Rebirth of Wild Fire - Chapter 2593 red ghost

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He entered the city of Dark Light City along the city gate. Originally, according to Lu Yang's idea, this city is also the same as the jackal-headed orc city that he had seen before. , the city is completely a huge barracks.

Pedestrians were not allowed to walk around at will. The warriors of the Yunlan Demon Race formed a neat formation, guiding all those who entered the city gate to a huge camp in the east of the city.

Lu Yang came here to seek information this time. He didn't expect the defense here to be so strict, but the more this is the case, the more it proves that the city has huge problems.

If the troops are not empty, they must have strong self-confidence and allow all ethnic groups to move around in the city at will. After all, this city has a strong man of the main **** level sitting in the city, so why should you be afraid of people to inquire.

"Hey, I don't know what happened to this demon Yunlan? All of a sudden this happened. People like me who send supplies to the general have to go with the team. What's the matter?" The demon with a single horn and a red body said with a stern expression, from the outside, this demon is not scary at all, and even a little cute.

"Hey, the one who sent supplies to the general, brother, what's your name..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. If you have business, you must take care of my little brother. My name is..."

Hearing the voice of the short and fat demon, the surrounding powerhouses quickly gathered around to fawn over, pushing Lu Yang out of the crowd.

Lu Yang was a little surprised, and asked in his consciousness, "What kind of creature is this? You can speak such things without going through your brain."

The Blazing Demon God smiled and said: "It's not surprising, this is one of the seven slave races under the Yunlan Demon Clan, it is called the arrogant Red Ghost Clan, its strength is very average, and the strongest in the clan is the median God Chu. They are arrogant and arrogant, but they can't be corrected."

"Then the big general of the Yunlan Demon dare to use them?" Lu Yang said speechlessly.

The Blazing Demon God said: "The two major characteristics of the Red Ghost Clan, apart from the fact that the men love to brag, are that the women are extremely handsome, and their faces are even far superior to those of the Yunlan Demon. You humans are so much worse in front of the Red Ghost Clan. , If I guessed correctly, this fat man's elder sister or younger sister should be the concubine of the Yunlan Demon Clan General."

Lu Yang smiled and said, "Then I really have this chance by following him."

"What do you want to do?" Blazing Demon God asked.

Lu Yang said, "Let's talk about it in the evening."

In the area close to the north pole of the different world, there is also night, which is due to the gravitational force between the flame star, the holy light star, the polar cold star and the dark moon star. In fact, the different world is pulled by these four stars all the time.

The planet of another world, just like in a washing machine, slightly circles between these four planets. In this case, the races in the hinterland of the other world cannot feel the change, only in the north and south regions of the other world. feel.

Especially in the area of ​​Dark Light City, which is not too far from the North Pole, whenever the other world is pulled by Dark Moon Star and Extreme Cold Star, they will enter the night here.

"No noise is allowed during the queue, and if you make any more noise, let me go out." A Yunlan demon with the appearance of a captain came over and scolded the many strong people surrounding the red ghost demons.

The crowd re-queued angrily, and the demon of the Red Ghost Clan suddenly lit up when they saw the captain, and said, "Brother Yunmeng, it's me, the general's brother Asper, I'm sending supplies for the general. Come, can you let me cut in the queue and go directly to the General's Mansion?"

The demon Yunlan called Yunmeng sighed, shook his head and said, "The order given by the general himself, no one is allowed to do anything special, sorry."

"Since it's the command of the general, then I must take the lead in obeying it. I won't say it. Anyway, the time he made an appointment with me is at night." Done, let him leave now, he is reluctant to leave.

Seeing that what Asper said was true, the people around became more and more excited, and approached Asper and whispered, Yunmeng was too lazy to care about this scene, and turned away.

Lu Yang also pretended to be flattering, mixed in with the group of strong men and entered the camp in the east of the city. This is a huge commercial area, and a large number of wooden houses were propped up to a height of more than three meters above the ground.

"Only 100 lord-level soul crystals are needed for accommodation."

"I only need 80 here."

Just like in human society, there are also hotel owners who invite guests to stay. Lu Yang followed Asper, and after seeing him enter the largest hotel, he followed.

After delivering 100 lord-level soul crystals, he lived next to Asper, but after entering the house, he quickly created a clone and stayed where he was, while the main body quietly walked out of the door.

Seeing the flame star and holy light star in the sky gradually disappearing on the horizon, the whole world darkened, even if the Yunlan demon clan had a good vision, they still had to light the torches.

On the one hand, it is to illuminate, and on the other hand, it is to keep out the cold. When the planet of the different world is far away from the Holy Light Star and the Flame Star, it means that it is close to the polar cold star and the dark moon star.

The dark moon star is not cold, but the temperature of the polar cold star is absolutely zero. Even if the north pole of the other world is thousands of kilometers away from the polar cold star, the cold air exhaled by the polar cold star still makes the entire Dark Light City begin to start. frost.

The torches of the entire market were lit, and there were countless fires on the ground, including the hotel where he lived. Lu Yang turned into a fire element while no one was paying attention~www.novelbuddy .com~ is attached to the torch at the door.

It didn't take too long, the short and stout Asper walked out of the hotel, accompanied by a group of strong escorts. The first thing they did when they went out was to light the torches, so that they would not feel cold when walking.

"Just send it here, my friends, I'm going to the General's Mansion." Asper said to the many strong men with a drunken expression.

"Walk slowly, walk slowly."

"Come back and talk."

"We talked all night."

A group of people watched Asper leave, but what they didn't notice was that a spark flew out of the torch at the entrance of the hotel and landed on the torch held by Asper.

The spell that can become a fire element is almost out of print in other worlds, because anyone who knows this kind of spell has something to do with the Blazing Demon God, and these people are killed by the new Fire God King or hide. , or dead.

Lu Yang used such a spell in such a remote area, and it was impossible for anyone to notice. He followed Asper through dozens of checkpoints, and finally came to the door of the general.

This is a general's mansion made of dark stone. The guards at the entrance are all at the peak of the monarch's rank. The maids who went out to greet him in the mansion have reached the quasi-god rank, and led Asper to the door of the house in the backyard of the general's mansion.

"The torch is out, you can't use your torch in it." The maid said with a smile.

"I forgot." Asper looked at the maid, quickly extinguished the torch, and placed it by the door of the door.

Lu Yang, the little spark, stopped on the torch and didn't move, and the torch couldn't be extinguished all at once. He bet that the maid and Asper would not notice this.


Both of them thought that the torches were going out slowly, and neither of them paid attention and walked into the general's room one after another.

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