Raising Evil Spirits - Chapter 8031 :Broken shell

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"Okay, don't make fun of being a teacher, and quickly talk about the situation of a few Yuanshentian disciples." I smiled wryly.

"What's there to ask? Xia Ruize has been completely demonized. Yuanshentian has undergone great changes and was finally brought back. I think Mingtian Ancient Zhou is the focus of Master? Although a few disciples miss you, but that pair As far as they are concerned, how many years have passed? How can we care so much?" Shao Zi smiled.

"Elder Sister, you are talking nonsense!" Xia Yu suddenly appeared in the distance with a look of dissatisfaction.

Shengji and Shengda also appeared together at this time.

Sheng Ji pulled Xia Yu awkwardly and said quickly, "Senior sister, this is a joke..."

"It's not like a joke!" Xia Yu was still as straightforward as before.

Shao Zi smiled, waved his hand and said, "The little devil's scalp is itchy again? Wasn't it enough to be repaired last time?"

"Father!" Xia Yu ignored Shao Zi and floated over with twinkling eyes.

On the other hand, Sheng Ji hurriedly behaved a bit with Sheng Ai. After saluting me, she bowed to Shao Zi and Xiang Ling, which was very polite.

Xia Yu has grown up and is very delicate.

"Well, I've grown up a lot." I touched her head, the child was a little more shy, but still behaved very well-behaved.

"Father, is that senior sister really one of your wives?" Xia Yu asked without cover.

I looked at her in surprise and said, "Why do you ask such a question?"

"She is obviously my senior sister, yet she treats me like a child!" Xia Yu complained.

Shao Zi didn't care at all, he smiled and said, "Look, children will sue, adults don't ask questions like you."

"You..." Xia Yu snorted, and then seriously looked at me for an answer.

"Xia Yu, don't be so disrespectful to Senior Sister..." Sheng Ji hurriedly pulled Xia Yu.

Even Sheng Yan was very embarrassed: "Xia Yu, we have just arrived, so we need to slowly understand this kind of thing."

"Father will tell me!" Xia Yu said flatly.

Shao Zi snorted, thinking in his heart that he was blaming me for the stupefied child, it was too embarrassing.

I also knew Xia Yu's temper, so I said, "I'm not here, you all have to listen to her, and she won't embarrass you."

Shao Zi chuckled and said, "Master, am I fierce?"

"Ah? Can't you just listen?" Xia Yu felt something was wrong.

I shook my head and said, "Why don't you call me Senior Sister? She's what she says here. Of course, if she doesn't do it right, it's what I say."

Xia Yu stomped his feet, with an expression of dissatisfaction with the answer, but still muttered: "I listen to my father! But she bullied me!"

"Hmph, you are so stunned, if you don't teach you a lesson, you really treat this place as a ranch." Shao Zi said with a stern face.

"What kind of ranch, I'm just not convinced that I can't win against you." Xia Yu retorted, the two of them seemed to be on the same page.

"Master, where did you find a child, even if he is proficient in the laws of space, it seems that he is not sensitive to the rules by nature." Xiang Ling held my hand and pulled it aside.

"What does this kid say... It's just a little bit of resistance to power. It's typical to eat soft and not hard. You have to prescribe the right medicine." I said speechlessly.

Xiang Ling smiled and said, "I know, so she likes me, but she doesn't like Shao Zi very much."

"It's all thorns. It's necessary to run in. Where are the other disciples?" I asked.

"Some of them are in the Demonstration Heaven, some have gone to other Demonstration Heavens to practice, or they have gone to the lower realm. Anyway, everyone is very busy. Even us, occasionally we will clone the lower realm in order to consolidate and improve the law." Xiang Ling explained.

"Well, that's a good thing, and a colorful life." I laughed.

"By the way, when did Master bring me and Shaozi to participate in the Mingtian Ancient Universe? You have already taken Lingtian there, but we haven't been there yet." Xiangling asked rhetorically.

"This... it depends on the chance." I thought to myself and took two disciples to turn against the Eternal God, wouldn't it turn the world upside down?

"I don't want to see any chance, anyway, as long as Master arranges, we will definitely follow without hesitation." Xiang Ling vowed.

I can only say: "Well, after Ling Xian's successful return this time, the things that you want to come to Wuji will be successful. When the time comes to attack other forces, there will naturally be opportunities. Then it's your turn and Shaozi."

"Really?!" Xiangling was extremely happy.

Even Shaozi didn't bother to quarrel with Xia Yu, so she hurried over to join in the fun, and when she heard my promise, she followed the ladder and said, "I don't care anyway, Ling Xian is protected by both parents, Xiangling and I are alone, It's just a disciple, so I don't want one person to occupy two at the same time, it's alright for the two of us to replace one master, right?!"

Xiangling also looked at me with a look of grievance: "That's right, the two of us just want Master to **** us for a few days, can't we? We are the representatives of the disciples, and they are no different from your children. Do you have the heart to only care about your own son? But don't you care about us disciples?"

I was fooled, they said it was pitiful.

But I looked at the other disciples, and they all looked at them one by one. If I dared to say no, I would be disappointed in my heart.

"Okay, I promise you, but it won't be too long in the past. Although the Mingtian Ancient Universe is not changing rapidly, but after a long absence, some unexpected things will happen." When I return to the Mingtian Ancient Universe this time, I will definitely Be the first to solve his problem.

As for Shaozi and Xiangling going to rebel against the Eternal God, although I will agree, it is necessary to compress it within the minimum time limit.

The Battle of the Heavens is now white-hot, and it is inevitable that it will be done in one battle.

After chatting for a while with the new disciples, I bid farewell to them, comforted Shaozi and Xiangling, and returned to my shrine.

I summoned Xijun and asked her about her integration of the roots of Heaven.

"Very good, but I feel that this power is so weak, no wonder Li Poxiao was so coerced by his brother that he didn't dare to say a word, hehe, brother, I can't wait to break the shell and help you!" The long skirt, with a sly expression, came over.

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