Peerless Genius System - Chapter 858 Always find a way out

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As soon as the voice fell, Baihua Xiaoluo was close to the hustle and bustle, and the ghostly claws smashed the golden energy shield easily, and the explosive power of the horror hit the head of the cockroach.


A screaming scream, once again taken from the air into the ground, a black lacquered hole appeared on the ground, as if going straight to hell, and then the hot magma splashed out from the hole, like a smashing In the flood, the gap was swept by the flood, so that the magma splashed out of the surface in a few hundred meters.

The highest and strongest temperature caused the world to fall into a red, lava-infernal scene!


He rushed out, did not wait for him to lock the position of Baihua Xiaoluo, Baihua Xiaoluo appeared in front of him in a teleport, sneer and sneer, and completely treated him as a sandbag.


From fist to meat, every foot and every foot contains the power to destroy the earth and the earth. The space is broken from nothing to nothing, and then it is repaired from nothingness, and then broken into nothingness. This process is repeated repeatedly.

The top leaders of the world are looking forward to it. The four kings of the Guangzu Holy Land and their deputies are following, and Su Li looks at it all the same. It hasn’t been able to return to God for a long time. In front of Baihua Xiaoluo, he is only beaten. This is simply unimaginable.

"Ha ha ha..."

The sound of laughter filled the world between the heavens and the earth, Baihua Xiaolu grabbed his head with one hand, and the five fingers were like a steel pliers, which tightly buckled his head and directly ran with him toward the ground, imprisoned in his power. Under the circumstance, 斎祀 can no longer be quantized.


The two sides fell to the ground, and a loud and earth-shattering sound broke out. The dust and dust splashed. The ground collapsed from the center with the fallen point until the distance of several hundred feet stopped. The hot magma erupted from all the weak places on the surface. It is like hundreds of small volcanoes erupting at the same time, and the large pits that have been collided are quickly filled with magma.

The vast Xiahai City has become a lava zone at this time!

The four kings and Su Li of the Guangzu Holy Land retreat, Lei Wang and the War King have long stopped fighting, licking each other's collars and staring at the picture.

And the top leaders of the world are asking: Are you winning? Have we won?

Originally the area of ​​the bustling urban area, all flowing lava, high temperature burning everything here, the space four meters above the ground is the red of the soldering iron.


A figure rushed out of the magma, standing in the air in the air of a hundred meters, it was awkward.

At this time, he looked very miserable, his armor was broken, his hair was unkempt, and his face, arms and thighs were wounds.

At this time, another figure of all the flames appeared slowly from the magma, and the flames gradually went out, and finally showed the appearance of Baihua Xiaoluo.

"I want to kill you, I want to kill you!!!"

Baihua Xiaolu looked up at the hustle and bustle in the sky, and the cold and sharp laughter echoed between the heavens and the earth: "It seems that you have not figured out the situation at all. I am now a combination of Wuji and technology. You take it. What is it with me?"

The bite of the teeth cut, the anger reached the extreme, and then quantified, turned into a golden electric power mangrise, and soon came into space, the outline of the blue planet of the earth is all around, surrounded by cold, dark Cosmic space.

Although in this outer space, he can still see the albino Xiaoluo on the ground.

And the same, Baihua Xiaoluo can also see him clearly!

"Hell explosion!"

斎祀 Raise the right hand, a small fireball is formed in the palm of the hand. It absorbs the dark matter in the universe, rapidly expands and expands, and the diameter grows exponentially. In just a moment, the diameter has reached 100 meters. It is like a miniature version of the sun.

The devastating heat burns the universe, and a powerful ion storm is set in this outer space!

"This is... what is this?"

"God, can this alien be able to create a sun?"

"What is he doing?"

The high-level world’s high-level video from the satellite saw this scene in space. All of them were shocked and breathed, and the cold sweats poured into the face. Everyone’s face was filled with panic, because until now, that The diameter of the fireball has expanded to a hundred kilometers long, and the bottom of the fire is in front of it, just like a cockroach.

In fact, you don't have to go through the satellite, you can see this huge fireball on the ground.

Although it is in outer space, compared with the distance between the planet and the planet, this distance is negligible, so on the ground, it is like a red full moon, or a sun close to the ground, the naked eye. It can be clearly seen that the surface of the fireball has a nuclear fission explosion, and it seems that there is a phenomenon of magma in the gallop.

