Path of Medicine With a System - v2 Chapter 1933 mischief

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  Chapter 1933 Mischief

   "Why don't you spend the New Year at home well, what are you doing here?" Zhang Fan wanted to check into the system in the office, but the mammary gland was still not progressing very fast. He wanted to simulate it to see if the general direction was wrong.

   As a result, Wang Hong knocked on the door and greeted Zhang Fan with a smile before she sat down.

   "The seven aunts and the eight aunts in the family are either right or wrong, or they want to go to the hospital because of their relationship. I was a little annoyed, so I came to the hospital to have a look. I haven't summed up the spirit of many meetings years ago."

In fact, Wang Hong was urged by her mother-in-law and husband to come to work. Wan Hong was a civil servant in her mother-in-law's family. When her father-in-law was about to retire, she arranged a sub-department treatment. secretary.

  Now Wang Hong has the highest position, not to mention, and the position is very important. This kind of family attaches great importance to this, and is deeply afraid that relatives who come to pay New Year's greetings will ask Wang Hong, so after eating dumplings on the first day of the new year, they let Wang Hong use the excuse of going to work to avoid these unnecessary relationships.

  Zhang Fan nodded and saw that Wang Hong had already made tea, so he said: "Don't do it, I will do it myself, you hurry to get the documents, and go back early when you are done, and take a few days off all year long."

"Look at what you said, making tea can make anyone tired." Wang Hong didn't dare to play with Zhang Fan's brains. Back then, Wang Hong was able to wave a group of young boys around, but Zhang Fan couldn't help but be stunned. Now I am even more afraid.

  She is too clear, this black-faced guy is smiling, but the harmless man is really evil. Although Wang Hong occasionally cursed silently in her heart, she still admired Zhang Fan.

  Look at the same group of people who entered the hospital together back then, look at the husband who was still very arrogant back then, and look at Zhang Fan now, there is really no comparison between people.

   After taking two sips of tea, I heard sirens whistling in the hospital yard. Not to mention the sound insulation of the administrative building, if the wind is stronger, the light tubes in the room can dance disco for you.

  When Zhang Fan heard this, several 120s had gone out, and he was not in the mood to drink tea and enter the system.

  Many hospital directors, after entering the leadership, often gradually become different, and some even leave the clinic.

In fact, this is putting the cart before the horse. Hospitals are different from the government. For example, the director of a hospital at the same level and Bailihou. Relatively speaking, Bailihou manages more things, from industry to agriculture, from education to medical care, and you have to look up. Road, there is nothing wrong with having more meetings.

  The hospital is different. The essence of a hospital is to save lives and heal the wounded. The director of a hospital can no longer feel that he is the director, and then spend every day in the government, wanting to buy CT.

  In fact, Huaguo's technical system often has this kind of problem. Once he becomes a sesame seed leader, he suddenly seems like a craftsman who has left, and starts to drill with a tie. It won't take long for this kind of person to be completely out of touch with the top ranks. It's not about favoring one over the other. In this respect, Golden Retriever's medical care is relatively good. The dean is hired, and the main responsibility is clinical, not the semi-official dean like Huaguo.

Zhang Fan is different, clinical practice is his right line of business, and other things he can push, such as the spirit of superiors, in this regard, Zhang Fan usually entrusts Wang Hong, and then at the weekly administrative meeting, let Wang Hong read , everyone to learn.

  Finance was given to Yan Xiaoyu, personnel was given to Ren Li, and Ouyang Laochen was in charge of coordinating and dealing with the government.

  On the one hand, decentralization, on the other hand, Zhang Fan has been leading the technology, and the leadership team of the hospital is particularly united. Sometimes unity makes the leaders of Bird City worry!

  As soon as Zhang Fan entered the emergency center, he saw Xue Fei running out in a hurry, and then looked at the emergency center, where the panicked graduate students were leading several intern undergraduates.

   This is the bolt that can't be pulled out, so that graduate students who haven't graduated are stuck here.

   "What's going on, who will watch if you go here?" Zhang Fan shouted.

   "An accident happened in Folk Custom Street, and everyone else paid 120. I'm afraid he won't be able to let the graduate student pass, so I have to go there. I think I'll be back in a while." Xue Fei turned around and said, his footsteps still didn't stop.

   "Okay, you stay at home, I'll go!" Zhang Fan frowned.

   "Okay!" Xue Fei was not modest at all, and directly handed the emergency first aid kit to the little nurse.

In the past, Chasu had no money, and the leaders had to apply to the leaders of Bird City for whatever they wanted to do, but now it’s different, with some money, it’s the same as when a man has no money, he will always be a good man, go home on time, and don’t drink Not teasing.

  But once you have a little money, it will be different immediately. Everyone seems to be destined to be with you. If you have a little more money, you even feel that you can **** other people's wives.

  Chasu is like this, because of the dividends from Chasu Hospital, it has slowed down in the past two years, and when I have money, I start all kinds of troubles.

