Naruto Coming To Marvel - Chapter 761 Barton abused again

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Latest URL: Glancing at the live broadcast of the Firestone Music Festival on TV, Charlotte smiled slightly.

Now is also the time to arrange Kalui and Xi of Yunin to play. Yunyin can't miss B in the AB combination and don't care.

Taking out the space gem from the storage space and holding it in his hand, Charlotte's consciousness entered the system space, and put all the C ninja Karui and Xi in the ninja column on the battle column.

Through the ability of the space gem, all the locations of the manifestations are set in the Inca temples in Peru. …

Peru - Inca temple.

After SHIELD paid some resources and price, the range of 500 meters centered on the temple has been allotted to SHIELD.

At this time, the Inca temple was surrounded, and a large number of staff and workers who had researched the history of the Inca temple were called in to decipher the lines inside the temple.

Hitwell walked into the command room, looked at the monitor in front of him and asked the agent on the side: "Is there any fluctuation in the Chakra detector?"

"No fluctuations."

Thinking of the materials deciphered by the archaeologists, they think that those inexplicable lines have no reference meaning, but just random graffiti.

During this period of time in the temple, they almost demolished the temple, and all inspections did not find any information about ninjas.

Sitwell glanced at the temple on the monitor in front of him, and asked, "Where is our Hawkeye Barton?" "He's on the tree outside, and there is no place for him to hang in the temple." .”

Hearing the answer from his agent, Hitwell smiled. At this moment, an alarm suddenly sounded from an instrument.

The agent in charge of guarding the instrument immediately reported: "Sir, the energy detector has detected an unknown energy fluctuation." Hitwell immediately looked at the other party and asked, "Where's the Chakra detector?"

The agent took a look and said, "There is no fluctuation."

In the Inca temple, the figures of Kalui and Xi appeared in the temple out of thin air. At this time, the figure was just a phantom and had not yet transformed.

At this time, an archaeologist looked at the two figures that suddenly appeared, and stretched out his hand to grab: "Who are you?" However, he grabbed nothing, and no one was there.


However, in the next second, the figures of Kalui and Xi changed from virtual to real, and were revealed. Xi, who just came out, looked at the large number of people around him, and immediately sealed with both hands: "Thunderbolt Thunderbolt!"

"Ah, my eyes, I can't see." "That **** dropped the flash bomb."

With Xi's flash bomb, all the personnel in the entire temple temporarily lost the ability to see. At this time, Xi and Karui began to check the extra memories in their minds, and learned that the strange The rabbi turned into a teenager and came to this world, and their mission is to find Kirabi.

In the temporary command room, Hitwell had just finished asking when the chakra detector siren sounded immediately. "It has appeared, sir, the Chakra detector has also issued an early warning, and the Chakra intensity is A-level."

Hearing that the Chakra Checker had also issued an early warning, Hitwell smiled. Sure enough, there was nothing wrong with it. There really is a teleportation array from the ninja world to the earth.

Then he looked at the monitor, and the figures of Xi and Karui appeared in it.

Two adult ninjas, a man and a woman, the man has white blond hair and the female ninja has the same brown skin as Kirabi, holding a long knife in her hand.

Hearing the screams from the temple at this time, Hawkeye Button immediately jumped down from the tree and rushed in immediately. However, Barton, who had just rushed in, was greeted by Karui's kick.


Karui kicked Barton flying, hitting the wall of the temple before stopping. At this time, all the people who lost their eyesight in the temple squatted down and wailed.

"Who are you?"

"Where is this place?"

"What is the purpose of sending us here?"

Barton, who hit the wall, felt a little helpless in his heart. He was being abused again. It seems that this time

The strength of the ninjas who came here is not low.

He immediately waved his hand and said: "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, Yunyin, we are not enemies." Karuy looked at the man who fell on the ground, and asked, "You know us?"

She appeared in front of Barton in a flash, and drew out the long knife in her hand to put it on Barton's neck. "Tell me, did you kidnap Kirabi?"

Looking at the cold long knife on his neck, Barton swallowed. He was really afraid that the unreasonable female ninja in front of him would chop her up with a knife, and there was really no place to reason.

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding." "Say it!"

Patton glanced around, and then said: "Everyone, I am Agent Patton of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I have exchanges and cooperation with ninjas from all over the world."

"Everyone in the Land of Thunder, we are not enemies."

"And the Kirabi you mentioned, I know this person, but we really didn't kidnap him."

Xi, who hadn't spoken at this time, took two steps forward and said, "Karui, put away your long knife, they are not threatening."

"Yes." "Shua!"

Karui held a saber flower and received it into the sheath.

Then he cast a glance at Barton who fell on the ground: "What a coward************** Dun smiled awkwardly. "Sir, according to what you mean, you have met Kirabi from our Cloud Ninja Village." gone."

Barton shook his head: "I haven't met Kirabi, but I know him,"

At this moment, Hitwell walked in with a tablet computer, and said, "This should be the Kirabi you are looking for."

Xi and Karui looked at the tablet in Hitwell's hand. UU Reading showed the broadcast of the Flint Music Festival, and it was Kirabi who performed on the stage.

Xi and Karui looked at each other, and Karui nodded. This was Karui's master Kirabi, but what appeared inside was a young Kirabi she had never seen before.

However, Karuy still recognized at a glance that the person in the video was his master, Eight-Tails Perfect Jinchuriki—Kirabi. "That's right, it's him."

At this time, the S.H.I.E.L.D. researchers and agents squatting on the ground recovered their vision and stood up. Seeing that the agents were fine, Hitwell also breathed a sigh of relief, and then said:

"I know you have a lot of things you want to communicate with us, but this is not a suitable place." "How about we change places."

Looking at the bald man talking in front of him, Karui looked at Xi who was on the side. Xi is an elite Jnin, but he is much stronger than her Chunnin, and everything here is decided by the other party.

Looking at Kalui's gaze, Xi said, "In this case, let's communicate in another place." "Also, don't destroy everything here."

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