Everyone in the Xiahai survivor base looked at it, and some people had already scared their legs softly on the ground.

The four kings of the Guangzu Holy Land and their deputies are also stunned and staring at the sky. The original world and the secret world are the spaces of the earth. Once the earth is destroyed, not only the original world, but also the mystery will be there. It disappeared in the universe and turned into a dust.

Stop him!

Must stop him!

This is the voice of all people. Everyone's eyes are on Baihua Xiaoluo, and human hope is on him.

"The dog of Xiao's family, in the fight of my prince, and the planet together become the dust in the universe, hahaha..."

The sly laughter passed down from outer space and reverberated between the heavens and the earth. When his voice just fell, he smashed the huge fireball in his hand toward the earth.

With the launch of a huge fireball, the outer space, including the space of the earth, is like boiling water, and it is violently turbulent!

Baihua Xiaoluo slammed up and rushed toward the huge fireball that was shot by the spurt. In the process, the real power madly overflowed the surface and formed a blood black over his head. The energy light ball, with the injection of the true Yuan force, the energy light ball grows rapidly, and the white space Xiaolan draws the void together.


The sky is thunder and lightning, and the ground is full of magma, turbulence... The last sight is just that.

The speed of both sides was extremely fast, and they quickly collided at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Compared with the huge fireball, the blood black energy light ball of AXA Xiaoluo is very small, just like the difference between an elephant and a civet cat. The two collide, the blood black energy light ball is easily integrated. That huge fireball.

At the moment of the collision, the free energy between the whole world is in a moment of stagnation.


The stagnation lasted for a moment, and the two terrible energies started from the eruption above the height of 10,000 meters. The whole space became extremely distorted at this moment, just like the towel that was screwed up vigorously, and the folds appeared.

A storm of horror energy is swept away from the center at a very fast speed. When the storm passes, the space is no longer distorted, but directly broken, and looks up anywhere in China. The sky is dark and vain, and the whole planet is shaking slightly.

The volcanoes that have been dormant around the world have erupted one after another. The most ferocious and vast is the Mount Fuji in Japan, and the volcanic magma that rises up to the sky is several kilometers high;

The tides are surging, and unprecedented tsunami occurs on the coasts of all places;

The turbulence of the mainland plate trembled, and there were many devastating earthquakes in many places... all over the place, sorrowful and devastated, and the sad songs of humanity were everywhere!

The top leaders of the world also lost satellite signals at the same time, because the satellites in outer space were all destroyed by this strong and powerful energy.

"Ha ha ha ha ha..."

He laughed loudly and watched the blue planet become a miserable scene by his hand. He felt the endless sense of euphoria.

However, after he raised his head and laughed a few times, Baihua Xiaoluo appeared in the heavy energy storm, and the ghostly claws broke open his chest and directly blew his heart out of the blood. .

"you you……"

He looked at the double eyes and looked at Xiao Luo in front of him.

"What do I think? I thought I was dead? Sorry, let you down!" Baihua Xiaolu grabbed his heart and knelt, and smiled coldly.

I fell into a short and then looked like a madman with a sullen smile: "Do you think you won?"

"Isn't it?" Baihua Xiaolu directly smashed his heart in front of his face.

"Ha ha ha..."

The screaming screaming and screaming, the armor on his body suddenly extended a lot of mechanical tentacles. These mechanical tentacles were like a python, and the white body of Xiaoluo was tightly wrapped around the circle.

"You want to blew yourself?" Baihua Xiaolu looked at him coldly.

"What? Are you scared?"

斎祀 疯 疯 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , No."

Baihua Xiaolu did not speak, just staring at him indifferently.

斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 无 无 无 无 无 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀 斎祀

However, the expected explosion did not appear, and the armor on his body did not respond.

Hey, he shouted: "Start the self-explosion program!"

The broken golden armor still had no slight reaction, and his instructions did not seem to be implemented.

"Don't try it, it won't execute your instructions."

Baihua Xiaoluo said, "All systems will evolve self-awareness, it will not perform self-destruction procedures, it wants to live, and survival is the innate ability of intelligent creatures."

"Impossible, we have long blocked the parts that produce intelligence. They are dead objects, tools, and absolutely impossible to have self-awareness."

"Life will always find a way out, as a product of high technology, it will also find a way out." Baihua Xiaoluo smiled.

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