Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 92 converge

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In the military camp of a certain port city in the Southern Continent. A handsome young officer who looked to be in his twenties, with brilliant blond hair, blue eyes like lakes, was sitting behind a simple desk, reading telegrams from the mainland.

This young officer is Audrey's second brother, Alfred Hall.

A few minutes later, Alfred put down the telegram in his hand, stood up solemnly, and walked to the combat map hanging beside him.

Seeing this, his adjutant, Pagani with black hair and brown eyes, asked in surprise, "What did you say in the telegram?"

"We need to cooperate with the Red Gloves squad of the Church of Evernight to launch a counterattack against the Calaston area the day after tomorrow." Alfred replied while writing and drawing on the map.

Pagani's eyes widened when he heard the words, and he couldn't believe it: "Is the headquarters crazy? There are demigods in the Karaston area... We are going to die like this!"

"Don't worry about demigods, our goal is that

Some native troops, the rest will be stopped for us..." At this point, Alfred paused, and then continued, "In addition, MI9 will send a demigod to prevent accidents."

Pagani heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the explanation, and then resumed his usual "frivolous" posture, and asked casually, "Which Your Excellency is here?"

Alfred stopped drawing lines in his hands, and replied in a rather unnatural tone: "It's... 'The fear you can't see, Miss Hugh Dill.'"

The last time this lady came to the Southern Continent, her sequence was comparable to his, but now he is still a sequence 6, while the other party was already a demigod last year... This somewhat shocked him.

"'Invisible fear, ah...I heard that this person is

There is a judgment

Her Majesty's confidant, and the lover of the very popular Viscount Beldan... Since she was sent here, it means that the danger will not be great. Pagani looked more relaxed after hearing Hugh's name.

Although they are in the Southern Continent, as the heirs of a great noble family, they are very well informed, and they are also well aware of Backlund's political situation.

"That's right... so although I don't know the details of this counterattack, I think the higher-ups should be very sure..."

While Alfred was talking to the adjutant, in a tent of the barracks, Captain Wall was wiping the gun in his hand with a sad face.

He had already been discharged from the army, but because of the deteriorating situation in the Southern Continent, he was forcibly recruited and joined Alfred's troops to fight.

It was okay at the beginning, the Loen colonial army clearly had an absolute upper hand in the battle with the native army, and the casualties were not high.

But with the participation of cultists, all kinds of horrible and weird enemies appeared on the battlefield, causing soldiers to mutate into monsters immediately or die suddenly as long as they saw something they shouldn't see at will!

Because Captain Wall served as a guide for the special MI9 team that went to Daniel Valley the year before last, and had seen the horror of extraordinary power, he was more clever, so he didn't suffer the same misfortune as his companions...

But this is just a short life, and if this continues, he will not escape death.

"Fortunately, my wife and daughter are all in Gulain City, which is an important stronghold of the kingdom in the southern continent, and they will not be easily abandoned... They are still safe...

"And Colonel Alfred is a true gentleman and will not withhold his pension."

Captain Wall said to himself happily.

What he didn't know was that at the other end of the tent, Xio and Forsi, who were in a state of "psychological invisibility", were watching him quietly.

"Forsi, he is your father?" Xiu saw that he was thinking about his wife and daughter now, and seemed to have completely forgotten about his friends in the Northern Continent, so he couldn't help but sip,

"Didn't you just stop caring?"

Fors nodded and said: "I really don't care about him for a long time... But I don't want my 'sister' who I haven't seen to lose my father either."

"Then I will issue a transfer order to transfer him back to Gurain?" Xio asked.

"It's not necessary... and the road from here to Gulain is not safe, and the possibility of dying on the way is not small." Forsi said here and sighed, "I will secretly place three 'substitutes' on him , a spell, if three alternate deaths fail to save him, then it's his fate."

In the future, Cattleya called Nina again to tell her what to do after she left.

Nina curled her lips and said, "I just like Frank and that craftsman... Got it! Got it!

"However, Captain, what are you going to do this time?" "I'm going to help Jane deal with a demigod." Cattleya didn't say much, after all, the attack on Calaston is still in the preparation stage, so it's not appropriate to pass it Early exposure.

Although she trusted her crew, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn't let the rumors out because of this. After all, there were so many kinds of extraordinary means in this world, it was difficult to completely guard against them.

Nina didn't dare to ask, she pointed to the door and said, "Captain, is there anything else? Go out without me."

"Queen of the Stars" Cattleya nodded, indicating that the captain of the "Future" could leave with her subordinates.

Just when Nina held the handle and twisted it lightly, Cattleya suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly shouted:


"Huh?" Nina, who had blond hair tied into a high ponytail, turned her head with a look of "confusion".

"Don't drink too much!" "Admiral of the Stars" Cattleya seriously emphasized, "When I get back to the ship, I will let you drink well."

Nina immediately showed a charming smile: "Deal!"

Cattleya thought for a while, then exhorted:

"In addition to Frank, you also need to pay attention to Heath's state, UU Reading Don't make him curious about unknown voices, don't get too tired, and often pull Autolov out of his room Come out, control the frequency and times of his exposure to occult knowledge, and..."

"I know, I know, I don't know them yet?" Nina waved her hand and agreed.

After the bosun left the captain's cabin and closed the door smoothly, Cattleya turned her gaze out of the window, looking at Karaston, who was still invisible.

City of Silver, in the room at the top of the round tower.

When Chief Colin Iliad, who had just handed the "Twilight Giant Card" to Derrick and asked it to be returned to Mister Fool, was having daydreams about that strange world outside, a

"Black Shadow" suddenly appeared and reported:

"Your Excellency Chief, 'The former chief has disappeared underground!

Colin was not surprised when he heard the words, he just nodded and said, "I know about this...don't worry, he will be back soon."

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