Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 6960 .The rumors really can't be believed!

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Chapter 6960

Tian Lao went down and turned around and came back before saying to Su Ruoxi and Shangguan Hao: "There have been a lot of people coming to Heiyanfang City from the teleportation array since last night, most of them are from the seven major families, it seems that they are all for the sake of the day after tomorrow. The people from Mingyuelou Heiyangu are here!" Tian Lao said.

"Since that's the case, don't go out these two days, Mr. Tian and I will take a look nearby!" Su Ruoxi looked at Shangguan Hao and said.

"Okay, then be careful!" Shangguan Hao said.

After Su Ruoxi and Tian Lao finished their breakfast, they went for a walk around the neighborhood. The people who listened most all day were the people from Heiyangu and the matter of coming to Mingyuelou!

Of course, because people from the seven major families keep coming, naturally there are also people who are not from the seven major families. When they hear the news, they spend money from the teleportation array!

Therefore, the story of the seven major families being robbed in the secret realm of Qinglan also spread in Heiyanfang in an instant!

Many people are curious about the gang of robbers that are now wanted by the seven major families!

Su Ruoxi and Tian Lao sat in the corner of Mingyuelou, listening to the rumors about them, couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouths!

The rumors can't be believed!

There are clearly only a few of them and the seven major families that the spirit bees robbed!

Why is it now said that they are a gang of thieves, with more than 10,000 people, very vicious, harming people everywhere, cruel methods, etc. If it wasn't for Tian Lao's personal experience, he would have almost believed what the other party said!

"Hey... the rumors are really unbelievable! This is too outrageous!!!" Tian Lao said speechlessly.

Su Ruoxi smiled when she heard the words, such gossip is normal, after all, if a sentence passes through the mouths of ten people, I don't know what it will look like!

Before leaving, Su Ruoxi spent huge sums of money to wrap up a box in Mingyue Building. Although it is expensive, you won't have to worry about running out of space at that time!

Therefore, the people from Heiyangu contracted the Mingyue Building for eight months. They only contracted the middle of the lobby on the first floor of the Mingyue Building and some private rooms. The rest of the place is still open!

Therefore, there are a lot of people who want to book a seat, and the seven major families have already reserved a lot of seats!

Su Ruoxi was not picky, probably because Su Ruoxi was generous and planned to pay for a month, and Su Ruoxi's attitude was very good. A place at the very edge of the building!

Although the location is a bit remote, at least the private room by the window is better than the rest!

Su Ruoxi is also very satisfied with the shopkeeper's actions!

After Su Ruoxi and Tian Lao went back, Su Ruoxi went to rest, but Tian Lao was pulled by Shangguan Hao and chatted for a long time!

On the last day, Su Ruoxi didn't go out again, but Tian Lao took Shangguan Hao directly to the second floor of Mingyue Building. The private room they had reserved took a whole afternoon to come back!

The next day, close to noon, a group of men in black from Heiyangu entered the Mingyue Building one after another!

Su Ruoxi was eating on the second floor of the Seven Star Restaurant, just happened to see it!

But Su Ruoxi was not in a hurry, and watched as many people crowded into the Mingyue Building, and was chased out by the people from the Mingyue Building not long after!

Said that the news will be announced in the afternoon, don't disturb the other party's rest for the time being!

Because of the arrival of the people from Heiyangu, Mingyuelou was closed for two hours for the first time!

Two hours later, Mingyuelou opened the door again, and it was already afternoon!

At the same time, the shopkeeper of Mingyue Building also took out a sign and hung it directly on the wall beside the door of Mingyue Building. It was very obvious!

Even people who pass by Mingyue Tower can see what is written on it with a casual glance!

The three of Su Ruoxi, who were sitting in the Seven Star Restaurant opposite, naturally understood what was written on it!

To sum up, Heiyangu came out this time to find a doctor who can detoxify strange poison, or an alchemist!

Or there is a detoxification pill that can detoxify strange poisons!

As long as the other party can solve the strange poison they gave, Heiyan Valley will owe the other party a favor, and without violating Heiyan Valley, he will agree to the other party's three requirements, and will also give countless top-quality spirit stones and unique treasures of Heiyan Valley!

It can be said that Kuroiwa Valley is full of sincerity and the conditions are rich!

Anyone who reads it will not recognize the shortness of breath!

I wish I was the one who can detoxify!

Therefore, no one has read the last word carefully!

But Su Ruoxi has read it all!

In the end, the other party also said that the person who provides the detoxification pill will give the other 10,000 top-quality spirit stones regardless of whether the pill is effective or not. Jiedu Dan to make money!

Physicians and alchemists who decide to detoxify are at risk. Once they cannot detoxify, or they are poisoned by treatment, they will be at their own risk!

The people of Black Rock Valley will try their best to cooperate with everyone's requests, but they cannot guarantee everyone's safety!

After reading it, Su Ruoxi felt that the people in Heiyangu, whether they were dragons or not, were still very reasonable. Su Ruoxi guessed that the other party was in big trouble too!

Otherwise, as the rumors say, if there are dragons in the Black Rock Valley, it shouldn't take so much trouble!

With the prestige of Heiyangu, you can invite many powerful alchemists by offering some benefits!

I'm not interested in other Su Ruoxi, but Su Ruoxi is a little more interested in the strange poison that Heiyangu said!

But the people from Heiyangu, who lived on the fifth floor of Mingyue Building, came to more than 30 people in total!

Live in two rooms on the fifth floor of Mingyue Building!

These were all told by the bee to Su Ruoxi!

But one thing that makes Su Ruoxi regret is that Lingbee sensed the coercion on the other side, and did not dare to approach at all, and could only look at the other side from a distance, so there was no way to bring other news to Su Ruoxi!

"Queen Bee, do you mean that Spirit Bee thinks the other party is a dragon?" Su Ruoxi asked in surprise.

"Master, the spirit bees are not sure. It stands to reason that the pressure of the dragon clan should be stronger. Even if I encounter it, if there is no master by my side, I will be very frightened!"

"Don't say it's the other spirit bees, but according to the news from the spirit bees, I just feel the pressure on the other side, so I don't dare to approach, I'm worried that they will be detected!"

"But there is no special fear. I guess the other party deliberately restrained the pressure on his body, or hid some of his own aura!" said the queen bee.

"According to this, the other party should still be very low-key, or he wants to be as low-key as possible outside!" Su Ruoxi thought for a while and said.

"Master, do you want the spirit bee to try to get a closer look?" the queen bee asked.

Usually, your own spirit bees are very useful. After all, the human race is strong and has no suppression on spirit bees. As long as you are careful not to be detected, the spirit bee family led by the queen bee rarely encounters obstacles!

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