgust, such as indifference.

Mu Rulan did feel the emotion under the other person's smile, so she was obviously repulsive and displeased, and she was always empathetic. Ke Shiqing did n’t like her, so she did n’t go near him, just because of the previous life ’s sentence Then, Mu Rulan still wanted to help repay them, so he did some things, such as not having to live in a humid, cold, hot and unventilated room in the winter, and moved to a warm room at the back. Some other aunts were deducted for some food and drink, such as letting Ajitsu Junko and Ke Shiqing show up in front of Ke Changhuang ...

busy body!

Ke Shiqing didn't feel grateful at all. As an elder who was helped by a little ghost, he seemed to be betrayed as if he was a wreck. Apart from making him feel more inferior, he didn't feel any warmth, and Having spent so long in the Ke family, Mu Rulan was so kind to them all of a sudden, it only made him feel inscrutable. No one will treat an individual unconditionally well, and what he has to pay is exchanged. This is in Ke One rule that family must keep in mind.

However, even if he hates being stubborn again and again, he still has to admit that what she gives is what he needs, even if only temporarily ...

Take a book quietly, and write down the amount given by the girl who makes him feel annoying, each reminding him of something, the psychology caused by inferiority, and the ambition because he found his weakness. Began dormant-if he was strong enough, then he didn't need her help, and he didn't need to feel inferior in front of her, right?

When people start to do something with purpose, usually, they can get more unexpected things.

Ke Shiqing is a child of Ke Changhuang. He does not need to doubt the excellence of his genes. He is smarter than Ke Shirong and Ke Shijie, but he did not know how to hide emotions because of his rebellion and young age, so they did not think he was a threat. Of course, Ke Shiqing thought it was easy Can understand what their heart thinks, a lion will always be a lion, even if it is a young lion, they think he is not interested in power, then he "sit down" this, let them think he is a love for fame and fortune Disappointed with society, indifferent to fame and fortune, only willing to make tea and flowers in the house ...

For people, the tea ceremony is indeed self-cultivation, soaking in the fragrance of tea and boiling water every day, no one is noisy, only he is in the mist, his patience, his mind, his mood , Are beginning to change.

The only thing unchanged is probably the mood of the little niece.

Let him be jealous of the innocent purity and even innocence. If he gets black and pulls her into the mud, he will probably feel a little happier, right? In this way they are a person of the world.

He thought about it a second ago, but suddenly heard the news the next second-Mu Rulan was abducted.

The tea on his hand overflowed and burned the back of his hand. The milky tea cup slammed and accidentally fell to the ground and broke into a few petals. He was a little embarrassed, a little scared, and even inexplicably wondered whether it was because of his vicious thought. So why did she have something like this? But it was because of this incident that he found out that he had always been jealous of the girl she hated. She was really just a little girl. She was fragile, not indestructible, and even the young lady of thousands of dollars would experience setbacks. Those who are suffering, she is like a delicate orchid. If you do n’t take good care of it, you ca n’t look beautiful.

People are always so weird. I hated a person like that in the previous second, and the next second can change because of one thing or one sentence. Just thinking a little about not rejecting her so much, I immediately discovered that the girl was more In appearance, when she no longer looked at her with exclusion and prejudice, she found out how easy it is to like Mu Rulan.

Ke Shiqing raised from the tea ceremony does seem to be indifferent to the world, and the Zhongshan suit rarely seen among casual young people is even more casual. Ke Shirong and Ke Shijie have been fighting for blood, but never really Ke Shiqing, who was lurking in the dark, put his eyes in his eyes. He didn't see the white cloth, and it was difficult to see the silver dragon pattern of the overall pattern.

He is like an artistic cup of tea, in the mist of mist, touching his fingers, and quietly spreading the net.

A few years later, he grew up, and watched her grow up, and finally found out that he had been jealous of the girl's hidden face in the dark. After being shocked, he had a feeling of "ah, so it is" He didn't find it vicious or horrible, because her blackness was the white that had gone through thousands of sails.

The white heat emanates from the mouth of the pot, the faint tea fragrance is misty, and there is a purple orchid with crystal water on the side, no one on the tatami, two cups of bitter and sweet tea, one cup for yourself, one cup To destiny ...

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