Mystery: the Outer God is Myself - Chapter 39 Anderson

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No matter what the differences between the Loen nobles and the Feysac nobles in the way of communication, it obviously does not prevent Lin Ruo and Bishop Christoph from having a friendly conversation.

Lin Ruo didn't rush to inquire about the Church of God of War. He just had a few words with Bishop Christoph and agreed on the date of his next visit to the church. Then he said goodbye to the other party and chose to go home.

After all, his current character is a noble young man who just lost his father. No matter how curious he is about the church, he obviously shouldn't ask the bishop at his father's funeral. It's disgusting, it's more reasonable to visit automatically in a few days.

After returning to Luoren's house, Lin Ruo quietly listened to Butler Andy talking about the itinerary for the next few days.

The first thing to put in the front is to hold a dinner party, so that he, the new Viscount of the Lauren family, will officially enter the social stage of the high society of St. Miron.

Secondly, according to the old Viscount's previous social relations, he would visit the nobles and rich people who were close to the Lauren family one by one, and maintain these friendships.

Finally, it is about Lin Ruo's next study arrangement.

"Etiquette class, philosophy class, history class, dance class, equestrian class... How come there is still a flower arrangement class?" Lin Ruo's expression became more subtle the more she looked at the schedule handed over by Andy. Not to mention that he actually felt some stomach pains when he saw this timetable.

As expected, hurry up and get the card and the Transost Brass Book and run away!

"Flower arranging is to better cultivate sentiment. If the young master is not interested in it, just learn a little basic knowledge in this area." Andy explained:

"Young master, you grew up in the countryside to recover from illness, so you probably don't understand the ethos of the upper class in St. Miron. Although other countries always slander us as barbarians, we are not elegant, and we don't understand art. But in fact, except for the way of speaking, we don't like to be like Ruen. Outside, we Feysac people also love art, so in the upper class, it is very necessary to know the knowledge of painting, music, flower arrangement, etc., otherwise it is easy to be criticized by others.”

Tall, addicted to alcohol, and loves art, this is too visual... Lin Ruo complained in his heart, but showed an expression of sudden realization, and said, "So it is, I will study hard."

Then he put down the timetable, and seemed to think of something, and said, "Then Dawn also needs to learn these courses. After all, he wants to join this circle. But Dawn didn't have any connections when he first came to St. Miron. Fa found a good teacher, Andy, can you help him?"

Although he came to St. Miron as an uncle and nephew, Dawn Dantès is not a direct descendant of the Lauren family, and naturally it is impossible to live in the Lauren family as a guest all the time.

So after today's funeral, Klein went out to find a new housekeeper. If nothing else happened, he would move out in the next two days.

"If Mr. Dawn needs it, I'll be very happy to help him introduce some good teachers." Seeing Lin Ruo's expression of caring about Dawn's situation, Andy couldn't help but sigh in his heart that the young master is really an angel. and continued:

"However, unlike you, young master, you are still young. Even if you don't understand it for the time being, those gentlemen and ladies can't say anything. It's their rudeness to really make things difficult for you in this regard, so you can learn slowly."

"But Mr. Dawn is not too young. If he doesn't want to be criticized, I'm afraid he has to work hard in a short period of time."

Lin Ruo blinked, his face unchanged: "Then Andy, you need to help him more."

At the same time, Klein, who was interviewing the housekeeper, suddenly did not come and fought a cold war.

After listening to the itinerary and sending care to the dear students, Lin Ruo asked Butler Andy not to disturb him again for a while because he wanted to be alone and read books.

"Huh..." In the room with only one person, Lin Ruo finally breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped posing like a noble young master. Although he really loves acting, speaking the truth every day is still a bit tiring.

"Then I should go to gather the Jagged Cross Society of St. Miron. Unfortunately, the members of the Aurora Society are mainly active in Loen. Feysac only has two or three big cats and kittens. Otherwise, I would like to use those silly beauties. At least be obedient..." Lin Ruo stood up, stretched out, and didn't stop thinking.

"By the way, does Feysac have conqueror characteristics? One of the three characteristics of this time period in the original book is here, but I can be sure that I also have one in my hand..."

"Well, you can inquire later, maybe the last Conqueror feature is in the Einhorn family, if it's not here, it's in Intis..." Lin Ruo thought so, and whispered a word to switch. In the traveler mode, it disappeared into the study.

He was going to meet the head of the Scarlet Cross in Saint Miron. This secret organization composed of hunters also believed in the true creator. The main activity locations were Intis and Feysac. In Lin Ruo, he began to "secret creation" After the "Bleach Project", the True Creator also handed over this organization to him to toss with.

It is precisely because of this that Lin Ruo is very sure that the Jagged Cross does not have the characteristics of a conqueror. The top leader of this secret organization is a Sequence 3 war bishop who is currently active on Intis.

The Jagged Cross does not have a Sequence 2, but it has the sealed item of the weather warlock. The reason why no one uses this sealed item for promotion may be that they cannot meet the requirements of the This is actually very common in the extraordinary realm, and angels have always Not so easy to be promoted, bad luck, let alone one or two hundred years, it is possible to be stuck for thousands of years.

And when Lin Ruo used the trip to come to the safe house he purchased in advance, and changed his body shape in the safe house, after raising his height from one meter six to two meters, he came to the meeting place he had agreed with with the Jagged Cross.

That's a bar.

Passing through the chaotic and crowded crowd, Lin Ruo came to the bar and saw a figure sitting and drinking like that.

Lin Ruo raised her eyebrows, glanced at the other person's wrist, and after seeing the agreed code, she stepped forward and patted the other person's shoulder.

The figure turned around immediately, and saw that this was a man in a white shirt and a black vest. He looked very young, with green eyes and short blond hair.

"Oh, friend, do you want to invite me for a drink?" The man said with a smile, and raised the bottomed glass to Lin Ruo.

"I can treat you to a quarter of a glass." Lin Ruo also smiled and said the secret words for the connection. Just looking at the person in front of him, he paused and suddenly said, "Anderson?"

The man's expression suddenly froze. He obviously didn't expect to be called out by this name suddenly, but then his expression returned to normal, and he said with a smile, "Friend, how did you know my name was Anderson before. But that's all It's a thing of the past, now my name is Verona, friend, what's your name? Then what should I call you?"

Lin Ruo didn't respond, just looked at Anderson with a smile.

He was just saying that he had been floating on the Five Seas for several months without even seeing Anderson's shadow, and how dare he still be in the Jagged Cross!

Do you want to continue to lie to the recipe or do you really have established a connection with the real creator and dare not leave?


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