Northern Abyss Immortal Clan - Chapter 1370 Chaos Stone

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Hearing this, Wang Daoyuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he doesn't quite believe this old guy, if he really doesn't fight with himself, it will save a lot of trouble.

After all, it was the demon of the past, and now its strength is declining, and it is also above himself.

If you really want to move your hands, even if you can repel this old guy, you will inevitably be seriously injured.

As for taking him down, Wang Daoyuan didn't dare to think about it.

The skinny camel is bigger than the horse, which one has no means of pressing the bottom of the box? What's more, this is an Earth Immortal.

"Then where will the senior go in the future? When the demons invaded, my master slashed the Zulong Mountain with a sword, and the Qianyuan world was divided into two parts, the north and the south, and the north was my territory.

Senior, a demon, wandering around my territory, I am not at ease. "

The old man was a little surprised: "It was your master who cut off the earth more than 70,000 years ago?"

Wang Daoyuan nodded, a sharp aura enveloped his body.

The old man took a deep breath: "My dear, this sword intent is really in the same line.

After living for a long time, you can see all kinds of strange things.

Although I stay here, before your master cut off the earth, I also had a lot of connections with the outside world.

In the past few hundred thousand years, I have heard of many children of destiny, but I have never seen two generations of children of destiny so closely related. "

"Is there nothing to do with the children of luck in the past?"

The old man shook his head: "No, the children of luck are nothing, there are dozens or even hundreds of them before every catastrophe.

The ultimate victor is called the Son of Destiny, and there is only one in an era.

It may be that Tiandao wants to balance the forces, so there is no relationship between the two generations of Destiny's sons. "

Wang Daoyuan was a little flustered: "I'm a little scared when you say that, so far, I have only cleaned up one Child of Luck, and there are still many opponents in the future.

According to what you say, am I sure to lose in the future? "

The old man chuckled lightly: "You are different from others, all the victors of the past dynasties, including your master, can only be called the sons of destiny.

And you are special, you are the real person of destiny.

As for what Tianming Zhenren represents, I don't know.

That's what the real immortal strong man said at the beginning, the real person of destiny is far superior to the son of destiny, and of course the responsibility he bears is far more than that of the child of destiny.

Even if the sons of destiny in all dynasties have survived, it is impossible to compete with you.

What's more, your opponents only have luck, and this luck can be on them or taken away by others, not even the Son of Destiny. "

"As for where the old man is going? Do you think I'm stupid?"

Wang Daoyuan shook his head: "Although I haven't spent a long time with the seniors, the wisdom of the seniors is indeed not bad."

"That's right, the appearance of your Destiny Man, it means that the unprecedented catastrophe of heaven and earth is coming.

As soon as the catastrophe comes out, I don't know how many earth immortals will be returned to dust, and I don't know how many great powers with long traditions will be wiped out.

I don't dare to compare with those big forces with my small body. The catastrophe is coming, so naturally I can hide if I can.

I am now in the realm of the underworld, and few calamities have been able to spread to the underworld.

It's fine to hide here, why go out and die? "

Wang Daoyuan has always been curious about the underworld. After all, Wang Minglong and Yunyi under him have their roots in the underworld.

"How much do seniors know about the situation in the underworld?"

The old man smiled and said: "There are many places where the underworld and the human world can be understood, and these same places are called the gates of the underworld.

Every gate of the underworld is guarded by demons.

On the one hand, it is to prevent anything from the human world from entering the underworld casually, and on the other hand, it is also to prevent the evil spirits from the underworld from going to the human world to do evil.

Most of the guards at the gate of the underworld are my white tiger clan.

Even an ordinary white tiger like me has a great restraint on the soul.

Not to mention the Soul Eater, the evil spirits did not even have the courage to resist when they saw them.

I have quite a few old friends who are guarding the various gates of the underworld. I go to them and find a place to stay is not a problem. "

Wang Daoyuan asked, "What should I do with the gate of the underworld?"

The old man smiled and said: "This gate to the underworld is not natural, but when the real fairy and the real devil fought, the space world was destroyed, resulting in the connection between the underworld and the human world.

Therefore, those true immortals set up a formation to block the gate of the underworld.

After the formation is blocked, the gate of the underworld does not need to be guarded at all.

I was forced to stay here by that senior.

Now that things are taken away by you, I can leave too. "

"By the way, those soul crystals must be eaten by Yun Yi.

With Yunyi's bloodline, after eating all the soul crystals, and then breaking through the seventh rank, almost 80% of the soul-devouring underworld tiger bloodline will be obtained.

