Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcore - Chapter 227 About Bai Moli

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Located in Washington, USA, the two largest forces in black and white-the White Empire. Selling various arms drugs and high-tech products to various countries, the White Empire was originally a small company located in France. After the current president took office, the company's headquarters was moved to the United States, and it has now become the largest power in Europe and the Americas.

After three years of unrelenting struggle, the most authoritative military weekly in the United States finally got an opportunity to interview the emperor of the White Empire, but the time was only ten minutes, and the other party had to screen various issues to pick out the most important points. Let's ask, two questions about the arms, one that the whole people want to gossip about-the emotional problem between the president of the White Empire who never rumored with any woman and the Duchess of France.

There are many versions of the story, because an unknown person once revealed that the relationship between Bai Moli and Mu Rulan was not good at first, and even regarded the other as an enemy. Although a big reversal appeared later, Mu Ru Lan has become the daughter of Bai Mo's adopted parents, that is, his sister, but in fact, the relationship between the two parties seems to have changed subtly before that, even though Mu Rulan's fiance is an international psychology authority, but It does not prevent people from coming up with various tangled triangle loves, loves, kills, and so on.

Although it is a military weekly magazine, occasionally gossip can be considered a little bit of seriousness, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the reporter thought very well, but Bai Moli was not a person who would cooperate. No matter how she knocked sideways, it was either she was a sister or she looked at you with those sharp eagle eyes and asked him to swallow any problems. .

The ten-minute interview ended shortly after the reporter took two photos at close range and was sent out.

Bai Moli sat on the sofa and squeezed his eyebrows with some tiredness. Xue Ke walked into the lobby. Rarely, it was not a black haute couture suit, but a more casual dress. One was always combed in his head. The hair tied back into a bun was also put down, slightly curled, and covered behind, even though it was still cold, it looked feminine.

"Boss, we have to go."

Bai Moli stood up and walked upstairs.

Opening the door of the study, Meng just stood on the window sill and closed his wings. The huge body almost blocked the light from the window and cast a heavy shadow on the ground.

Seeing Bai Moli, the slamming eye moved exactly like the owner, jumping off the window sill and flying to the desktop over there. The study room was very spacious, otherwise it would not be scattered by its wings. ?

Bai Moli walked to the bookshelf, and slid his fingertips over a neatly arranged book, then stopped on an antique book and took it down.

It's an album.

It has always been in the middle of a row of books, and the owner has taken it down a few times. In fact, there are not many photos in it.

Opening the first page, the purpose is a family portrait of three people. The photos taken decades ago seem to be a little yellowish. There are three ordinary people, parents and son, dressed old but clean and tidy. The smile is exactly the simple and honest of the country people.

At that time, there were no sisters and no enemies. Although the family of three was poor, they were happy and satisfied. Until one day, doom suddenly fell, and even continued, he was like a cursed, watching his parents and sisters die in front of each other. There was only one person left alone.

Turning on the second page, Bai Limeng closed his scissors and smiled innocently looking at the camera, wearing a small white dress. At that time, he had become the adopted son of the Duke, and was carefully and severely taught by Bai Xue.

The third and fourth pages are almost all Bai Limeng. Occasionally there are one or two group photos of two people, but in the end they are few.

The photos in the album were pitiful, and finally ended with a photo of Bai Limeng wearing a sick suit and weakly smiling at him on the bed.

He doesn't touch this album very often. He wants to throw it away, but he can't bear it, but he doesn't want to touch it. Such memories, no matter how long time passes, seem to always hurt him.

He was lonely, like an eagle soaring and hunting in the sky alone, and there was no temperature in his cold eyes.


This feeling seems to fade a lot without knowing it. Is time really a good medicine? Even the memory that once made him desperate, now it reminds me of sighing. Or is it because someone unknowingly pulled him out of the mud of the past, before he suffocated, let him see the blue sky again?

Fingers rubbed over the edge of the paper, slightly cut their hands, turned over ...

A smiley face appeared on it, with the sun and blue sky in the background. The girl was wearing a graduation cap and gown, holding a flower that she could hardly hold. Mu Rulan's graduation photo at Baidi College.

This is a very strange feeling. He never thought that that kind of thing would happen to him. It was really like a big reversal. The person who originally hated suddenly became a sister, even if he was not related, even if he could not. Acknowledge, but this feeling is still weird, but it ’s weird. He himself ca n’t make it clear. He wants to deny, but he does n’t want to deny it, just like he wants to admit a person, but he is stubborn because of various emotions An unwilling look.