The first thing I went to was the Folk Street, an antique lane with small bridges and flowing water. I wanted to make it as glorious as the Tang City of Roujiamo, and I wanted to make it like Zhouzhuang in the south of the Yangtze River. The woman standing at the head of the bridge and holding a paper umbrella looked back. The infinite style of a smile.

  Although Zhang Fan has never been there, Shao Hua took his family’s elders there. In Shao Hua’s words, there is nothing special about it. There is a street of barbecue, a street of stinky tofu, and a street of mutton beef soup.

  Normally, there are few people in this place. This year people don’t go there at all, and neither do outsiders. What kind of humanities do you have? People come here to see the grasslands, forests and snow-capped mountains.

   On the contrary, during the Chinese New Year, this place is crowded with people, people sticking to each other, and those who are thinner can move forward without being able to touch the ground.

  The merchants who were fooled over also threw off their arms and yelled vigorously.

As a result, a girl standing by the bridge did not know whether she was not grasping firmly or was squeezed. One accidentally fell from the bridge three or four meters high. It has long been turned into ice.

It’s so hard to die. When the woman fell, she just landed on a sharp point standing on the ice. I don’t know if it was a stone or what. Anyway, it’s just an ice bump that can’t be pointed or blunt. superior.

  People who were on the bridge at the time probably heard the click.

  After the woman fell, she didn't even have a chance to yell. There was a click, as if a bag of noodles had fallen on the concrete floor, and there was only a dull impact.

Then the woman's boyfriend saw it, and jumped down too, but the ice surface was too slippery. As soon as he landed on the ground, his feet slipped, and there was a crisp click, like the sound of bamboo being snapped. The man was covering it like a pig Ankle, with a ferocious face, began to howl.

  The woman was crawling on the ice like a maggot and curled up together, twitching once and for all, while the man was clutching his ankle and howling loudly.

I don't know who shouted: No, the bridge is about to collapse, and the people on the bridge fled in all directions, and then the adults shouted and the children cried, leaving a floor of shoes on the bridge in minutes Instantly cleared.

   Stampede, children wearing brand-new clothes, being overwhelmed by the crowd, stepped on like sticky bean bun stuffing all over their bodies, the mother of the frightened child kept asking the trembling child where it hurts.

  The energy that people burst out under extreme conditions is really scary.

  Some young and athletic people jumped directly from the bridge, some hugged their feet and cried, and some were lucky enough to stand by the bridge and walk away looking at the bridge.

  The two sides of the bridge deck are almost the same as the Shura Field. Those who called mothers, those who called children, were heart-piercing.

  The small street was so crowded that even the security guards didn't know what happened, but there were still people who escaped. Qingxin picked up the phone and started calling the police.

   There is an old saying in Huaguo: extreme joy begets sorrow.

   Often the more happy you are, the more vigilant you need to be.

  Who is the person most responsible for this tragedy? Is it the person who added to the chaos and shouted that the bridge collapsed? Or blame the people who came out to play during the Chinese New Year, or blame the government for not making the facilities foolproof?

  So, vigilance and caution should really be kept in mind, the more relaxed and relaxed, the more likely accidents will happen.

  Zhang Fan sat on the co-pilot of 120 and drove towards the scene.

Before arriving at the place, I saw a group of people on Folk Street, like dogs chasing after them, scatter in all directions, some people made phone calls while running, some people shouted while running, and some even had faces with scars on their faces. with tears.

   When all are panicked.

  Zhang Fan glanced, "It's a bad thing."

   "Quick, take a shortcut and go in."

   "Zhang Yuan, a stone pier has been placed in the shortcut."

  Folk Street was originally a place to make money. Stone blocks were placed row by row at the entrance of the street, and then turned into a parking lot. The exit is narrow, as if people are afraid of evading fees.

  There are a bunch of cars stuck at the exit, and I am afraid that I will run slowly. 120 can't get in at all.

  Although the security call said that someone was injured and needed medical treatment, Zhang Fan's many years of experience had already understood that it was definitely not a simple injury.

   Either there was a sudden wounding incident inside, or something like a fire, otherwise, how could the Chinese people who love to watch the excitement run as fast as a rabbit.

   "Come on, hurry up, and knock the stone blocks away."

  The driver hesitated for a moment, and Zhang Fan immediately got angry: "Hurry up, hit it, the moment of life is at stake, why are you so dumb!"

  Wooooow, 120 roared and rushed over, bang, the car rushed forward like a stumble, but the quality of 120 in Chasu Hospital was the best, and two stone blocks were knocked open.

  However, the front face of the 120 was also disfigured, and the bumper stuck out like the tongue of a car and rested on the ground.

  The car quickly inserted into it.

   Zhang Fan looked from afar, and saw that there were a lot of people in colorful clothes lying and sitting on the ice like dumplings.

   And those who cried and roared by the bridge. panicked! It is so harsh in the festival that should have been peaceful and joyful.

   "Xue Fei, Xue Fei immediately informed Wang Hong to ask the staff of Chasu Hospital to assemble at the hospital immediately, and ordered the doctors and nurses at home to gather at Folk Street immediately if they were close to Folk Street, and to gather at the hospital immediately if they were close to the hospital."

  (end of this chapter)

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