Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2713 Heaven Merging Demon Pill

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Chapter 2713 Heaven Merging Demon Pill


The Moon and Star Refining Furnace shuddered, and Meng Qi’s forehead was glistening with sweat. Her Spiritual Strength had dropped a full sixty percent in order to finish this final step.

After that, the lid slowly opened and nine glistening medicinal pills were reflected in everyone’s eyes. Meng Qi and the others cheered. They had refined nine high grade Heaven Merging Pills with pill rings.

Succeeding in the very first attempt delighted the women. At this moment, Long Chen picked one up and closely examined it. He nodded.

“As expected, this pill can be consumed.”

“Long Chen, why are the pills that we refine even better than the ones that you refined?” asked Meng Qi.

Long Chen’s clone was currently being controlled by Ling-er, and as an item-spirit, her Spiritual Strength was limited. That was why Meng Qi was supporting the refinement with her Spiritual Strength.

They succeeded on the first try with Ling-er controlling things, but Long Chen had ended up failing in his first attempt. That was curious to them.

“That is because the clone that Ling-er is controlling doesn’t have my astral energy. There is no additional energy for the pill to absorb, thus there is no world energy causing it to be inedible,” said Long Chen.

This clone’s essence, qi, and spirit were controlled by Evilmoon, little Heaven, and Ling-er. However, the clone had no astral spaces. Without the energy of his astral spaces entering the pill, it was easier to refine.

“Meng Qi, you rest. In a bit, you and Chu Yao can try to work together. This time, we’ll aim to refine a top grade pill,” said Long Chen.

An hour later, another furnace of pills was finished. However, this time the sky rumbled and lightning tribulation clouds appeared. The appearance of a top grade pill resulted in the jealousy of the heavens.

Long Chen completely ignored this pill tribulation. He opened the lid, and nine beams of light shot out into the tribulation clouds.

“What a wild power. It actually attacked the pill tribulation?” Meng Qi and the others were startled. Top grade pills had a certain level of spirituality and were normally afraid of heavenly tribulation.

However, this furnace of pills actually transformed into swords stabbing into the heavens.

At this moment, lightning was crashing down, but it was shattered by the swords. Even the tribulation clouds were broken.

“Not good! They’re running!” cried out Meng Qi and the others.

The tribulation was unable to stop these pills. Most top grade pills would be destroyed during tribulation, and even if they survived, they would be normally exhausted. But these pills had destroyed the tribulation clouds and ran.

All of a sudden, a lightning dragon appeared and devoured the nine swords. The dragon then vanished, and nine pills appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Those pills all emitted a majestic aura.

They were translucent. Inside, it was possible to see mountains and rivers, flowers and birds. It was like they contained an entire world, with light and spiritual qi flowing within them.

“Top grade tribulation pills? Just like that?” Yue Xiaoqian covered her mouth, completely shocked. A top grade pill was extremely rare. Some alchemists could spend a lifetime without refining one.

Any top grade pills that were refined were viewed as treasures to be passed down. They rarely were allowed to undergo tribulation, but Long Chen could refine nine top grade tribulation pills just like that.

“Would eating them allow us to rapidly increase our realm?” asked Meng Qi.

Long Chen shook his head. “The high grade Heaven Merging Pills can be consumed, but these top grade tribulation pills contain too much of the will of the Heavenly Daos. If not controlled properly, they might explode in your body. Hence, they should instead be placed in formations that extract their energy bit by bit for others to absorb. Even so, their effect is dozens of times greater than the high grade pills.”

“Then let's refine some more. We can take turns resting and refining. We can also call Cloud and Liu Ruyan over,” said Tang Wan-er excitedly.

“No, they’ve just advanced. Their cultivation path is different from ours, so we shouldn’t disturb them at this important time. We’ll take turns with just us,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Dong Mingyu, and Yue Xiaoqian took turns supporting Ling-er with their Spiritual Strength. Meanwhile, Ling-er focused on controlling Long Chen’s clone and refining the pills with the Moon and Star Refining Furnace.

The reason that she needed to control Long Chen’s clone to refine the Heaven Merging Pill was because it required a certain conduit to heaven and earth. Long Chen’s clone provided that conduit, and that was what allowed the pill to contain more energy from the Heavenly Daos.

This also meant that the Heaven Merging Pill was one of the few pills that the Moon and Star Refining Furnace and Ling-er were unable to refine completely on their own.

Meng Qi and the others refined five furnaces of pills before they needed a break. Now, it was Long Chen’s turn.

However, this time, Long Chen used the Demon Moon Furnace. He said to Ling-er, “I will be the main force, while you assist me. Focus on controlling the furnace. If you are unable to split your attention, leave the clone to Evilmoon to control.”

After saying that, Long Chen focused on himself completely. This time, he was refining a demonic pill. Although its medicinal energy was terrifying, there were many unsure factors that could make him fail the refinement.

At this moment, the pill furnace rumbled. Long Chen’s flame energy burned to its fullest as the pill condensed, and his Spiritual Strength was fully unleashed. At the same time, his clone’s Spiritual Strength also aided the refinement.

The pill furnace then rumbled intensely. Even the heavens and the earth quivered with every shake of the furnace. The distant mountains began to collapse.


Suddenly, cracks spread in the ground, covering this entire area. The Demon Moon Furnace shuddered so intensely it was like some weapon was attacking its walls on the inside.

“Damn, these pills really are ruthless. It hurts!” exclaimed Ling-er.

The refinement was complete. Nine pills were striking the furnace like shooting stars, trying to break free.

“Release one of them,” said Long Chen.

When it appeared, the void darkened as lightning crashed down. Black qi gushed out of the pill, and it transformed into human shape.

The human form it took was actually Long Chen. However, this Long Chen’s eyes were red, and it emitted a demonic aura.

Surprisingly, this figure ignored the lightning in the sky and chose to immediately strike Long Chen.


Long Chen received its punch with his fist. As a result, the ground beneath his feet exploded.

Just at that moment, the pill sent a foot kicking toward his crotch with lightning speed. Long Chen hastily raised his own leg to block.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s expression changed and his hand shot up toward his ear.

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