At that time, the final divine beast catastrophe can be crossed at any time.

If let him break through the seventh order first, these soul crystals will not be enough. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "Senior, don't worry, I will supervise him well."

The old man smiled and said, "That's good, you won't leave with confidence when I'm here.

I'll go ahead and say goodbye. "

After all, go outside.

After he had walked several miles away, Wang Daoyuan walked down the altar.

To his surprise, there was nothing wrong with the altar.

Stepping down from the altar, he did not encounter the slightest obstruction.

At this time, Xuan Yuan began to show his loyalty: "Master, are you not injured?

This old thing is so nasty, let's go up and clean him up together. "

Wang Daoyuan glanced at him: "What did you do just now? You are so powerful, beat up that old guy.

He hasn't gone far, and it's too late to start now. "

Xuan Yuan was stunned at the time, and after reacting, he quickly changed the subject: "Master, you are a body of ten thousand gold, how can you easily take risks?

How is your injury? Do you want to heal here, the little turtle can protect you. "

Wang Daoyuan waved his hand: "No need, when the White Tiger Demon Immortal attacked me, in order to hide, he didn't use his spiritual power, he just used his physical power to come to me.

Yinglong has been protecting me, and the injury is not serious. "

"Then the little turtle can rest assured, the little turtle's strength is low, and it can't help you much.

Why don't you put away the little turtle first? "

Seeing how unpromising this guy is, keeping him outside is just adding to the chaos, and Wang Daoyuan also includes him in the Lingzhu space.

Afterwards, he picked up the Qiankun Ring left by the White Tiger Demon Immortal, put it in the Lingzhu space, and handed it over to the clone to check.

There are quite a lot of soul crystals inside, and there are more than a thousand black crystals the size of a thumb.

Yunyi eats one piece a day, enough for three or four years.

Then he walked outside, and soon came to the place where Yun Yi practiced.

When this guy saw Wang Daoyuan coming over, he quickly asked, "Master, did you kill that old thing?"

"Cough cough..." The voice of the white tiger demon came, "You little tiger cub, you dare to arrange me behind your back before I leave?"

Wang Daoyuan also became vigilant: "Senior, what else do you need to explain?"

The White Tiger Demon Immortal came over and said, "I have nothing to explain. I lifted the shackles and got carried away for a while. I forgot that the token was in your hands. I can't get out by myself."

Wang Daoyuan took out the token and opened the formation in this fork.

The White Tiger Demon Immortal walked out first, while Wang Daoyuan followed behind with Yun Yi.

Soon, they came to the previous fork.

Baihu Yaoxian smiled and said, "I'm leaving now, farewell."

After saying that, he jumped into the dark passage where the gray fog gushed out.

Yun Yi, who was held by Wang Daoyuan, was not honest, he opened his mouth and spat out a few wind blades and smashed them downward.

Soon, an angry roar came from below: "Little Yunyi, dare to attack Laozi.

When I see you next time, I will have to rip your skin off. "

Yun Yi finally took advantage of it, and Yun Yi was in a good mood: "You old man, bully me all day long."

A black flame condensed in Wang Daoyuan's hand and threw it at the fork.

The black flames were burning, completely blocking the opening of the hole.

Anything that wants to pass through the flames, he can instantly detect it.

Then, use the token to open the channel in the array.

Walking out of the formation, he came to the ancient battlefield of the human world, and he immediately urged the token to completely seal the formation.

Free from the control of the white tiger demon, Yun Yi was in a good mood.

He took a few breaths of the soul mist: "I finally got rid of the bullying of that old bastard, master, do you have barbecue there?"

Wang Daoyuan was too lazy to pay attention to him, and directly included him in the Lingzhu space.

Tear apart the space and left the ancient battlefield. When passing by Tianquan Island, he just said hello to Wang Shouye and returned directly to Tianfu Island.

Wang Daoyuan is really curious about the treasure left by the old thing of the imperial robbery.

Back in the cave on Tianfu Island, his primordial spirit entered the Lingzhu space.

At this time, Xuan Yuan was greedily staring at the treasure box obtained in the gate of the underworld.

Wang Daoyuan asked, "Xuan Yuan, do you understand the prohibition on this treasure box?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head: "This restriction is too strange, like a formation restriction.

But these restrictions are not like the inheritance of the formations of the fairy world, nor are they like the inheritance of the formations of the Qianyuan world.

I can't even read it, let alone unravel it. "

At this time, Wang Mingchen came over with the Wanling Pagoda in his hand, and also wanted to see this treasure box.

