Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 814 'The Star' Leonard

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The Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity Chapter 814 Leonard the Star

Klein didn't recover for a while, he wondered if there was a problem with his hearing, how could there be something about Miss "Power" here?

How can Leonard have an intersection with Miss "Power"?

Excluding the case of the same name and surname, Klein can only think of one possibility. Miss "Power" has established a connection with the angel of the "Thief" path parasitic in Leonard's body. Anyway, Leonard really has nothing worthy of "power" Miss coveted the place.

But what does this have to do with me? Why should Leonard recite the honorable name of "The Fool"?

Klein didn't quite understand the deep meaning of this, but he didn't think about the possibility of this being Miss Power's prank at all, but seriously thought about the truly meaningful reason.

Suddenly, he thought of a detail. Leonard recited the honorable name of "The Fool" in St. Samuel's Church, and he easily pulled him into the gray fog... Although Klein believed in the power of the gray mist very much, but he still had awe of the goddess, so he couldn't help but have some doubts. There shouldn't be the goddess' inspiration in it, right?

Thinking of this, he pretended to be interested and let out an "oh", and said softly:

"Tell me in detail."

Leonard naturally didn't dare to be negligent, and told all the information he knew in detail, but unfortunately, he didn't even see Louise at all, so he could only tell the story between himself and Pallez. Talk, and some guesses in his heart that he doesn't know are accurate.

Klein listened silently. He first confirmed that the relationship between Leonard and the "Stealer" angel parasitic in his body was still harmonious, and then he began to sigh:

"Leonard used to be ashamed to think that he was the protagonist, but now it seems that he is not even as good as a tool man, far worse than himself...Hey, why should I compare with him?"

Quickly discarding the boring thoughts in his mind, Klein didn't get much information through Leonard's undetailed narration, but he also had some guesses in his heart:

Miss "Power" came to Leonard, most likely because of the impending outbreak in Backlund.

However, Leonard's sequence is too low, will his life be in danger in this crisis?

Klein pondered for a moment, thinking that it shouldn't be possible. Being favored by Miss "Power", the parasite angel, or the red gloves of the "Church of Evernight", the labels on Leonard's body are not too small, and all of them are very familiar with each other. It's not easy, at least life safety can still be guaranteed.

And even if he is in danger, there is nothing he can do... Facing Amon, "The Fool" has to be cowardly!

Or, pull Leonard into the "Tarot Club"? This might also be what Miss Strength meant, otherwise she would have no reason to ask Leonard to recite the honorable name of The Fool.

As for the matter of identity exposure, there is no need to worry about it. Leonard is just more likely to be deceived. At worst, it is enough to equate Klein’s identity with the "world".

Thinking of this, Klein nodded lightly and said:

"I called a few people, and they set up a regular meeting, and I was a witness."

Then, he tapped the index finger of his left hand, and the Tarot cards appeared on the long bronze table:

"They use tarot cards as code names. Here are the rest. You can pick one."

Surprised by this formation, Leonard was a little dazed for a moment, he hadn't decided whether to agree or not!

But the current situation is obvious, he has no capital to refuse, so he reached out and randomly picked up a Tarot card, the "Star" card.

Klein didn't make any further comments, dissipated all the tarot cards, and warned:

"Becklund's every Monday at three o'clock in the afternoon, to exclude outside interference, without my permission, can not be leaked."

Leonard really wanted to ask, would the old man Pallez be an interference? But unfortunately, he was directly kicked out of the gray mist by Klein, and his consciousness returned to the underground of St. Samuel's Church in an instant.

After a brief silence, a familiar voice sounded in my mind:

"What have you been through?"

Hearing this, Leonard suddenly realized that Pales wasn't an interference at all, and it seemed that The Fool was indeed a real god.

He didn't dare to divulge information about the "Tarot Club", so he had to reply Hanhu:

"I saw Mister Fool."

As a result, Pallez was silent, and his tone seemed to have become a bit vicissitudes:

"Enough, enough."

What does it mean? Leonard couldn't understand, he had too many questions, so he picked out the one he was most interested in:

"Why does Miss Louise want me to recite the name of 'The Fool'? What does she want to do?"

In response, Pallez sneered and said calmly:

"Just be yourself."

Leonard was naturally angry, but no matter how much he asked, there was no sound coming out of his mind, it was like impotent rage, and he had to be quiet.

Recalling the exchange with "The Fool" again, he whispered secretly in his heart:

"It turns out that there really is a 'Tarot Club', and there are gods as witnesses. I seem to have joined an amazing organization!"

In the process of silently thinking he suddenly thought of an unsolved case, the case that Lanwusi was killed.

As one of the instigators of the Tingen disaster, the scene of Lanerus' death was covered with tarot cards, like a ceremony, and it was also the first appearance of the "Tarot Society".

In other words, the guy who killed Lanevus was probably a member of the "Tarot Society".

Who on earth would have the will to take the risk of killing a fraudster? Leonard was very curious, so he turned the file on the table to the page describing the Lanrus case, and began to read it carefully.


Backlund and Louise returned home and prepared to rest after arranging some trivial matters.

However, she suddenly smelled a smell of blood, which was not obvious, but it couldn't escape the demigod's keen spirituality.

What's interesting is that this **** smell flew towards her, and it became more and more intense, so she casually drew a mirror in the air in front of her, and a clear picture appeared on the mirror.

A woman in tights was running away, in a rather embarrassing state, and Louise recognized it as Triss.

This is being hunted down, so you treat me as a life-saving straw? It seems that her reputation is still good... Louise thought interestingly that she wanted to see who was chasing and killing Triss, but unfortunately, no enemy was found within the scope of the area. .

Without much hesitation, she swiped her finger lightly, and a mirror suddenly appeared on the screen in front of her, just in front of Triss running away.

The picture was very clear, and Triss seemed to be taken aback for a moment, but soon thought of something, and walked into the illusory mirror in front of her without hesitation, and then both the person and the mirror disappeared.

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