Pushing Down the Male God Strategy - Chapter 345 Millennium Fox Peach 25

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The Immortal Emperor slowly propped up his body, looking pale at Mo Ziran, but a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "Hahaha, Mo Ziran, do you think you have won this way?"

"I have sent people to the Demon Realm a long time ago. I am afraid that the current Demon Realm is already a river of blood." The immortal emperor burst out laughing when he thought of such a scene.

This has been for many years. For thousands of years, no one has dared to challenge his majesty, but this demon world supreme dared to resist him.

It's just looking for death, even if his ability is a little stronger than him, what can he do, he still has a way to subdue him.

His pupils shrank, and he felt a little unbelievable. He gritted his teeth and said, "What did you say, you sent people to the Demon Realm!"

Immortal Emperor smiled, "Of course, otherwise, why should I trap you? If I can't kill you, I will trap you, and then let people go to the demon world, huh."

"Without the demon world, what do you still do to be the supreme demon world!"

At this time, Mo Ziran's whole person was already furious, and the purple electric current around him was even greater.

Suddenly, he yelled towards the sky and let out a scream.

Some of the little fairies at the bottom of the strength were stunned.

The remaining few were bleeded by the purple electric currents that run around all over the body!

Immortal Emperor was already seriously injured, and Mo Ziran's sudden fatal blow also fell to the ground.

At this moment, peace was restored between heaven and earth.

But suddenly, there was a low sob on his chest, "Brother Ran, I, I don't know why, it hurts to see you like this."

He was holding a little pink peach in his blood-filled hands, showing a weak smile. The blow just now consumed too much skill, so he was a little weak.

"I'm fine, don't worry, I will take you home now."

I don't know if the Demon Realm has really become a blood stream like the Immortal Emperor just said. If that's the case, he really will hate himself to death.

Although he is not a kind person, he is not a cruel person. Thousands of innocent little demons have died because of him, and it is impossible not to feel guilty in his heart.

After he returned to the demon world.

Seeing the shocking Yi Twilight around, there was blood everywhere, and the bodies of little monsters of different races lying everywhere, I felt extremely guilty.

Seeing his painful look, Lin Xixi felt uncomfortable, "Brother Ran, don't be sad anymore."

But Mo Ziran seemed to be unable to listen to what she said, just standing blankly, watching everything around her.

No way, Lin Xixi had to jump out of his embrace, the bright green leaves on the peach moved and flew in front of him, rubbing his blood-stained face.

"Don't be sad, you still have me, so you have me, Brother Ran."

After returning to his senses, he raised his hand and touched the peach in front of him, with pity in his eyes, "Yes, I still have you, it doesn't matter, I will revive the demon world."

"All of this is my fault, and I want to make up for my fault."

"The male protagonist is 80"

But at this moment, the sky suddenly burst into light.

There was a dazzling light, and after a while, it seemed as if a low voice came from an unknown distance.

"Now the three realms have lost their balance, the immortal realm has collapsed, the demon realm has been destroyed, and the human realm has also begun to chaos. There are killings everywhere, and the souls are destroyed."

Hearing this voice, Mo Ziran frowned, "What do you mean, who are you? Don't pretend to be fools if you have the ability to show up!"

But that voice just smiled, and then said, "Hehe, you just treat me as the way of heaven and maintain the way of heaven in this world."

"Now you have only one choice, which is to sacrifice yourself and restore peace to the whole world."

"Hmph, why? The root cause of all this is the greed of those hypocritical immortals. What does it have to do with me? It's because I'm alone now, so I have to bear all this!"

Mo Ziran said angrily.

"Does all of this have nothing to do with you? People who make mistakes must be punished, and they are the same, but your punishment is different."

The voice explained again.

"No, if you really want to say that you made a mistake, that person is me, not Brother Ran, if you want to sacrifice, then sacrifice me." Lin Xixi flew towards the sky.

"No, you will come back to me Peach, who made you do it yourself." Mo Ziran's tone was a little angry.

But obviously he said that because he was in a hurry.

But the voice from the sky said again, "Hehe, you will naturally also be punished."

"However, if you sacrifice your own life, then, that fox doesn't need to die, are you willing?"

Lin Xixi nodded quickly, "I am willing, I am willing to do anything for Brother Ran, please don't hurt him."

"No, I don't want to, you know what I want most in these ten thousand years."

"I finally understand now that I just want you to live well."

"But if you do this now, it won't make me feel guilty or sorry, so you live for me, live for me."

If someone really wants to die, let him go.

Every time it was Mi Tao'er dying to protect him, this time never again.

"The male lead is 90"

But Lin Xixi was unwilling, her tone was very strong, "No, no matter if it was before or now, I would choose this way."

Mo Ziran was a little surprised, "You, peach, do you remember?"

Lin Xixi also suddenly realized that there were a lot of memories in her mind, "Well, I remember, Brother Ran, don't make me sad."

"If you disagree, I will dissipate by myself after you leave me."

What she said was so resolute. He knew she could definitely do it, but let him agree that he could not do it. In the end, it seemed to be relieved, and then said.

"Fine, if you have to do that, I will also be with you."

"In this way, we can be together forever, right?"

At this moment, Lin Xixi suddenly transformed into a human form and rushed towards him, rushing into his arms, "Okay, anyway, I don't have a long time anyway. It's good for a moment to transform into a human form."

"Silly girl, how can you never get rid of your stupid problem!" Mo Ziran couldn't help but whispered to her.

"You are wrong, I am not stupid at all, so that we can be together forever, I love you, I love you!" She was very happy and satisfied to be able to say this.

At this moment, Mo Ziran finally understood why she was alone and sad for thousands of years.

It was because she was injured, because she was not around.

Why do I feel bad for thousands of years, because I love him too!

The funny thing is that I never knew it.

Nodded, "Well, I love you too, I love you too! I'm sorry, I'm only telling you now." If he has the next life, he must make up for her.

"The male protagonist has a good feeling of 100"

Then, the two felt a pain to the bone, and then they turned into a purple streamer together, and then disappeared between the heaven and the earth.

Everything seemed to be static.

But in just a few seconds, the world began to change rapidly, and everything has changed tremendously.

The Immortal Realm, the Human Realm, and the Demon Realm all returned to normal, returning to their original appearance.


When she woke up in the space, Lin Xixi was in a trance.

Slowly raised his hand and touched his cheek. There were tears on his face, "I, what's wrong with me?"

But everything just now is so real, why is the emotion still remaining?

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