Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 97 everywhere battlefield

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The scorching eye's pure white rays directly penetrated the glass window of the church and fell on the "puppet" Dax.

It immediately burst into intense light, melting away all immortality, darkness and evil.

Dax's figure was ignited with white flames, but his eyes locked on Emlyn who had launched the attack, a cruel smile appeared on his face, and then he turned into a puppet... A puppet that looks exactly like Emlyn!

This is the "source of curse" of the "puppet". Once the two parties establish a connection, any harm done to either party will be reflected on the other party.

Above his head, there was an extra red moon at some point, and the moonlight it emitted had connected Dax's muscular body with Emlyn...

And "Puppet" is obviously more tolerant of damage than "Crimson Scholar".

So the next moment, a blazing light erupted from Emlyn's body, engulfing him in an instant!

For a vampire who is less than a demigod, such an attack is fatal, and even "moonlight" cannot eliminate such terrible damage, Emlyn seems to be in a desperate situation.

However, no matter whether it was him himself or Jane beside him, there was no slight change in expression on his face, as if he had expected it long ago.


Accompanied by two violent sounds, Dax in the church turned into a paper man made of crimson moonlight, allowing it to be burned in the explosion, and he himself appeared on the steeple of the church, turning the cold His eyes turned to Jane near the clock tower, and Emlyn who was shrouded in fiery light and began to torn apart.

But at this moment, Dax's eyes reflected the figure of Sharon in a black palace dress and a small soft hat. His body stiffened for a moment, as if he had lost the ability to control himself.

Emlyn, who was blown to pieces, walked out from the shadow of another house and caught the "Pure White Vision" that fell.

The opponent is a demigod of the "Rose School of Thought", how could Emlyn not guard against the opponent's "source of curse"? Therefore, "Emlyn" locked by "Source of Curse" in the attack just now was just a historical projection summoned by "World" Gehrman.

His "pure white ray" was not only a test for Dax, but also an opportunity for Gehrman who was hiding in the shadows by relying on "squirming hunger".

Obviously, their battle plan was successful, and Dax not only consumed the number of times of the magical item "Paper Moon", but also fell into the "trap" and was possessed by Miss "Temperance" summoned by Gehrman.

Seeing this, Emlyn didn't hesitate. As if he had practiced it thousands of times, he aimed his "Pure White Vision" at the head of the opposite "Puppet", preparing to activate the "Sun of Darkness" in the "Sun" domain.

Of course, this will definitely cause serious damage to Sharon who is "possessed" by Dax, but she is just a projection without self-awareness after all, and she will die when she dies.

Seeing that the transparent glass ball in Emlyn's hand was once again gathering brilliance, and extending out an extremely pure and extremely white long spear, four figures hidden inside the church suddenly appeared with the aid of the broken glass.

One of them "jumped" directly behind Emlyn, swung a **** long knife and slashed at the "Crimson Scholar" who was making a throwing motion.

One person stopped Jane who was driving the demigod undead to come forward to support, and activated a sealed item in the shape of a glove in his hand, temporarily trapping the undead in it.

One person let out a "scream" that resounded through the night sky, forcing out the Gehrman projection who was in the "shadow" and was waiting for an opportunity.

The last person looked directly into Dax's eyes, making his body illusory,

Sharon's projection with light golden hair and light blue eyes forced out a little from her body.

Among the four people who suddenly appeared, there was a "Silent Disciple", a "Puppet", and two "Resentful Souls" holding a "1" level sealed item. Obviously, the "Rose School" set it up in Karaston in advance. the city's ambush,

They originally wanted to wait for Dax to attract all the enemies out before attacking and encircling them... Who would have thought that Dax would just face to face?

Kex, the "sinister" student, was almost killed, so he had to help.

At this time, Emlyn had no choice but to disperse the "Spear of Darkness" he had made, and turned into "Moonlight" to avoid the sneak attack from behind.

But Dax's stiff and slow movements barely returned to normal, and in the crimson moon radiance created by the sealed object above his head, he turned into a ball of blood, and split into countless fragments of light.

His figure quickly regrouped from another spire of the church, and Sharon's phantom in a black court dress was locked by the "silent disciple" and stood frozen in place.

"It seems that there are only four people...Five against four, I have the advantage!" Dax exhaled, looked at the projection of Sharon who was confronting "Silent Disciple" Bazin, and laughed extremely cruelly.

On the north side of the Calaston area, on the battlefield of the Loen Overseas Legion and the warlords supported by the "Rose School of Thought", Hugh Dilza and the Elf Clan's "Disaster Priest" and Elder Emily, who pretended to be the archbishop of the "Church of Storms", noticed When the power of the demigod explodes in the direction of "Kraston City", it is necessary to leave the army and rush to support.

But at this moment, the "Silent Man" Maihamus, who was wearing a white robe inlaid with gold threads, had light yellow curly hair, sunken eye sockets, and a skinny face, stood in front of the two of them. Beside him are two "Wraiths" holding "1" level sealed items.

Hugh and Emily looked at each other, and instead of rushing to support Calaston City, they wrestled with the "Silent Man" on the spot.

On the west side of the Calaston area, "Pale Admiral" Maria and "Dragon Knight Admiral" Gwen were blocked by a "Puppet" and a "Wraith" who also carried a "1" sealed item .

On the east side of the Karaston area, the "Silent Disciple" Jiaxima, who was confronting the "Eye of the Goddess" outside the city of Gurain, suddenly changed his face, which inspired the "0" level sealed item "Crystal Rose" in his hand, Let an extremely terrifying atmosphere envelope the civilian areas of Gurain and the soldiers fighting outside the city.

And he himself quickly withdrew and evacuated, heading towards the direction of Karaston City.

At the same time, one after another chant composed of holy and ethereal voices suddenly sounded over Gurain.

This recitation comes from the Evernight Church in the city, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is like having multiple choirs praising the goddess.

Soldiers, citizens, and officers fell asleep one after another, just behind the fortifications, in the trenches, and beside the streets.

They dreamed of a peaceful darkness, of moon flowers and clumps of night herbs, their bodies and minds were extremely peaceful, and they were no longer eroded by the terrifying atmosphere.

In the Church of the Night in Gurain City, the senior deacon of "Nighthawks", "Eye of the Goddess" Ilya tried her best to maintain the dream that enveloped the whole city, and was unable to pursue Jiaxima who created all this.

However, Jiaxima did not return to Calaston City smoothly, because there were two figures blocking him.

One of them is the former chief of the City of Silver, a "ferryman", and the other is Miss Reinette Tinekerr, a "messenger" with four bright heads.

Reinette Tinekerr, who was wearing a gloomy and complicated long dress, turned the four heads in her hands at the same time, looked at the blue spherical crystal in Jiaxima's hand that looked like a rose sealed, and said in turn:

"That's..." "My..." "Part of..." "Body...

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