Raise a House of Obsession - Chapter 172 Split personality

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In the dream brought by the "indomitable heart", there was a story told: there was a faint emperor who wanted to use the heart of a girl to refine the elixir of life, so a knight stepped forward and assassinated the faint emperor.

The story is likely to have happened in reality, and the most temptation object of eternal life is the ruling class.

In this psychic world, they will break the taboo and stand on the opposite side of the human population.

Thus, man-made disasters happened.

As for whether the girl's heart can refine the elixir of life, this is a mystery... Zhou Yi didn't want to try.

He is still very young now, and he can still hang up. According to legend, Peng Zu lived eight hundred years old, and Zhou Yi lived two hundred years old to save his money. Living for too long, all the confidantes around him passed away, it was very boring.

"Later, where did the Xia organization go?"

"Of course... disbanded." Ye Tiansheng shook his head, "Non-governmental organizations, chaotic ideas, no management, no rules of action, plus after the war, the vitality was badly injured, and everyone became wanted again. There is no reason to exist."

"The chivalrous man is angry. It's okay to kill, but he can't rule the world."

"Oh, yes." Zhou Yi nodded in agreement.

Grandma Sun's condolence ceremony is very simple, without too many links.

"Guests, leaders, friends and relatives: Today, I would like to thank you for coming to the memorial ceremony of my mother in person, and join us to say goodbye to my mother..."

After the family members gave their thanks, a kind-hearted old man affirmed Ms. Sun Lihan's merits in her life.

He was a monk in Taohua Temple, and he presided over the death ceremony for Grandma Sun in order to obtain the etiquette of the eminent monk. After all, Mrs. Sun grew up in a temple. She should like this kind of etiquette.

After everyone sent flowers, they could leave.

Only Sun Chengcheng was crying beside her, and she hugged Ye Ling hard, her feet were wrapped around Ye Ling's body, like a koala hugging a big tree sadly.

"Okay, okay! Don't cry, don't cry." Ye Ling comforted her patiently, and hugged her stiffly, like a wooden stake.

In Zhou Yi's eyes, she was like a girl in white, comforting the girl in red patiently.

However, Ye Ling didn't know all the reasons for Sun Chengcheng's sadness.

It's not just because of grandma's departure.

Poor Sun Chengcheng, his personality split.

The sub-personality in it must fight against the horror and strange "silent" of the Sha level. Even if this "silence" was weakened by the grandmother for the most part, the little girl still had to bear the unimaginable panic and trepidation.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yi said: "Sun Chengcheng, come here, come here, I have something to tell you."


Sun Chengcheng followed Zhou Yi and kept wiping his eyes, looking pretty cute.

In Ye Ling's curious eyes, the two walked into a small room and closed the door.

"Big brother." Sun Chengcheng looked at Zhou Yi carefully. Although the two people didn't know each other, the original relationship was not very good. On the contrary, it was a bit hostile, which made her a little embarrassed now.

Big brother, it was actually a joke, and the result has now become true.

Zhou Yi said: "Your grandmother said, let me take care of you. However, my brothers clearly settle accounts, and I can't work in vain, right?"

She wiped away her tears and said, "But my family is really out of money! I have no money, and I have all the money for you!"

"I'm going to leave five million in one go. Where there is money, I will stay on the streets after another five million."

"You still want'silence', how can it be possible? I give you'silence', and our Sun family has no future!"

A small face still looks a bit aggrieved.

She thinks that five million is a bit expensive. Their Sun family is a Taoist temple in Ranshan Temple, and they are not professional capitalists, and they do not exploit the people. They are still very diligent and thrifty, OK!

Five million has already drained her home.

Zhou Yi immediately became happy, a little girl, he was not easy to handle: "It's okay, for the sake of our acquaintance but not friendly, I will not increase the price."

"I am kind, if you are ill, you can pay for it on credit. I won't increase the price for 5 million at a time, let alone count your interest. If you owe me the money and can't afford it, come to my dojo to work, and the salary will be gone. , For your monthly living expenses, I will reserve one thousand yuan for you, and I will pay the rest."

"One thousand yuan, that's enough, I won't let you starve to death."

Sun Chengcheng's face flushed with fright. She would owe five million yuan if she fell ill once, and ten million yuan owed if she fell ill twice!

"You want to be beautiful! Let me work in your dojo!"

"Oh, then you sell your grandma's inheritance, it's not impossible."

If you fall ill a hundred times, you owe five hundred million!

This is really a desperate figure. She really wanted to sell "Mo", and stomped her feet there in an anxious manner.

The point is that a healer is hard to find.

Even if you find it, it will be the same price, even more expensive, and it is impossible to allow her to pay on credit!

Sun Chengcheng couldn't refute anything, and got stuck in place, as if time had stopped.

Zhou Yi stopped teasing her: "Ye Ling usually goes to school, and she must live in my dojo on holidays. Are you sure you won't come?"

Hearing the words "Ye Ling", Sun Chengcheng groaned suddenly, thinking about coming over.

But she didn't want to change her mind so quickly.

She felt more and more that Zhou Yi had become smarter, and she was like an idiot.

Zhou Yi asked: "You have split your personality in some way, like you are too grandma?"

"Um..." After being pua, Sun Chengcheng's momentum has been greatly reduced. She still doesn't know how to get along with this "little sister".

"How is the personality split?"

"Psionic, special psychic... The blood of the Sun family, the younger the female, the easier it is. But the split personality level must be different."

Zhou Yi stroked his chin, UU read www.uukanshu. Com is originally a personal talent, so there is no research value.

"Can she come out?" Zhou Yi asked again.

"Maybe, maybe not...I don't know. She has been guarding'Mo', and after leaving for a while, I will be able to take over." Sun Chengcheng is not her grandmother, and she hasn't gathered her heart yet, so there is no corresponding response. Swear to bind.

"Can you talk to her directly?"

"Yes, and... she is better than me." Sun Chengcheng lowered her head, somewhat distressed and proud, "She is about to get a silver seal."

She didn't know whether the other personality was herself, maybe it was, or it was not.

It feels so strange anyway!

Zhou Yi's black line is full of black lines, this is the rhythm of blackening ten times stronger and whitening weak three-pointers?

"That... isn't it a darkened personality? Is it that kind of super abnormal?"

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