Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3828 beating

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As soon as Xiao'e's words fell to the ground, her face was still full of resentment.

But Luo Chen didn't know when, he was already standing in front of her!

Raising your hand is a slap!

Xiao'e smiled indifferently, and she came to her senses!

In her opinion, Luo Chen is just a slightly powerful Tianzun, as long as she is not a king, she has no fear!

So, she raised her arm to block it!

She had a child in her belly before, so she couldn't use her full strength, so what is she afraid of now?

After all, she is still a calamity, immortal and powerful.


next moment!


Luo Chen's slap was like an unparalleled force that penetrated everything.


Xiao'e hit the ground heavily.

The stone slab was not broken, and everything around it was not damaged.

But Xiao'e's arms and head exploded.

Now Xiao'e was really confused.

This Luo Wuji?

How could there be such a terrifying power?

"I didn't take you seriously before, I just didn't want to bother you, who do you think I am, Luo Wuji?"

"You still dare to run out?" In Luo Chen's field, the coercion was extremely terrifying!

In an instant, Xiao'e was pulled into Luo Chen's field!

Then Xiao'e was directly imprisoned by Luo Chen's power.

At the same time, Xiao'e's body slowly rose.

It's like being nailed into the void!

call out!

A spear shot out!

It directly penetrated Xiao'e's chest!

Xiao'e let out a scream!

But as soon as Luo Chen changed hands, time seemed to flow backwards!

Xiao'e recovered instantly!

Then that spear continued to penetrate!


The screams sounded!

But it still didn't work, because Luo Chen raised his hand and pinched Xiao'e's chin.

This is the space that pinched Xiao'e's chin with strength!

Strength slowly increases!


Xiao'e's jaw bone cracked and was crushed by Luo Chen.

But it's still not over!

Luo Chen grabbed Xiao'e's skin at a distance, and then tore it hard.

Xiao'e's skin was completely torn!

A heart-piercing sound sounded!

Xiao'e was completely dumbfounded!

She didn't understand, she didn't have a child now, and she recovered a lot just now, how could she be helpless?

At least with her combat strength, even if the quasi-king came, she would not be able to suppress her.

But Luo Chen tore off her skin, and then punched Xiao'e's eyeballs out of nowhere!

In just a short moment, Xiao'e was already out of human form.

Luo Chen's face was still calm and cold.

Raise your hand and pinch!

The time of the four weeks seems to flow backwards, and everything is back to just now.

This made Xiao'e startled.

This scene seems familiar!

But it's been too long, and she really can't remember it.

However, Luo Chen didn't stop!

The red spear kept piercing through Xiao'e's body!

At the same time, punches fell from the air, and the fist marks from the air were filled with black flames.

The moment this kind of flame touched Xiao'e, the pain was too uncomfortable.

It was an extreme pain, not just a physical pain, but more like a pain from the soul.

too painful!

It's like the pain of experiencing the torture of eighteen layers of hell!

In just a short moment, she seemed to have experienced such tortures as a mountain of knives, a sea of ​​fire, tongue pulling out, Ling Chi, and being put in a frying pan.

And it's repeated, endlessly, endlessly.

At this moment, the pain for Xiao'e was like a million years!

Two hundred years!

Three hundred years!

Until the 4 millionth year!

Xiao'e couldn't bear it anymore.

She wants to die!

This is too painful, she really wants to die and leave, because all the pain is on her body!

And the time is infinitely stretched!

Xiao'e was tortured so much that she almost collapsed!

However, all this seems to be a short moment.

"You are too vicious!"

"You are too vicious!"

"Ahhh!" Xiao'e cried out!

Hong Biao and the crown prince watched outside tremblingly.

Xiao'e obviously underestimated Luo Chen, Luo Chen had never made a direct move before.

That's the way to make Xiao'e mistake Luo Chen for it.

But now, if she is given a choice, she would rather not run out, she is in too much pain.

This kind of torture and beating is much more ruthless than the queen!

Half an hour has passed outside.

For Xiao'e, thirty million years have passed!

She was so tortured that she almost had a nervous breakdown. She went crazy and twitched all over her body.

The prince put a container over.

Xiao'e screamed, and then frantically crawled towards the container!

She wants to go back to the container, she doesn't want to escape.

It's too painful, this extreme torture, it's better to die, or be suppressed in a container!

But Luo Chen suddenly stepped on Xiao'e's back with one foot.

Then kicked Xiao'e out again!

It was so miserable, so terrible.

Luo Chen played for another half an hour.

Finally, Xiao'e climbed into a jar.

Huddled inside and shivering!

It's so vicious!

But Luo Chen didn't intend to let her go.

Luo Chen opened his fingers!

Dark light and malice covered it.

Keep gathering!

In the end, an extremely distorted mask slowly formed.

Luo Chen reached out and grabbed Xiao'e out!

Then put that mask on!


The mask seemed to be branded on Xiao'e's face, and the pain caused by the mask was equally terrifying.

This is a real pain mask!

After wearing it, you will suffer all kinds of mental torture, which is extremely painful!

Never ending until the mask is removed.

After putting on the mask, Xiao'e was thrown inside again.

This time, there is no seal.

But miraculously, Xiao'e didn't run away anymore, she didn't want to come out.

Luo Chen's attack was even more ruthless than the Queen's, and it was not in the same order at all.

This kind of torture is unbearable even by disasters.

"Send the things out!" Luo Chen said.

The crown prince and Hong Biao nodded and ran away.

Luo Chen went to clean up the broken pot of flowers himself.

"You said it's not good for you to move, you insist on moving that potted flower!"



"You will never forget this beating, right?" the prince said while holding the jar.

"Dad was too lazy to argue with you before, and you really thought that Dad was incapable of messing with you!"

He was very fast, and quickly ran to Mount Tai.

At this moment, an old man who sells water in Mount Tai is selling water.

"Master, how much is a bottle of mineral water?" A young couple was on the mountain preparing to buy some water to drink.

"Twenty-five bottles!" The old man sat on a wicker chair, and there was a small booth in front of him.

"Why don't you grab it?" The girl choked when she heard it.

"Hey, you're right, this is robbing!" The old man looked very cheerful, but his words were very annoying!

"Don't drink, don't drink!"

"It's just my family, there is no other place!" The old man said again.

"Whether you like to drink or not!"


"I'm going to sue you, aren't you a butcher?"

"Go ahead, complain casually, it's easy for you to get the water up at such a high level?" The uncle didn't care at all.

"It's not easy and you can't kill people like this?"

"The two of you go to the bar. You don't think it's too expensive for three yuan of beer. You don't think it's too expensive. The mineral water porter picked it up from the bottom of the mountain. You don't think it's too expensive for twenty-five?"

"Why didn't you die of thirst?" The old man obviously had a bad temper.

"And you can just complain without inquiring, who dares to mess with me in this area of ​​Mount Tai?" At this moment, a young man in a T-shirt, holding a jar, walked towards the old man with a smile on his face!

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