Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7472 .Feng Moyun (2)

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Chapter 7472

Feng Che did not administer the medicine himself, but distributed the poison to dozens of spirit bees, and let the spirit bees sneak into Feng Mo's retreat incognito, while Feng Che waited outside!

It was also thanks to Feng Mo's arrogance that he thought there would be no danger in the Feng Clan, so the door of Feng Mo's secret room was not closed in the closed room, and there was also a room outside the secret room, where Feng Mo occasionally met with his confidantes, and then the outside was closed. It is the place where Fengmo lives and meets people!

Therefore, the spirit bee could easily sneak into Feng Mo's secret room by following Feng Mo's breath!

After pouring all the colorless and odorless poison around Feng Mo, Ling Feng carefully hid in the wall, observing the old Feng Mo in front of her!

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At this time, Feng Mo's face was as old as a dying old man, looking very scary!

About half an hour later, Feng Mo felt that something was wrong, he opened his eyes suddenly, and looked around eagerly, and soon noticed the presence of the spirit bee in the secret room. Even the strong can't detect it!

But Feng Mo is not a human race but a Feng family, and the spirit bee is also a beast race after all, so naturally it cannot escape Feng Mo's divine sense!

When he realized something was wrong, Feng Che had a thought, and before Feng Mo attacked, he took the spirit bee back into his body, and Feng Mo also swept towards the wall where the spirit bee was with a wave of spiritual power!

"Boom..." There was a loud noise, and the wall trembled violently, but it was not damaged at all.

But Feng Mo's consciousness flickered, he was startled, and hurriedly took out the detoxification pill and swallowed several pills in succession. Unfortunately, the poison was refined by Su Ruoxi, and Feng Mo's detoxification pill could not cure it!

It just slowed down the time of Feng Mo's poisonous attack, but it was of no use. Feng Mo found that he hit it with his palm, but nothing appeared except for the trembling of the wall of his secret room. The premonition in his heart became worse and worse!

But he didn't have time to think about it, because his consciousness couldn't hold on anymore!

In the end, it was dark before Feng Mo fell into a coma. With the last eye closed, Feng Mo seemed to see a person walking into his secret room, but he couldn't see clearly who it was!

Feng Che took the unconscious Feng Mo into the small world, and put some of the things he had prepared before into Feng Mo's secret room, as well as everywhere in the room. After finishing everything, he left the Feng Clan's territory invisibly!

After leaving the territory of the Feng Clan, Feng Che thought for a while and chose a dangerous place, controlled the spirit boat and left!

He was in no hurry to go back to Wutong City to join his uncle and the others!

Because Feng Che had to deal with Feng Mo before leaving, otherwise he couldn't feel at ease!

The place where Feng Che came from is far away from the territory of the Feng Clan and the Wutong Sect, the Wuwang Mountain Range!

The Wuwang Mountain Range is considered a dangerous place in the Central Heaven Territory, and people usually come here, but few people go to the depths of the Wuwang Mountain Range. Feng Che didn't slow down after coming to take the Wuwang Mountain Range, and went straight to the depths!

And awakened the green dragon who has been practicing!

"Master, according to what you said, this Feng Mo shouldn't be considered a phoenix, he has become an evil cultivator, so what kind of phoenix is ​​he?" Qinglong said with disgust.

"Isn't even an evil cultivator a powerful orc? It's not good for you?" Feng Che asked with a frown.

He thought that after Feng Mo was resolved, it would be used to improve Qinglong's strength, but Qinglong's disgust made Feng Che speechless for a while!

"Master, if you're worried about wasting money, why don't you give it to Mi Jiu or Huang Yi? After all, the Feng Clan is a great tonic!" Qinglong thought for a while and said.

The mouth corners of Mi Jiu, Huang Yi and the others in Xiaojie twitched fiercely!

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