Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7473 .Feng Moyun (3)

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Chapter 7473

Although the Feng family is indeed very cute, and they don't usually want it, but they also dislike it!

Seeing the expressions of Mi Jiu and the others in Xiaojie, Feng Che was a little speechless!

Are these guys too picky!

After all, Feng Mo is also the patriarch of the Feng Clan. If he knew that he was so disgusted, he would vomit blood in anger!

Feng Che temporarily ignored Qinglong and the others, and continued to control the spirit boat to fly deep into the Wuwang Mountains!

A few days later, Feng Che finally came to the depths of the Wuwang Mountain Range, in a pitch-black valley!

Feng Che didn't enter the valley, but just put away the spirit boat and returned to the small world!

Seeing the unconscious Feng Mo on the ground being watched by Qinglong and others, Feng Che stepped forward and stuffed Feng Mo with a few pills!

Then I sat and waited, and soon Feng Mo's strength poured out, and it didn't take long for Feng Mo to become a Phoenix clan without spiritual power!

Except for his strong physique, he probably has no strength at all!

Due to Feng Mo's relationship with the Feng family, Feng Che still stuffed Feng Mo with a few more poisons. Now let alone Feng Mo is from the Feng family, even if he is a dragon or a tiger, don't even think about jumping around!

After finishing everything, Feng Che put his hand on top of Feng Mo's head, and searched for the soul directly!

Feng Mo woke up from the pain of Feng Che's brutal soul search, one can imagine how brutal Feng Che was!

After reading Feng Mo's memories, Feng Che didn't like Feng Mo at all. As the patriarch of the Feng Clan, Feng Mo actually devoured his clansmen to improve his cultivation, and even wanted to devour himself to ascend to the heaven and spirit world. He was looking for death!

Feng Mo's head hurts so much it's about to explode!

After finally relieving the pain, it was only then that Qinglong, Feng Che and others were discovered. Feng Che, Huang Yi and others were ignored by Feng Mo, and Feng Mo's attention fell on Qinglong!

Qinglong in Tsing Yi is handsome and extraordinary, with a height of more than 190 centimeters. Wherever he stands and does nothing, people dare not look directly at him!

It was precisely because Qinglong disliked Feng Mo, and after being woken up by the soul search, Feng Mo almost cried, which made Qinglong even more contemptuous, and the coercion on his body was put on Feng Mo unceremoniously!

It's hard for Feng Mo to ignore, that's why he ignored Feng Che and others!

"How is it possible? You belong to the Dragon Clan? But the Dragon Clan is clearly extinct!" Feng Mo asked, looking at Qinglong in shock.

"Heh... even if you die, the dragon clan will not be extinct, you can rest assured!" Qinglong said with a sneer.

"Impossible, the dragon clan has long since disappeared. Could it be that you are a dragon clan who ascended from the lower realm?" Feng Mo asked in surprise when he thought of something.

"It has nothing to do with you!" Qinglong said coldly.

It was only then that Feng Mo realized something was wrong, thinking of the inexplicable headache just now, and the fact that this place is not from the Feng family at all, but he was clearly practicing in seclusion, so why did he come here for no reason?

What exactly happened?

Why is this dragon family here?

Only then did Feng Mo start to look around carefully, and naturally saw Feng Che on the side, and Huang Yi and the others, but Feng Mo, who had no power at all, couldn't detect Feng Che's aura at all!

Adding that Feng Che can restrain his aura, it seems that Qinglong is more like his master!

After looking at Feng Che and the others and the surrounding environment, Feng Mo couldn't help becoming vigilant. Just when he was about to gather his strength to make a move at any time, he found a terrifying thing, which made Feng Mo stunned!

Feng Mo couldn't believe it, his strength was gone!

But why?

He was clearly in retreat in the Feng Clan, how could he become a useless person for no reason?

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