"Mingchen, you came here just in time. The ancestor of Wanling has a lot of knowledge. Come and see what the ban on this box is."

The figure of the ancestor of Wanling came out of the Wanling Pagoda, and he stared at the box for a long time: "I seem to have seen this kind of restriction in the early years, when the old master of the beast was still alive.

I remember it was an old friend of his who got a small box from the ruins.

He tried every means, but couldn't open the box.

Many earth immortals and great powers were invited to help, and the old master of ten thousand beasts was one of them. "

Wang Daoyuan hurriedly asked: "Is that box left by the Immortal Imperial Tribulation Array? Did it finally open?"

The ancestor of Wanling nodded: "In the end, it was opened. It is hard to say whether it was left by the imperial robbery array fairy."

"How did it open?"

"Although the ban on the box looks like a ban on the formation method, it has nothing to do with the talisman talisman formation, it is completely the Tao pattern formed by the manifestation of the Tao of Heaven.

To lift this thing, it is necessary to pour the corresponding power of heaven into it, and it seems that the order of infusion is also somewhat particular.

The box and the Dao pattern on this box are only somewhat similar, far less complicated than this box.

Even so, it was slowly tried by a group of earth immortals.

I don't know how the box is opened. "

Wang Daoyuan was dumbfounded. The Dao patterns on this box were extremely complicated and intertwined with each other.

Not to mention instilling the power of Heavenly Dao in sequence, even if it is to separate out different Dao patterns, it is an impossible thing to accomplish.

"This is troublesome, I can't tell which Heavenly Dao Power the Dao Wen corresponds to."

Xuan Yuan thought for a long time before he said: "Master, it seems that we should change our thinking.

Since this cloud is left to you by the Immortal Imperial Tribulation Array, it must be opened by you.

The means to unlock this treasure box should be on your body. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "That makes sense."

Afterwards, Yuanshen slowly paced in the Lingzhu space: "Since it involves the order of injecting the power of heaven, then this order must be related to me.

Is it the order in which I find the corresponding spirit fire, the order in which I master the law, or the order in which the law is integrated into the long river of heaven? "

Xuan Yuan said: "Since it is related to the power of heaven, I think it is better to follow the order in which you integrate the laws into the long river of heaven.

Senior Wanling also said before that when he opened the box, he tried it out. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded, and then called out a ray of heavenly power from the small world and integrated it into the treasure box.

Sure enough, a series of prohibitions on the treasure box lit up.

Ancestor Wanling said quickly: "It was like this when the old master and his old friend opened the box.

As long as you find the right order, a series of prohibitions will light up, and it seems that we have found the right way. "

Wang Daoyuan once again drew the power of heaven corresponding to the law of life from the small world and injected it into the treasure box.

Sure enough, another series of prohibitions lit up.

However, in a dozen or so breaths, eight kinds of heavenly powers, such as the Five Elements, the Sun Taiyin, and the Purple Thunder, were injected into it.

On the treasure box, all the prohibitions are lit up. UU reading www.

Afterwards, all the restrictions on the treasure box shattered, leaving only the dark box without a trace of decoration.

Xuan Yuan said quickly: "Master, please open this box quickly.

If there is something good, I would like to have a share of it. "

Wang Daoyuan glanced at him and ignored him.

At this time, Zhou Luan, Wang Mingren, Da Hei, and Yun Yi all came over.

Even Wang Minglong and Molong, who did not do business all day, were watching here.

Wang Daoyuan opened the box, and a purple aura shot into the sky.

The aura dissipated, and the treasure in the box revealed its original appearance.

Inside is a stone the size of an adult's palm, which is gray and translucent, and contains some liquid in the stone.

Wang Daoyuan had never seen this thing before and asked, "Senior Wanling, Xuan Yuan, do you know this thing?"

The ancestor of Wanling shook his head: "This stone seems to be extremely extraordinary, but the light is introverted, and I can't see anything."

Xuan Yuan looked confident: "I know this thing, it is recorded in the ancient books of my ancestors, and it is called Chaos Stone.

This thing is the crystallization of Chaos Qi in the endless void.

Only when a world is formed and a large amount of Chaos Qi gathers, can there be a chance to produce this Chaos Stone.

After the world was formed, the gathered Chaos Qi was consumed.

The Chaos Stone is relatively stable and will not be completely absorbed by the world.

Usually a portion remains, floating in the void next to the world.

True immortals can walk freely in the void near the world, and most of the Chaos Stones have fallen into their hands, and my ancestors also got one.

As for the Chaos Stone with liquid in it, it has never been mentioned in my family's ancestral books. "


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