Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 813 old colleagues meet

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Mystery: The Witch and the Disaster Chapter 813 Meeting with Old Colleagues

"Old man, are you sure this is an oracle from the goddess?" Leonard asked in a low voice while flipping through the files.

Pallez replied noncommittally: "Since I have made a decision in my heart, why bother to ask again."

Leonard's eyes became more and more determined, and he stared at the three-segment "Fool" title recorded in the file. He emptied his head and began to recite:

"A fool who does not belong to this age;"

"The mysterious ruler above the gray mist;"

"The Yellow and Black King of Good Luck."


The night was getting dark, but Klein was not idle. He happened to be above the gray fog, using the "Scepter of the Sea God" to secretly observe a ship on the sea.

The ship was a pirate ship in name, but it was actually carrying out the task of transferring ordinary people. Although it is still unclear where these people will be trafficked, Klein has investigated one thing clearly. The population here There must be a potential connection between the buying and selling activities and Backlund.

There are many reasons why he came to this conclusion. In addition to his own investigation, there are also hints from Miss Power. The more direct evidence is that he found a military demigod in Bayam.

Coincidentally, Klein actually knew...or had seen this demigod, otherwise he wouldn't have known at a glance that the latter came from the military.

When he was taking refuge in Backlund some time ago, he accepted Miss "Power"'s entrustment to look for the traces of "White Maiden" Katerina. When he asked Arrods, he accidentally discovered that The witch" was chatting with a military demigod, and it was this person.

The demigod of the military, the "Witch Sect", human trafficking... Many clues are connected together, and Klein suddenly came up with an extremely surprising idea:

Miss "Power" is very familiar with this matter, but she is still reluctant to tell the truth. Could it be because she is the one who experienced it?

Thinking about it carefully, this possibility is very high. Maybe this is the reason why Miss "Power" will quit "Witch Sect"?

Klein remembered that the time when Miss "Power" quit the "Witch Sect" happened to be right after the Backlund Great Smog incident, and it seemed that they were right again, and the truth seemed to be coming out!

But when he was meditating silently, he suddenly heard the sound of prayer. Klein came back to his senses, and was surprised to find that the sound of prayer did not come from anyone in the "Tarot Society", but from a stranger.

Although the honorable name of "The Fool" was leaked by the "Aurora Society", few fools dare to recite the honorable name of the evil god. Of the evil gods, "The Fool" is obviously not yet ranked, so Klein is rarely harassed by ordinary people.

This is today, encountered a small probability event?

He was suddenly curious, released a little spirituality from his fingertips, and mobilized the power of the gray mist to discover the praying person.

The scene is very simple, a neat little room, Klein looks a bit familiar at first glance, the more it looks more like the small room in the basement of the church, he was very familiar with it when he was a "Nighthawk" in Tingen.

Is this someone chanting the name of "The Fool" underground in the church? Damn, shouldn't someone be fishing for law enforcement?

But then he thought about it, what was he afraid of in the gray fog, "Eternal Blazing Sun" couldn't do anything about us, so he focused on the person who recited the honorable name.

It was a male, vaguely familiar, and when he raised his head, Klein's eyes widened. Isn't this Leonard?

This guy became a "red glove", how could he recite the honorable name of "The Fool"?

He seems to be in a stable state, and he hasn't encountered any danger around him. He is even at the bottom of St. Samuel's Church with a high probability... This makes people even more puzzled. Has Leonard betrayed his belief in the goddess?

It shouldn't be, and he was reciting the honorable name of "The Fool" in St. Samuel's Church. What did he want to do? Let the goddess arrest me, the "fool"?

Subconsciously, Klein wanted to cut off the connection between "Origin Castle" and Leonard, but he suddenly thought of the parasitic angel in Leonard's body, hesitated for a while, and finally decided to pull it in. Above the gray mist.


Leonard only felt a red light flash in front of his eyes, and his consciousness suddenly rose, and he came directly to an ancient and magnificent hall of giants, and sitting at the top was a stalwart figure shrouded in thick gray fog.

With just one glance, he understood that it was "The Fool", and he was actually a god!

There are many speculations about the identity of "The Fool" within the Church of Evernight, and most opinions tend to be an old friend's trumpet, but now it seems all wrong, this is really a **** that has never appeared before!

"You are 'The Fool'?" Leonard hurriedly lowered his head and said cautiously.

He thought that he would be watched after reciting his honorable name, but he didn't expect that he would be directly drawn into the kingdom of God, and even directly ignored the situation of St. Samuel Church and the old angel of Pallez, which is why he The key reason why he immediately identified "The Fool" as a Klein first observed for a while, and found that the spirit body of the old colleague in front of him was quite normal, with no traces of deep parasitism. That "parasite" seems to be quite well-behaved... So, he chuckled and replied:

"You should be very clear."

This is a very simple sentence, you recited the honorable name yourself, and now you ask me if I am a "fool", isn't this asking knowingly?

But from Leonard's ears, he thought of a lot, especially the hint from Pales. Now he really began to believe that the fact that he had to chant the name of "The Fool" came from the goddess' inspiration, and the goddess Maybe there is a tacit understanding with the "fool" in front of him.

Suddenly stepping into the game at the level of the gods, Leonard's breath stopped for a moment, and he tried hard to think about what he should say next, but he only thought about reciting the honorable name, but he never thought that he would be directly defeated by "The Fool" "What about the call!

For a while, I couldn't think of what to say. I couldn't directly betray my belief in the goddess and declare my allegiance to "The Fool", right? If he really did that, he worried that he would be humanely destroyed by the goddess after returning to the church.

Just when he was hesitating, Klein spoke up, because he realized that if he didn't speak again, Leonard might suffocate himself to death... He asked flatly:

"Why did you call me?"

Leonard suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but he was a little puzzled, don't you know the reason for this?

He thought about it, and first decided not to lie, since honesty when facing the gods is very important, and secondly, he did not dare to tell any information about the goddess, for the same reason as above.

So, he saluted respectfully and gave a serious answer:

"Pallez said Miss Louise made me do it."

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