Red Dead Redemption Dawn - Chapter 427 Nick's new mission

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After figuring out Bronte's tactics, John and Nick directly say goodbye to Jon.

The two then went back to the hotel to take a shower, and Nick changed back to his daily clothes that were washed and dried by the hotel.

After hearing Bronte's terms, John felt that he should not enter the market in Saint Denis for two months.

If he remembered correctly, Bronte would have died within two months.

And killing him was the group of cross river dragons headed by Da Qi.

The reason is just that Dutch didn't want to be Brontë's killer and rejected him, but Dutch wanted to do something in Brontë's city.

So Bronte just cheated on Dutch, he thought it was normal. Even after he cheated on Dutch, he forgot about it. He completely ignored Dutch and others.

Because he didn't think a group of cowboys from the countryside would dare to do anything, and he even thought that Dutch and the others couldn't come to his manor in Saint Denis even if they wanted to.

Even if he came to the manor, he would all be killed by his guards.

So it's quite normal for Bronte to forget that it's actually quite normal, after all, in the last few years in Saint Denis, there's basically nothing against him.

However, he didn't know that Dutch and the others were not simple cowboys. The Dutch were extremely special and the purest outlaws.

And although there are few people, they are very impressive. Let's put it this way, John's area of ​​influence is Blackwater Town.

The police detective in Heishui Town has the ability to make robbers flee in Xiyin Lisabai Prefecture, but Zuo En is the only sharpshooter in such a strong police station as far as he knows.

The other constables and detectives, despite their reputations, are not up to the title of sharpshooter.

So Zuo En was the only sharpshooter who had not included himself in the past fifteen years of the Heishui Town Police Department.

At most, the Van der Linde Gang only has a small gang of twelve main gunners, and there are only three sharpshooters.

So Van der Linde's help, Guo Jianglong, who has very few people, seems to be weak, but the real situation is unparalleled.

Brontë's habit of ignoring anyone would be over and permanently cured within a week of angering Dutch.

So he even wanted Nick to transfer people over and wait for Brontë before he came over to talk to the new Italian mafia boss about his bootlegging.

After changing their clothes, the two went to the casino in Saint Denis to play a few games, and then went to the pub to relax.

Then he went back to the hotel and slept in the suite for a night, and returned to Rhodes Town early the next morning.

The interesting thing is that he returned to Rhodes at noon, and then Nick's men came to report. The final result of the Gray family's handling of Ah Jack's son Whitson.

He will be brought to a court in Saint Denis tomorrow for the fairest trial, and if there is no accident, Witten will be sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison for murder, and possibly more than eight years if Wilson uses some connections.

And Wilson has not said anything about the result of the treatment so far, but he also took one-third of the staff and rushed to Saint Denis to visit his son.

Because yesterday Wilson received news that his son Hans was improving, maybe this is one of the reasons why Wilson did not kill Witson in the past two days.

And ah, Jack also gave a sigh of relief that his son did not have to pay his life for this farce. Although he will be sent to the prison in Saint Denis tomorrow, it is fortunate that Witson is very young, only in his twenties after he came out. There is also time to adjust to the world.

Although he lost his eligibility to be the next family heir, the Gray family is back on the right track.

And for his son, Ajak didn't feel much before, but after this incident, he felt that Whitson really lacked education.

So Ajak felt that sending him to prison for a few years was not a bad thing.

The members of the Gray family who were out on vacation also returned to the Gray Manor one after another.

It appears that the Gray family drama ended briefly with Whitson being held for at least five years.

After listening to the report, John didn't feel deeply about it. In this farce, John got the benefits, but he also clearly offended Garrett.

Although he is not worried about this problem, but Bao Qi Garrett will give him a backhand.

And he doesn't think that the matter of the Gray family is over, but he can only wait for the specifics, and the affairs of Rhodes Town are probably here.

After getting the bootleg wine sales channel in Saint Denis, the follow-up plan was already planned yesterday, but he didn't expect it to end sooner than he thought.

So after listening to Nick's report, he said to Nick, "Nick, I need you to transfer someone to Saint Denis."

Nick was stunned when he heard this and then asked, "Do I still need to watch this side?"

"No, take what should be taken, and staring is not much use."

"Then what am I going to do in Saint Denis?" Nick asked.

"Bronte," he continued after saying the name. "Help me keep an eye on him and let me know if anything happens to him."

"This is just one of them. Second, you go to investigate how many bootleggers there are in Saint Denis. The clearer the investigation, the better. If there is anything you don't understand, you can go to Jon, the boss of the Fire Gang, and I will bring You go visit that. I can't tell him how good it is, but if the money is there he can help a lot, and you can use him."

"Yeah" Nick nodded and then asked, "Anything else?"

John thought for a moment and had no more thoughts for a while, so he shook his head at him.

"Do you need one or two people here?" Nick asked again.

"No, you need a lot of people there. By the way, do you still have funds?" John asked.

"There are some more. How long will the time be this time? I see if the money is enough." Nick asked about the time.

"About a month or two, fast in a month, slow in two months." When exactly did Brontë play He is not quite sure, but it is probably within this two months.

"That shouldn't be enough, I probably still need two thousand dollars." Nick said after carefully estimating the approximate cost of his people and the cost of the investigation.

"I'll bring it to you. By the way, it's safe to think that you'd better live in William's villa. I'm going to write a letter that you bring to him and tell him about your itinerary." After John finished speaking, he entered the room and began to write a letter, and then He took out another two thousand five hundred dollars and gave it to Nick.

Nick got the letter and put it in his pocket and said, "I'll call in now, and I'll be in Saint Denis tonight. I'll start investigating the bootleggers tomorrow. I'll wrap it up every three days and send it to you."

"Well, I'll wait for your news. If you encounter any obstacles, you can tell William. He can't help but wait for me to come over. Remember not to make any decisions under anger and excitement." Although I am very relieved to Nick, what I should instruct is still Gotta be instructed.

"I'll remember, I'm leaving." Nick nodded, turned and left the hotel to start gathering people.

On the other side of Braithwaite's house, Garrett's study, Garrett listened to the report with a gloomy expression.

"Hans' situation improved, Wilson took people away from the manor, and things began to improve for their family."

Garrett picked up the cigar leaning against the ashtray, put it to his mouth, took a puff, and exhaled a circle of smoke.

Then he said to this person, "Contact Vegem and ask him to give me the time and number of people who will **** Witson to Saint Denis tomorrow. Also, let the people in Saint Denis prepare to send the child after receiving the order tomorrow. Go see Vitas, the previous head of the Gray family. Reunite their grandfathers and grandchildren in heaven."

After giving the order, Garret waved again and pushed him out.

And Garrett picked up the piece again and started to get busy as the family patriarch.

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