He doesn't even have the biological sister who is still alive, but recognizes a child from an adoptive parent as a sister. He didn't say anything and didn't admit anything, but everyone has already identified the brother-sister relationship of the two, because Bai Moli has given her more than what should have been obtained by Mu Rulan.

The predecessor of the White Empire was the property of Mu Rulan ’s biological parents. Therefore, Mu Rulan is eligible for some relevant shares of the White Empire in legal procedures. However, until now, the brilliant achievements of the White Empire plus the common shareholding system are not The company, Bai Moli, no one would say anything even if he didn't give Mu Rulan anything, but when Mu Rulan didn't say anything, Bai Moli gave it. And far more than she got far more than she should get on the program.

Bai Moli actually did this just because he didn't want to owe Mu Rulan. He got more help from Mu Rulan than Mu Rulan caused him trouble. By the way, thank Bai Xue for making him today, really It's just irrelevant compensation. Bai Moli doesn't want to take Mu Rulan in the direction of his sister at all. This is really strange.

It was only at the graduation ceremony that Mu Rulan's behavior completely exceeded his expectations.

The graduation ceremony of the White Emperor College has always been extremely grand. Many parents will come to watch the ceremony. Among them, the best student union of the year is selected to give a speech and the parents of the students will be invited to the stage. Mu Rulan is of course the best student, but As the parents, Ke Changhuang and Ajiu Jinzi both traveled abroad. Mu Rulan didn't want to disturb them and he wouldn't inform them. Ke Shiqing was busy with all kinds of things.

I thought Mu Rulan should skip the part of the parents' speech, but she was unexpectedly so unexpected, she said that he was her elder brother with a gentle and irresistible voice and tone. Come and say a few words.

Everyone in Baidi College was stunned, even Xue Xue was stunned. I thought Mu Rulan was really daring. Bai Mo had left his current position, and no one dared to offend him at all. What's more, it's a matter of deciding who he is with, and not to mention the word "sister" which is absolutely sensitive to Bai Moli.

Bai Moli was really shocked. He thought that Mu Rulan's character was disdainful because he had to have a relationship with him because of his biological parents, or maybe because of that time in the underground tunnel, Mu Ru Lan's memories of saving everyone's lives but abandoning him are too profound. In the subconscious, he thinks that Mu Rulan doesn't like him, at most it is just a familiar stranger relationship, so he said in Mu Rulan: When I asked my brother to come to power, it was unexpected, a little bit unexpectedly flattered and a little bit unclear.

And when everyone thought that Bai Mo had left the meeting and ignored Mu Rulan, he stood up and stepped onto the stage under the watchful eye. When he exited, he dutifully labeled the two as "brothers and sisters", and it was also practical. To be honest, let the names of brothers and sisters be justified.

Maybe it's because he's been lonely for too long, he thought.

Mu Rulan and Xue Ke are different from anyone. She will not fear him, will not deliberately please him, and sometimes even taunts him gently, except for her miserable childhood. The emperor, who has always been a proud man in heaven, removed the annoyance at the beginning, but also felt happy. This is a person who treats him as an ordinary person, and has no trace of falseness to him, so real and touching.

From the beginning, this person was special.

The album was closed gently, but it no longer needed to be tucked away in a pile of books to hide. He looked sideways to the window. On the mountain, a red silk scarf fluttered on the mountain, and white flowers around the cemetery swayed. ...

Mu Rulan's wedding was held lively in Hawaii. When he was at a hotel dinner, his brother on the column of relatives was sitting with Ke Shiqing. This was strange and awkward, after all. The Ke family and him can be regarded as a contradiction-the crime of Ke Wanqing, who should have been brought to justice, was suppressed by the Ke family-just because of Mu Rulan, those things that have been so long in the past, and now should pay In the case that people have paid the price, there is no longer the value and necessity of investigation.

But even though it felt strange, Bai Moli was still sitting properly at the table where the bride ’s relatives sat. Until Xiao Qianqian was born, he still felt a little uncomfortable holding the little guy, but he still held it firmly. Steady, when asked who this is who will not hesitate to show that it is his nephew.

There is a feeling that the seed has been planted, but it still has time to germinate, and it is irrigated into another plant, blooming another emotional flower. The process of transformation is always accompanied by a strange feeling of subconscious rejection. But in the absence of sprouting, it does not seem difficult to accept.

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Alas, the black fruit that disappeared for five days actually went to Beijing, and finally rolled back to the group hug!

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