Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3876 exposed

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"Those relatives want to kill the second child?" Luo Chen asked.

"Senior Dali is really smart!" Ming Qi bit the word "smart" very hard.

"Those relatives picked up sticks, knives and forks, and wanted to subdue the second child to the family law. The second child was alone, how could he be an opponent of a group of people, and was chased all over the village."

"It looks like the second child is going to be beaten to death!

The blacksmith appeared, and as soon as the blacksmith picked up his second child, he ran away.

Although the blacksmith ran with a person on his back, he ran so fast that no one could catch up with him.

The blacksmith ran into the mountain, put his second child down, picked up his own tools, started the stove, lit the fire, and when the fire was strong, he threw a piece of iron into the fire and burned it red.

Then the blacksmith was not afraid, picked up the iron and put it in his mouth.

Strange to say, after the iron block was put into his mouth, the blacksmith was not only fine, but kept drooling.

The saliva fell on the second child.

The second child's wounds healed miraculously.

The second child survived, and the blacksmith returned to the village.

"What about the back?" Luo Chen asked.

"The blacksmith killed the boss and his group, and then the blacksmith turned into a dragon and flew away in the eyes of everyone's horror."

"So, this place is called Absolute Dragon City!"

"Everyone knows this story from generation to generation." Ming Qi said with a smile.

"You drank too much!" Xie Ji looked at Ming Qi at this moment.

"Ms. Sao, did I drink too much?" Ming Qi sneered.

"How about I **** you tonight?"

"Or do you still fall in love with Senior Dali and want to pay him a tax?" Ming Qi sneered again and again.

"Where's the second child?" Luo Chen asked.

"That second child, survived, and is doing well." Ming Qi said.

"The scariest thing about this story is that the second child knew the identity of the blacksmith from the very beginning?" Luo Chen asked suddenly.

"I knew from the beginning that there were relatives, so it's not that Er Zhai is kind-hearted, but it's a last resort." Luo Chen looked at Ming Qi and said.

"I don't know." Ming Qi looked at Luo Chen and said.

"It's just a story, and everyone knows it." Ming Qi raised his wine glass.

"If I'm looking for Senior Dali tonight, since you think this hat, I'll give it to you"

"Bitch, you should shut up!"


When Ming Qi's words fell to the ground, Xie Ji had already waved her hand, and a huge force sent Ming Qi flying.

"Crazy lady, can't you afford it?" Ming Qi got up from the ruins at this moment, holding the tombstone in her hand all the time!

"Find out your identity and come talk to me again!" Xie Ji's expression was extremely cold!

"You still help me **** the person here, I can help you!" Jin Tian'er said at this moment, holding her chest.

Ming Qi got up from the ruins, then looked at Jin Tian'er coldly.

In the end, Ming Qi returned to the sitting position and sat down.

"The dinner party is not interesting anymore. If you insist on embarrassing me, then I won't do it. Please, everyone!"

Luo Chen didn't say much, and as soon as he twisted the golden dragon, he strode out.

And all the quasi-kings around got up one after another at this moment, and then walked out.

Luo Chen finally returned to the courtyard, thinking about the story of Ming Qi.

"Isn't Ming Qi telling that story just for fun?" Jin Renlong asked.

"He is implying to me that he is the second child and I am the dragon!" Luo Chen frowned.

"But it's not sure yet." Luo Chen murmured.

"Hinting at you, how could he hint at you?"

"Did he see it?"

"How could this happen?" Jin Renlong's expression changed.

"I'm also curious, did he really see the clues and know that I'm not Da Li." Luo Chen thought for a while.

At least Luo Chen felt that he didn't show his flaws.

If Ming Qi sees it, there is only one reason, and that is that Ming Qi has been in contact with Da Li before.

It was not judged from the outside, but through his own familiarity and understanding of Dali, he knew that Luo Chen was not from Dali.

Then through storytelling, hinting at Luo Chen.

And in this story, Ming Qi is the second child!

"If that's the case, Ming Qi probably doesn't want to die!"

"But I have to die again!" Luo Chen said.

This thing is getting more and more interesting.

But this is also normal, it makes sense for Ming Qi not to want to die.

After all, if Ming Qi sacrificed himself, he would not be the beneficiary!

Then why did he have to die?

And after an hour passed, a huge tombstone suddenly emerged from the soil in Luo Chen's yard.

Then I heard a rumbling sound from below the ground, as if some huge beast ran over.

Not long after, a person popped out of the stele.

"Senior Dali, I'm here to catch the rape, didn't I bother you?" Ming Qi sat on the tombstone with disheveled hair.

Sure enough, not long after, the surroundings of Luo Chen's yard began to glitter with gold.

Then the door was kicked open directly.

Jin Tian'er stood at the gate.

"Man, hand it over!" Jin Tian'er looked ruthless, full of cold air.

But at this moment, Xie Ji's voice suddenly sounded in Luo Chen's room.

"It's really not worrying. I went out to find a man, but this room is so lively!"

At some point, Xie Ji was already lying naked on the bed in the room where Luo Chen was.

But it is a pity that the house is empty and there is no one there.

In the yard, Luo Chen was sitting on a stool, and the golden dragon on the side was stepped on by Luo Chen, lying on the ground, giving Luo Chen his feet.

"You guys are playing with fire, understand?" Luo Chen continued to pretend to be Dali, and said coldly.

After all, now Luo Chen doesn't know who saw his identity and who didn't.

"Isn't there a man in the Palace of Heaven and Humanity?" Xie Ji sneered, and then her figure gradually faded away.

And Jin Tian'er was extremely indifferent, looking at the golden dragon at Luo Chen's feet, and at Ming Qi on the tombstone in the yard.

In the end, Jin Tian'er snorted coldly, but chose to turn around and leave.

The courtyard became quiet again, and the sky was filled with stars.

"The traitor is gone, what are you doing here?" Luo Chen asked indifferently.

"Senior Dali, how about my story today?"

"You like stories very much?" Luo Chen asked.

"It's not like I like it, but I just think that the story is very good and the meaning is very good." Ming Qi said.

"Senior Dali, have you ever thought that Jin Tian'er and Xie Ji will be taken into your pocket after my death?" Ming Qi suddenly asked seriously.

"Not interested!" Luo Chen said.

"You don't love beauties, and you don't know what Senior Dali loves?" Ming Qi asked.

"You talk too much, the more you talk, the more mistakes you make."

"I just told a story." Ming Qi looked at Luo Chen. Luo Chen is now basically sure that Ming Qi sees that he is not Da Li!

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